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Ivy Joy Nitura / cash deposit machine

Ivy Nitura on May 22, 2017
I would like to follow up these references 1-10182859472 1-10201003732 ff up Pls return my cash anounting to P20, 000 which was not credited to my account when I made a cash deposit on May 10, 2017 at BPI Pasay macapagal. Beside Hyundai macapagal. Its now on its 2nd week now. The call...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / tax preparation through a local office oswego, il

GlennJS on May 21, 2017
Hello I have had my taxes prepared by a local representative in the Oswego, IL office for many years. This past tax preparation year I used an independent CPA. My independent CPA found that my taxes were improperly prepared for the past several years, regarding the exercising of stock...

Sam's Club / Rules

Umberto Cashmuny on May 20, 2017
I was in Sam's in Joplin today. While I the checkout line another customer came up behind with a dog in the cart. Everyone including the checkout person thought it was cute until the dog started urinating all over the cart and floor. The lowlife owners were not going to say anything...

CheapVCC / Openly Scammed Me & Raped Me Violently Then Threw Me In A Ditch

Emma Bryant on May 20, 2017
Cheapvccs openly scammed me, stole my money, raped me and through me in a ditch. This guy raped me with no protection and unexpectedly and gave me AIDS and STD's. This cheap fuk will take your money and rape you on the streets and leave you on the curb with an STD and no money. Will not...

Pizza hut / incorrect delivery and bad customer service

randysphillips on May 20, 2017
My son ordered a pizza and a 2 liter Pepsi ... the driver delivered the pie but no drink ... said they did not give it to him ... said would be right back with it ... after more than 30 min called store and the first words out of the managers mouth was "do you have your receipt" ... paid...

Menards / Brach's maple nut goodies

Kathi Lawrence on May 20, 2017
Atention complaint department: my name is kathi lawrence and I just bought a 4 oz. Bag of maple nut goodies at menards store. The candy is all very hard/stale. I believe the lot # id 7c13bb182. Best by 12/11/17. I was extremely disappointed as I was looking forward to a handful of...

Macys / Jewelry

Stacey 2418 on May 20, 2017
My friend who is an employee purchased me a bracelet Macys Herald Square. She used her employee discount. The bracelet was damaged and missing a diamond. I went to echange Macy's in Eatontown and was told that I must return the item that I was not allowed to exchange it even though I had...

Secured options Limited / Trading options

Louise G1 on May 20, 2017
I received many invitations on my email accounts from Pushmoneyapp.com, Cashformula.com and many others for binary trading platforms, robots, options and other trading opportunities. I signed with Pushmoneyapp.com by Pushmoneymemberaccess.com and their website redirected me with...

CheapVCCS / total fraud website - scammer - can't even speak english

Seo Distortion on May 19, 2017
Paid this guy nearly 3 weeks ago with bitcoin. Has yet to deliver anything or offer communication. Hard to understand this guy as he sounds like a (((REDACTED))) on the last lines of life. He can't even speak proper english yet claims he delivers quality services. How can you deliver...

CheapVCC / absolute scam - doesn't provide anything blocked me from skype

Joseph Spencer on May 19, 2017
This ### blocked me from skype after I sent money for an Amazon vcc. Tried to reach him several times but he blocked me from his website and his Skype. Not to mention he doesn't answer my emails. At first he tries to gain your trust on skype, but as soon as you send, you will never hear...

Green Dot Moneypak / Moneypak

Moneypak Customer Service on May 19, 2017
Hello. We are sorry for the issues that our customers are having. Our website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are working diligently to resolve the matter. Please contact us directly at greendot.moneypak@tech-center.com so we may better assist you. Again, we are sorry...

DirecTV / directv

Selene Melendez on May 18, 2017
I was billed for a $135 charge when a was told that it was going to be $83 monthly basic plan for 2 years contract. So then I called and customer service told me just to pay that $83and then I'm receiving calls from DIRECTV if I don't pay the remaining balance I would have my service...

Hyundai Motor Finance / leasing department

Tim Fain on May 18, 2017
On May 17 my mothers car was mistakenly picked up from her home early that morning, she called the police and the replied it had been repossessed . she called the Hyundai motor finance they said they would check on her car and it could take up to 48 hours for a response, she gathered all...

BioLife Plasma Services / payment issues

John5481 on May 18, 2017
I am a returning donor, however I had not donated since 2014. When I came into the plasma center to donate I asked if there were any coupons for returning donors to receive more than the standard pay rate, since it had been years since my last donation. I was told by both the front desk...

Sprint / sprint ethics taxes and surcharges

Dinny on May 18, 2017
How can a entity (Sprint) charge sales tax and/or surcharges on a fee? Is there an Early Termination Fee(ETF) tax in the US? I called several times to be placed on hold for long periods and the only justifiable answer is ...your state implements these charges and we have no control. Fact...

Youtube / Youtube

S D Rubel on May 17, 2017
Good afternoon. You know  that youtube  business is  launched in bangladesh for last couple of years only. Somehow,  about seven months before, we have started uploading  our copyrighted bengali old songs through fairtune@gmail.com. Unfortunately,  after activities of  three months, the...

Perfect Home / 2 products

Holli Tucker on May 17, 2017
Hello I have sent in a lot of emails/complaints and would seem it has been brushed under the carpet. I am not happy with the way I am spoken to or constantly rang/at my door by perfect home. I have asked loads of times for someone to look into my account and look at my payments as I have...

ABSA Bank / my "may" salary frozen

Kwandokuhle Mnyandu on May 16, 2017
Good day, On the 8th of May 2017 late at night I received a message saying my Absa account has received an amt of R5107. I did not know where it was coming from so I went to ask at the bank and was told that this is fraud and my account will be frozen until investigation is done. I do not...

Aes American Education Services / theft/ harassment/ lawyer name?

debmilwil on May 16, 2017
I need the name of an attorney to represent my case. I paid off my private student loan thru a chapter 13 in 1997. Yes 1997. I assumed all was well until in 2003 when all of a sudden I start getting letters that I am defaulted on a loan that was bought from Met then sold to Sallie Mae then...

Macy's / customer service

Wendi Lyles on May 16, 2017
Everyday all day long for the last 10 days. 800 Service 8448143845 That number above shows up on our phone screen. When answering the phone you can hear its a call center out of our country. The people yell in the phone when we answer and when we call back there is never anyone...
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Another Hidden ATM Bank Card Fee Scam
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