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Americas Cutest Babies for 2008 / Never recieved

I payed for a copy of this 2008 book and a plaque and I never recieved the book but I did recieve the plaque I would like my money back or the book please and I payed for the 2009 one as well because my baby got in that book to and i still have never heard back from the 2008 one so i would...

Author House / author house rip off

I know my book is selling good, I'm just not making any royalites off of it. I see where lots of people have bought it but I don't get anything but about 2.30 off of each book. I don't know why someone doens't do something about this. I've complained to the BBB and... /

I sent two textbooks in early December. I was told on the website that I would be receiving a refund around $70. My husband mistakenly sent the books via USPS instead of UPS. I called a few days later to see if this was going to be a problem. The man on the phone told me it would... / Every Other Day Diet

My husband saw a book (??) he wanted to order. So he gave out our credit card # to order the book. Turns out its an ongoing internet program that keeps charging your credit card. When I read that, I immediately called my bank. A charge for 39.97 already posted BUT I canceled my husband...

Bottom Line Books / still being billed for book I returned

I returned a book to Bottom Line Books along with an additional book they had sent me. I am still mistakenly receiving their bill along with annoying form letters saying I still owe them. I have since mailed them back one of these annoying form letters they sent me with bold writing from...

Readers Digest / billed for unordered merchandise

I received a Reader's Digest book a couple of months ago. I did not order it. A month later I received another book. Also unordered. My "account" has been cancelled, but they have sent me a bill for $30.28. I have the book, but I am not going to return it by paying the postage myself. / Did not receive order

I sold a couple of used books and put the money on account. Then, I ordered some books but they never came. did nothing to recover my money which they had control of. This company sucks! I would never use them because their customer service does not exist. Forty bucks is not...

Dorrance Publishing Company / Fees

When i was a child, I was the outcast of the school, nobody would talk to me and they always ignored me. These terrible memories inspired me to write about it. When I saw that Dorrance will review and publish your book for free, i turned to them. I went through the long process of writing...

Better World Books / They advertise a popular text book, but send you an outdated text


Don't buy from Better World Books ! I bought a much needed text book. They sent the wrong edition. When I contacted them, they didn't have the edition they advertised and told me to send back the book BEFORE they would refund my money! They are schamers! They advertise a popular... / they took my money


i rented 4 books from i was not finished with them so they charged me another late fee of $20 for an extra 15 days which was fine. i did'int have a chance until the 15th day to return my books and thought they would charge me another $20 but this time they charged me $150 to...

Barnes & Noble / return/exchange policy

Bought a gift for my husband, was not told of gift receipt policy or very restrictive return policy. Was not allowed to even exchange the gift a few weeks later. Absolutley nothing they could do. Will never shop there again or accept gifts from there from others.

Mohan Singh Mahawar / My ATM Card No.[protected] Not Activate please connecte Activation

My ATM Card No.[protected] Not Activate please connecte Activation

Barnes and Noble / nook sales associates


I visited the b&n store in san antonio, texas yesterday to check out the nook e-reader. It was the northwoods shopping center, 18030 hwy 281n suite #140 location. The male hispanic behind the nook stand would not leave us alone and let us explore the nook for a single minute without...

JR Ward The Black Dagger Brotherhood / Claiming to be a PG-13 site

JR Ward The Black Dagger BrotherhoodThe JR Ward Message Board states that it is a PG-13 site. This is not the case. This site should be rated R. There is mature and sexual content. If this website is suppose to be PG-13 then the threads and posts should be filtered. Or they should rate the website, rated R, and simply have a...

Barnes & Noble / no email coupons for a member

It came to my attention this past november that I was no longer receiving discount coupons from b&n where I have been a member for several years. I buy throughout the year but purchase a lot of books/dvds during the holiday season when many coupons are emailed. I contacted them about it...

Barnes & Noble / rude & abusive management

B&n cares more about the bottom line than it does about its employees and customers. I copied this above sentence from an ealier blog, and I find it to be very true. This comment above was from a former b&n employee, interesting!!! My sad experience is below. I have been a regular customer...

Books A Million (Bam) / Return policy nightmare

PreviousCustomer on Jan 10, 2011

A friend purchased DVD season 1 and 2 of Weeds for me for my birthday. Unfortunatley I already purchased season 1 and 2. I took both seasons to the Books a Million where it was purchased, new in the package and with a books a million sticker on the outside (no receipt though), and asked to...

One Spirit Book Club / Fraud

Gerald B on Feb 4, 2011

When signing up I was told there was an option where they wouldn't sent me anything unless I ordered an item, including the monthly selections. For me, this was the main selling point. Great, I never liked the hassle of each month (or 3wks) sending something in to say "no, please... / fraud of 15000$

ankit_gulati on Feb 14, 2011


Barnes And Nobles / Nook / nook customer service

Lady Sil on Mar 31, 2011

Barnes and nobles has very poor customer service. I do not understand why they would invent a product like the nook and hire piss poor personnel to deal with the customers. They are just plain rude, not only will they cut you off before you can even tell them your issue. I had one lady...