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iOffer / illegal activity

AngryAuthor on Apr 10, 2011

iOffer knowingly allows piracy on their site. They claim to not be aware, and they will remove copyright infringed ebooks (99%) of the ebooks and audiobooks listed are ILLEGAL) if a complaint is sent, but they do nothing to the seller, and the next day the seller will have the illegal item...

free money / Refuses to give me a refund

busybee12 on Aug 2, 2011

On 7/29/11 ordered their books told me I had 3 days to cancel . So on 7/30/11 i called to cancel the order and they told me from the Customer service office they could not cancel it I had to wait 24 hours it does not show on their screen any order so I had to wait until that Monday, which...

Shane Moore Author / Abusive and Insulting

cricketchick_2002 on Sep 15, 2011

Shane Moore AuthorI was a friend until recently with Shane Moore on facebook, but after I refused to accept his advice on weight loss he became abusive and insulting and chose to block me. I suffer from severe depression and mental illness and have been bothered by my weight for a while. I was disgusted...

The UPS Store / document

DALLU on Nov 30, 2011

I went to ups store in 304 newbury st, boston, ma o2115 on 11/17/11 to post document. It was an international mail. The price for express mail was expensive. So, the guy working there suggested me to send it through priority mail by usps. I was about to go usps but he told me that I dont...

Roger Mason / People could be serioulsy hurt

Janene on Dec 13, 2011

Roger Mason should be banned from every publishing another word. I am into homeopathic remedies and discovered that Roger mason is not a doctor at all. I am not saying you have to be a doctor to publish a book but at least be upfront about it. He deals with serious issues such as Cancer...

Books-A-Million / No Holiday Return Policy

J.walsh80 on Dec 22, 2011

Books-A-Million has no holiday return policy. I tried to return books that were purchased on black Friday as Christmas presents. The official policy is returns are only excepted with in 14 days, no exceptions, regardless if it was a Christmas gift. The response I got was basically "too...

barns and nobles / barns and nobles

worker for higher on Nov 5, 2012

iv ben filling out applacations every month some times two a month for two years and finaly spoak to the mannager in and he said that he is wating for some man to loose his job as a teacher at the university of alabama and he would higher him back at barns and nobles he said that he ask...

FriesenPress / Sabotage, intimidation and non-compliance

burgj on Apr 25, 2013

I paid around 3100.00 to FriesenPress in September 2012 to publish my first fiction Death of a Taxi Driver. They said they were going to publish the book by February 2013. Then paid and sent my manuscript. Then the following happened. 1. Sabotage: In the first week of December 2012...

FriesenPress / Scam

Josh20 on Apr 27, 2013

Got my money. Didn't honor the set terms and conditions of the agreement. Charged extra. cancelled the agreement and refunded peanuts. A scamming of 2400.00 Worst Customer Service / Refusing to Cancel account

andrewchoe on Nov 7, 2013

I have created an account with them, and now no longer need it. I have contacted the only way possible via their website asking them to cancel my account, and nothing, they are refusing to respond, nerveless cancel my account. Do not create an account with them, there is no possible way to...

The Maples Publications / Cheating and Fraud by Maples Publication

prgindia on Nov 18, 2013

Maples publication is a fraud company operating from kolkata. This company is selling copied books from at half price. The parners of the company Amit Gupta was a employee of Sashi Publications who stole valuable data from computers and published book in his name... / Impossible to get money back, ‘coz no contact info

Mals on Nov 3, 2014

I ordered book about diabetes from the website The company is real scam, so stay away from them. They only charged me quickly, but after that I haven’t heard or get my book from them. They didn’t provide contact info with the purchase, as well as it...

Cyberbully Harassment / Scammed by wanda probe

blueeyes101 on Feb 4, 2015

Cyberbully HarassmentI ordered and paid for Aurora Swift's books Cyberbullying and cyberharassment and Digital Footprints which I’ve never received. She closed the website shortly after I paid. Now I wonder if there ever was a book or if it was all a lie. Because I was such a...

How To Think Sideways Holly Lisle / Account hacked by site owner

Daryl Carter on May 29, 2015

How To Think Sideways Holly LisleI was on this website called How to Think Sideways with my account and now I can't log on anymore, I need the name of the website owner, her name is Holly Lisle and she has decided to take me off her website, I guess she doesn't like me anymore, so I want her website to be shut down, due to discrimination. / The seller asked to pay for the books, which I returned earlier

Reviewer65275 on Aug 18, 2015

When I studied, my friend told me about the website He told me that it was cheap and the easiest way to rent books through the website. I also rented a book and returned it on time, but three days later I got the email from the seller, who told me to pay for the book. It... / Rigged contests/ranking/fraud

Nika_2016 on Mar 22, 2016 advertises contests for cash on Facebook. This is the lure and hook, but only top ranked writers win. The ranking is arbitrary where reviews from top ranked raise a writer's rank and prestige. Nothing is based on merit or writing skills. One's work can only move to the first...

Dr Seuss an friends bookclub / Dr Seuss book club membership

david bowen on Aug 1, 2016

I was trying to get a cheat code for iron force an they had this as a nessacary deal then they wanted u to join other things for money . Another shipment coming on August, 8, 2016. I quit on the next one too much money. As I didn't follow through didn't think I would become a member I...

Davison Design & Development / never ever use papersdom. it's totally fake.

Man Exiting on Oct 4, 2016

I did half of my dissertation on my own and do not have time to write the remaining. I send my work and material to papersdom. They charged my 600 pounds and gave me the same papers whatever I submitted. there are no professionals. its totally a fake. Please Please do not waste money like...

Magzter / magzter — charging credit card without immediate prior permission

justkazi on Feb 26, 2017

Magzter — Charging credit card without immediate prior permission I had taken a Magzter Gold subscription offer a year ago with [protected] as my account id. I was extremely dissatisfied with the product (difficult downloads) and hardy ever used it. Unfortunately, i had done a...

OnlineBookClub / Terrible website!

Maika on Mar 10, 2017

Do your research and avoid this terrible website! I found this website OnlineBookClub and it seemed like a great idea to try it. I made an account and ordered a review for my book. When review was finally ready and got posted on their site it was terrible and full of lies! I got only two...