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Fatherspeace / Very sloooowwww taaatttooo coonnnection

raac on Feb 27, 2017
I am AN 850228999. Goodness your connection is 25kbps. I have been paying for 2mbps bundle. Then your representative called me last 02Feb2017 offering me to upgrade to 5mbps for additional fee. I did a "yes" on the upgrade. He told me he will text my Job Order number (so I can call and...

Andersen Windows & Doors / Casement Windows 400 series

spkrohn on Feb 27, 2017
Andersen Windows & DoorsI built a new home in 2000. I noticed some discoloration on the inside of my Andersen windows. Upon further investigation I found that they had been rotting from the inside probably from the first day they were installed. When I removed the trim board I found nothing but rotted wood that...

QS Supplies / Item not as described, difficult to get refund

Matt Davis uk on Feb 27, 2017
I ordered a tap only to find that the photo on their website didn't accurately show all of the tap so I sent it back (that cost me £13!!). 2wks later I had not received a refund so called them - they confirmed that they had received the tap (I knew that because I'd had it tracked) and would...

Lowe's / Kitchen remodel

Cheese & Crackers on Feb 25, 2017
Contractor thru Lowe's- installed most everything wrong. Paid a huge sum of money in Fall, and the kitchen is still not done (February). Flooring was installed incorrectly, then walls were not finished, cabinets hung (but with quality flaws), backsplash tiles crooked, grouting & caulking...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / Delivering personnel/truck driver

Kenneth Lake on Feb 24, 2017
Delivery personnel/Delivery van driver has told me and our other staff that he does not have enough time for us to check visibly damaged boxes to see if the freight inside box has been damaged or not. He said his boss told him that he did not have to give us enough time to open box to look...

Morgan Properties / complaining about morgan-properties @ westminister tower in elizabeth nj

Lexx 84 on Feb 22, 2017
Morgan PropertiesI've been living in my unit for 2 years now and there has always been an issue. With building staff and manager from people not knowing too to conduct business the proper way and not knowing there title. When you rent In a so called luxury apartment everything should be up to date as far...

Badoo / Account blocked

Gustavo Segovia on Feb 21, 2017
Badoo told me I can't enter because I am under 18 years old I am 19 years old and I can prove it, i got my license and there you can see my age, I like badoo everything's good with the app, but I don't know why badoo blocked my account My email is : aaron-segovia@hotmail.com and my name i...

Absa bank / Home insurance

Ursula Pienaar on Feb 20, 2017
My house had a breakin last year, my gate was damaged, the insurance sent someone to my property to fix the gate, they brought a faulty unit it worked for 3 months, i lodged a complaint there was no rain or lightning the unit was just not working, guess what a year later i am still...

Acme Micro Systems, Inc / Home construction and using cheap materials in the process

DLM10 on Feb 19, 2017
I am in a home for two years built By MI less than two years. The Airtron unit and venting circulation is uneven, dust comes from vents every day, the fan running the air and heating is loud. My manufactured wood floors already creak when walked on, the drywall separates from crownmolding...

Godaddy Operating Company / Regarding website builder and customer service

Ryan.bosma on Feb 18, 2017
Regarding website builder and customer service to make this very brief my company has been in business with Go Daddy for over five years I called one date update my payment information and the representative made a mistake and put a wrong digit of my card into my account. I proceeded to...

Palm Harbor / Will not refund $500 deposit for services not rendered, stealing.

bec123 on Feb 18, 2017
I made multiple attempts to get my $500.00 deposit refunded for services not rendered by this company at the local and corporate level. They lie and avoid the refund of my money. In my case, state statute dictates the deposit should have been refunded no later than 5 days of seller not...

All American Design Inc / Unethical behavior - elder financial abuse, contract fraud

Estefan on Feb 18, 2017
All American Design IncAll American Design sent a sales rep with no qualifications to inspect buildings or property, training of any kind who wrote on the contract "roof about to collapse", this was a materially false statement, the salesman came by after a canvasser hired by All American came over and offered...

Maxworth Realty / Maxworth realty fraud site registration

Satya Dhanekula on Feb 16, 2017
We've booked 2 sites 4 years back and they couldn't register the site so far due to no Govt approvals provided. And it's been a year that they promised to refund the booking money, but no action taken so far. DON'T ever invest in this No#1 fraud company. Govt should...

Gumtree / Service not available

Des Wood on Feb 16, 2017
Having been robbed of £40 by gumtree because of your ridiculous posting rules when you removed 5 ads because they were duplicate, I complained and got no where. (Thats theft) 1x even got deleted the same time I posted and payed for it. Thats disgusting. I was advised to get a busine...

Animal Housing Solutions Ltd / Dog kennel manufacturers,

James A May on Feb 15, 2017
We've been stung very badly by what was Tolvi Dog Kennels and The Thermal Dog Kennel Company, which is now Animal Housing Solutions Ltd. Same directors/family! This company we're contracted to manufacture and install 44 kennel units. We paid them 20% to get the work started and a further...

Menards / Damaged products, menards employees that do not care.

Terry Hudson on Feb 13, 2017
I special ordered a bath vanity on 1-13-2017, picked it up on 1-29-2017, got it home and unpacked it, the marble top was chipped on the corners and had a crack all the way across it. I took it back and ask for the manager, he was helping me until someone he knew came in and he worked with...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 24.00 chicken tender meal

Alex Castillo on Feb 13, 2017
Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]I ordered chicken tender meal 12 pcs. They barely fill half the box. Like a 1/3 and pieces were 3 inches or less and 1inch wide. Pittiful to spend that kind of money. The gravy lid was not put on tight or was loose and it spilled all over the order! Horrible! I went to see the Manager her...

Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic Homes / Countertops in home

Emily Liscom on Feb 13, 2017
Standard Pacific Homes / CalAtlantic HomesWe have had trouble with CalAtlantic Homes since we started our contract. Our builder has done a phenomenal job with our home, but due to restrictions from corporate I feel like he has to play the game and he can only do what they allow him. We had issues with our air conditioning unit...

Acceptance Now / 90 day payoff date

Lance A Anderson on Feb 13, 2017
I've been trying to reach a district manager about my 90 date payoff. I call to pay the remaining balance and was told I past the date. However i contacted the store approximately 2 weeks ago to be sure of the date and i was told 2/15/17, but that not the correct date it's 2//7/17. The...

Discovery Channel / Deadliest catch

How dare you take josh harris off deadliest. He has heart and soul. Since losing phil we have watched the show. He is just as much a part of the originals. He is the last part of phil we have left. How stupid can you be. Bring him back. Were one Pissed of watcher. Instead of removing why...
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