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Books Complaints | Page 130 / cowboys


I totally agree with what the other guy said about thay are getting people to advertise with them and when you decide you dont want to or cancel paying because it's not what you wanted, they try and con you by saying that you have entered into a contract! I am also concerned... / ripping off advertisers

The company are publishing advertisements for businesses without their consent and also publishing ads that are inaccurate or do not contain information that has been specifically requested by the paying customers. They then try to charge for it when the advertisers are refusing to pay!...

Subscriber Services Inc. / uncancellable subscription?!


Subscriber Services said that once you subscribe to them, you can not ever cancel until after five years, no matter what. It is just insane and unfair business practice. I wonder why the Better Business Bureau has not put an end to this yet!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER ORDER FROM SUBSCRIBER SERVICES INC... THEY ARE PURE EVIL.

Ashworth / Awful everything


Ashworth is cheap, but be prepared to spend an average of 30 minutes on hold every single time you call them. I have had something go wrong on my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th courses on my program. They have sent the wrong books and repeatedly not placed courses on the computer so I could start...

Christian Carter's Relationship turnaround / item returned; charges not reversed


I ordered Relationship turnaround, with satisfaction guaranteed or money back. I was not satisfied, returned the product, but did not receive a refund of money. they have made 2 debits of $29.97 from my acct since i returned it. I want the charges reversed asap!

Dynasty Sales, LLC / Scam

We had a young overweight male (said he was 23) named Craig Trautman at our home tonight selling children's books. We really were not interested but he asked to come in as the insects were bad and we said ok. He said he was a neighbor in a neighborhood near ours, was in college at...

White Oak Press / my poem submitted

My poem "My Heart" was supposed to be featured, in a book titled something other "Expressions" which was the title of book sent to me, it created erroneous information on my webpage which, gives a bio and other special info about my accomplishments. To help further my soon to be released...

Scholastic Inc, Beginning Readers Program / I have been billed and threatened collection on an account that I did not authorize.

I was sent an invoice by Scholastic Inc, for a beginning readers program that I did not authorize. I sent the bill back marked Return to Sender, did not order, thinking that there must be some mix up, my child is twenty and yes he can read. They have since sent the bill to a collection...

Bottom Line Books / harrassment

I ordered their Mind Boosting Secrets book a while back. Received the book and elected to keep it. Few weeks later I received a bill that listed out as $47.94. I do not remember why it was so much; however, I went ahead and paid for the books and sent a check on July 8, 2008. The check ha...

Surat Web Designing / Web Design Course

Hi I am anjelina I have done Search Engine Optimization from surat web designing ( ) . The organization has given me web designing and Search Engine optimization certificate also. When I applied for a goverment job in Gujarat, they say that I need to bring...

Scholastic Books / Unauthorized charges


I noticed that my bank balances have been strange in the past couple of months and that I kept getting books addressed to 'last name' child. I think if i had kids and was ordering books for them they would have a first name and the funny part is I have no children. When i... / TEXTBOOK NIGHTMARE


I ordered a textbook from this site and paid EXTRA for overnight shipping. They had NO problem charging my credit card for the book which I have NOT received yet. I have and exam in a week and NO book for it. To top it all I have e-mailed them 3 times in a week and NO replies. Have I also...

Living media Limited / Site for claiming free gifts does not open or is non existent

As advertised by the Company I purchased on line Britannia Encyclopedia Britannica and a series of CDS titled 'SAAZ'. The company offered great gifts worth some Rs.5400/-. The site does not open. The for India today book club site does not have a link to open up a site for... / unshipped & undelivered paid for item

On November 16, 2007, I sent a $99.92 cheque to as a payment for two books I ordered. After about 7 weeks, I received only one book. Since then I've sent e-mails, letters, and even a registered letter personally addressed to CEO. However, all my messages have been...

Book Of The Month Club / Fraud!


This site is a big fraud! First of all they sent me a bill for an offer that said 2 free vooks, and kept eating my head for payment. When i asked about it they said either return the books or pay off the bill and we will close your account. Bugged thoroughly, i said fine and paid off. then...

Reader's Digest / Living Media / Money deducted

I have paid by card rs 328 for subscription of Readers digest but, not received subscription number or the copy yest even after a month. No one is picking the call on given numbers. / amazon treats her faithful customers of many years like dirt - buyers beware!

I have been an Amazon customer for more than 7 years, with purchases of more than USD$8000 yearly (all purchases are recorded either via email or print-out Amazon account summary). The reason I am writing this review is to expose what Amazon does to her faithful customer. I make purchases of...

Dynasty SalesLLC. / fake magazine sales

Two young men came to the door to sell magazines for a contest to earn a trip . They presented identification and forms to puchase the magzines . We purchased, ordered 2 @ $55.00 . I checked the website of the company and read the process was a ripoff. I called my bank and found out the...

J&R Landscaping / Unprofessional workmanship & material


This contractor filled cracks & seal coated our driveway November 15, 1907. The next day the sealant & most filled cracks washed off our driveway and onto our lawn, killing the grass. The contractor was paid in full on 11/15. I called J&R the next day and he refused to return and repair... / Terrible company


Several months ago I ordered a 5 Volume set of books for a class from When the order arrived I found 1 book in the box. When I contacted they told me to ship the book to Canada and pay for delivery confirmation. Total cost for the international shipping $14.26...