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Books Complaints | Page 129


First, my wife has dementia and is not supposed to respond to "offers". Allegedly my wife "joined" this group. She apparently paid $30 of $300 fee. Yesterday I received a call from a collection agency that we owed $270. This is the first I knew of this. Collection agency had no phone # for... / Not received goods / no reply to emails

After placing an order for £161, we haven't received any order confirmation. We have emailed them twice over 2 weeks, with no reply. After searching for their company name on Google, it appears there are several other customers with the same issue. I have since found several...

Bottom Line Books / unautorized shipment and billing


I received a package from Bottom line books - I did not order these books. I remember filling out some information a while back in order to read an article or something of that nature and there was something about offering me some free books but I would NEVER agree to buy something without...

Scholastic Books/ North Shore Agency / fraudulant collection letters

Scholastic Books sends books to homes of people that did not order them or sends no books at all and then sends bills for these books that you never ordered or received in the first place. When you don't pay, they send bogus collection letters from North Shore Agency. I found out on the...

Dorrance Publishing Company / Misleading and unsolicited letter


For novice authors who may not be aware of services that research publishing companies and watchdog authentic publishers, the receipt of a personal, signed letter from a publisher is exciting, but one doesn't know until the third paragraph they are not a commercial publisher and...

Crafters Choice Book Club / Cancellation problems

I have been a member of this book club for several years and ordered many books. However, in September I decided to cancel my membership for financial reasons. I went to the account area of their website and went through the cancellation steps the day after I placed an order redeeming all... & Howard Ely / fraud!


Keep getting letters from Mr. Ely saying my poem, poems will be published in some compilation, BUT I HAVE NEVER GIVEN MY PERMISSION FOR THEM TO BE PUBLISHED ANYWHERE but on the Web site Someone PLEASE put this company/scam artist out of business! Sincerely, Linda Bentley

Barton Publishing / sales practices


i purchased and e-book from them and signed up for no other services on 9/8 the cost of the e-book was debited from my account. on 9/10 1 .00 was debited from my account by well watchers md. on 9/25 29.90 was debited from my account by well watchers md on 10/29 19.95 was debited by well...

PageFree Publishing Company / Non payment of Royalties

I initially signed a contract with PageFree Publishing in mid October 2006 to publish "I Need Therapy" I paid $399.00 for the basic package, submitted my manuscript and I was promised to have the finished product back in my hand within 30 days. That didn't happen, after six weeks I...

Bottom Line Books / unsolicited book delivery and repeated billing. no available way to contact them.

I purchased a book once from Bottom Line Books and paid for it promptly. This past July 08, I received an unsolicited Book from them. Knowing that I didn't order it I retuned the book. It was sent back because I had open the Label/invoice on the book carton. I did not open the carton...

Prestige Sales USA / salesman lied, tried to cancel and can't get any response from Prestige Sales

The salesman that visited our home said that I would be receiving a follow up call from his Boss to be sure he had conducted himself in a professional manner, that never happened. He also said that his Mother was going to make baked goods ( cannolis) for anyone that had helped him out by...

Publish America / Breach of Contract, poor printing quality...deserve a refund!

$1064.97 is what I paid for very poor quality books. In light of the lack of quality in the printing and in considering the abnormally high price of the books, I got ripped off! PA is in breach of the contract. They have breached the contract in the following ways: FIRSTLY, for failing to...

Mystery Guild Book Club / cancelation

I fullfilled my contract with them months ago. I canceled, they continue to send me books. I return to sender and write on the box that I have canceled however this is the 3rd time they have sent me another box.

Dynasty Sales / Misrepresentation of product


A young woman came to our door late in the summer stating that she was a neighbor from down the block and selling books before going off to college. With small children, we don't know all the older kids, but we also knew the house on the corner has college students. Trusting thi...

Allied Publishers of Mid Alantic / not as promised and harassing phone calls

I have tried to cancel this and all I get is rude people telling me they will garnish my wages. The magazines I do get now are sending me renewal slips. on one of the phone calls I ask the person about this and he said "I don't know what to tell you" just pay your payments. I don't want... / fisher athletic


Is this the same Sami Muduroglu who used to be manager of Fisher Athletic F.C? If it is then yes I'm not surprised he's got all of this dodgy stuff with his Internet Shoppers Guide and He was a disqualified director when he was at Fisher I think. Best check out the...

MysteryGuildBookClub / Scam charges


I ordered merchandise totaling 40.00 they shipped my items and charged me 21.00 also joined children's book club for 3.00 they charged me 13.00 to send. These book clubs are all linked along with homestyle books who sent out the same order 3 separate times and shipping on a 3.99 item...

Scholastic Books / Scam charges


I found a UPS package from Scholastic Books on the front door of my house after my vacation in May, 2008. I knew nothing about Scholastic and I never ordered anything from Scholastic! I also noticed that my Chase Visa credit card account had been charged twice. I had to call my credit card...

National Readers Service / Magazine subscription


Over the summer the company "Readers Club of America" called me to sign up for their magazines, it sounded legit, so I did. They billed me once and for the last 4 months I thought I got them off my back. I just got a phone call from these guys who say they're from "National... / internet shoppers guide to Spain


Wow! Me too. I advertised with and never got any interest from it. I has been a complete waste of money. The sales people hassle you and hassle you until you give in. The books are horrible, hard to read, heavy little things (about the size of a cd) and I have never seen it in any...