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Great American Readers / what not let me cancel

cg112890 on Oct 9, 2018

I asked many times when I signed up if I was able to cancel at any time they evared the question by saying they prefer you not to cancel they didn't say you only had 3 days after you signed on to cancel. I had some family troubles pop up so I wanted to cancel the subscription to save money...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / being treated like [censored]

NicoleW8084 on Oct 9, 2018

I will never stay at another one of your hotels was treated like [censored] wouldn't recommend staying at these hotels we wanted to make a complaint also but was told we couldn't because we didn't call right when it happened was told since my dogs were barking in the middle of the day in a pet...

Westbow Press / terrible waste of time and money with all around ineptitude

Julia Hans on Oct 9, 2018

I am a published author (Standard Publishing) with a PhD, so I am no novice to book publishing. I went with Westbow because of their connection to Zondervan. But if you are considering a vanity press, do not walk but RUN from Westbow Press ! The level of ineptitude is simply staggering...

BooksRun / I haven't received my payment and it's been over 2 weeks since they received the books

Mom2bee on Oct 9, 2018

Please issue the payment asap this is horrible customer service how are you going l have me send the books and then don't pay me for them?!?!?!?!?! And there isn't any phone number to get a Hold of anyone in your company what am I suppose to do this just isn't right I sent out the book...

Waffle House / district mgr keith for store #1057

Danna Fonsrca on Oct 8, 2018

We are frequent customers at this store. Every time we come and Keith is here the store is very hot because he turns the air off or up to 80 or above. When we asked the servers to adjust the temperature they appear to be afraid to even ask him. That is very inconsiderate for the customer...

Grabcar Malaysia / driver dishounor

ong chong on Oct 7, 2018

on 8th Oct. morning 5:50am. I grab a car MCP4356 to pick up me at Kesidang Mas kampong Lapan Melaka. I was waiting more than 5 minutes. The Grab App was still showing 5 minutes waiting time. Then, I called the driver. He said he is in Melaka Central. Is a bit far for him. He replied me he...

Mrs Gaffley / dstv catchup

Angelique Gaffley on Oct 5, 2018

Why is it nowadays that the episodes are not following on eacother on catch up? Jamestown for example episode 5, 6 is loaded then episode 8? Where is episode 7? Quite frustrating cause Handmaids Tale was exactly the same. Had to start recording the series as one is then guaranteed to see all the...

Grabcar Malaysia / grab driver who was very rude

Nitthha on Oct 5, 2018

Grabcar MalaysiaHi im a regular grab user. Today i booked a grab driver ot stated that she will reach in 8 minutes but she took 30 minutes to reach i messaged her she did not reply. Then suddenly she arrived and the bis arrived at the same time because so i decided to take the bus because its not worth...

Bradlows Furniture / couches

Maria Eletu on Oct 5, 2018

I bought the couches at cosmo city mall last year after 3 months they got damaged i went to the store to lodge a complain and i also called and spoke to the Manager who promised to come and collect the couch to fix them, I told Him that i dont want the couches fixed because I was not happy...

GrooveBook / photo book

Deb taylor on Oct 4, 2018

Was not able to select photos for my book for the month of October. Every time I would click on the photo, the app would shut down. Not knowing what to do, I thought if I signed out and sign back in, it might help. After I signed out, I am not able to sign back in. Every time I enter my...

Aim Centre / ebooks

Bernice Michalec on Oct 4, 2018

Good day, I purchased an eBook this afternoon, and after a huge effort to figure out how to download it, and downloaded the takealot ereader, I managed to download the book, but the book is defective, it is 14 pages where there were supposed to be 50 songs, the music is much too large and...

Netspend Corporation / my money

Tira moton on Oct 4, 2018

I bought a PayPal card and did not know it was under NetSpend I have a 6 month year old child with asthma problems and I need my money they said that they cannot activate the car because of previous fraudulent on the account that someone else used in my name so now I have to wait 7 to 10... / Plenty of Fish / login on chrome

jekafilatov1 on Oct 3, 2018

I cannot log into POF on Chrome anymore, I had the account for less than a week. On explorer, it works perfect. Why am I now unable to log into POF on chrome? My username is jekafilatov1. Please resolve this, as chrome is my preffered browser. I have done a computer clean and stopped...

Hyatt Corporation / tv, ac, tilted tv hang on stand & bell/luggage boy

Lakshay Chhabra on Oct 3, 2018

 Hyatt CorporationBy today in the evening @4pm approx I checked inn hotel I have already made the payment by Card Swipe as T&C KIND ATTENTION *The premises denied to keep my 14 carton box as discussed before making the payment they will keep after half & hour of it they accepted to keep. HOTEL SAY WE...

Takealot / ebook purchases

ColineLaubscher on Oct 3, 2018

I have bought 17 ebooks over time via Takealot. After years of digital upgrade, technology demand, upgrades - I tried to access my ebooks again to no avail. I have contacted Takealot, which took over 3 weeks to eventually inform me that my 'tokens' for my ebooks expired. That is due to...

Family Dollar Stores / injured

Damion1124$ on Oct 2, 2018

I was shopping at the local family around the corner from my apartment and i was involved in a accident where the ceiling tile came crashing down on me. I was okay atleast I thought until I made it home. It was flooding and I had just got off of work and I was ready to go so I left, i...

Aucor / motor vehicle

Andy Mazhawidza on Oct 2, 2018

I purchased a vehicle on the bank repossesed and fleet auction and there was no mention that the vehicle was previously involved in a major accident. After purchasing this vehicle I took it to Toyota where I told the vehicle was badly damaged and needed a new chassis. I am considering...

Sun Tan City / being able to tan

Kasundra Jent Smith on Oct 2, 2018

I was at my regular location in Danville today. I was checking in with 1 other customer at the same time. There were no others in the front area. I was told it would be a 7 minute wait. The other lady sat down quite a bit after I was checked in. In about 3 minutes they called her to go to... / misbehavior

Lakshay Kumar on Oct 2, 2018

The person in the given video has insulted our race badly. He said it personally and he also says that he will insult me on YouTube as well... So to avoid any physical violence within the country. Please ban this channel. It's my request... For further . Text me on Please I request you.. Make YouTube for good purposes not for such insults

The Book Depository Australia / non delivery of book purchased by me

SANDRA meskin on Oct 1, 2018

My name is sandra meskin: Email au Delivery address 514 old south head road, rosebay nsw 2029 sydney australia: I purchased the paperback version of pachenko on the 24th september Via your website (I have bought many books from you this way) delivery no...