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Books Complaints | Page 128

Bottom Line Books / unsolicited books

Received an unsolicited "Bottom Line Yearbook 2009" about a month ago. I e-mailed them that I had not ordered said book; did not want said book; and would not pay for said book. I asked for a return label to send it back. I never received a reply. Today I received an invoice for $31.90...

Bottom Line Yearbook 2009 / Unsolicited - No responce to return

I received a Bottom Line Yearbook 2009 which I did not order. I e-mailed Bottom Line Books customer service stating I didn't order the book and I would not pay for it. I ask for a mailing label to return the book to them a month ago but have never received a reply from them. Today I...


Unauthorized charges were made to my account in Nov. 2008 by both UMG*MY ADVISOR [protected] and UMG*MYAD [protected]. Both companies took $1.00 from my credit card without my permission two days in a row and I know that after research, BOTH are fraudulent and directly related to the...

Scott Dee Book Packaging/Mid America Publishing / Internet fraud

I found this company on the internet. They appealed to me because they did hardcover children's picture books. I contacted the company via email and the owner called me and convinved me that his company could help me. I entered a contract with them and was convinced to order 100...

iUniverse / scam


I signed up with iUniverse Publishing last 8th of July 2008 to get my manuscript get edited, and published professionally, affordably, and fast (per Get Published! Professionally, Affordable, Fast - a book written by Ms. Susan Driscoll, Author, President and CEOof iUniverse). My manuscript...

Bottom Line Books / fraud and cheating


I have a bill for 39.02 again this month and I have repeatedly asked for them to cancel me from their list. They are sending books that I have not ordered. They don't have any telephone or fax numbers listed and that is the reason I looked them up on the internet. It was at this point...

Publishers Guide / Canceling my order

I have the same darn problem! I've been trying to get my "subscription" cancelled and I can't get in contact with them and the thing is, I DIDN'T EVEN ORDER ANY DARN MAGAZINES!! Supposedly I was a customer since I was 13 years old...I'm 19 now and I have never once got...

Bottom Line Books / sent 2009 year book that I never ordered

I received in the mail, a Bottom Line Book, titled Bottom Line Year Book 2009 that I did not order. I am calling [protected] to get a "return merchandise" mailing label from them and a sending it back by certified mail so that I have a record that they have received the book. I will not...

Prestige Sales USA / door-to-door book/magazines sales scam


Well, I hate to admit it but I just got scammed! I was already distracted by trying to care for my severely disabled son, and a young man (approx. 20 yrs old) knocks on my door. He said he was a neighbor and pointed in the direction of a house that has sons about his age, whom I've...

Testing Manual For Usps Employment Test. / extremely misleading


Initially I was told by Testing & Careers w/ US, Inc. after I contacted them that purchasing their manual in advance of scheduling the USPS exam was necessary. Of course they deducted the $129.90 from my account the same day I ordered it. After six weeks of not being able to schedule my...


$9 fees every month for a service I've never used!!! Calling them (888.231.SAVE) it looks like that's a 30 days free service I subscribed bying tickets with TicketMaster.

Scholastic Books / Didnt order but Im getting charged!


I keep getting charges on my credit card from Scholastic Books. I never ordered these yet I get charged. What am I getting charged for? I have read the other complaints but I am not recieving any packages, I am just getting charged for nothing. $18.89 a month I am fed up! I keep calling...

Yellow Book / non payment


I spent over 15 hours delivering phone books and gas money-before it went down. I was never paid nor contacted to explain why the payment delay. I have tried to contact the company and they do not have any contact information.

White Oak Publishing Co. / fraud

In August 2008, they sent me a letter saying they would like to print my poem. They said I could buy a book of poetry that it would be published in. I ordered two books and put them on my Mastercard. In the meantime, I moved to another state, but left my forwarding address with P.O. I did...

Barton Publishing / Fraudlent credit card charges


These companies/web sites are running scam Barton publishing Please be careful if you want to buy something from them. They will rip you off and pass you credit information to each other for fraudulent charges.

Meadowlark Limited / Credit card

When willing to download some material from this site (baydownload); a) the first pages do not make it clear whether it's free or not. b) once you advance the process, you are told that "a small fee is requested for server use" -Ok... c) then you are offered a promotional rate of barely...

Ready Connect / / no delivery


I have placed an order online on September 2; they charged my credit card immediately. Unresponsive to emails and voice mails. Does anybody know if there's anything that can be done to take down their website so they won't scam more people?

National Business Directories Corporation / Beware of this company


We recently also received a solicitation from 'National Business Directories Corporation' to have my company listed in 'The National Machinery Manufacturers Directory.' As others have mentioned, the Directory would be sent 'FREE' to all businesses. No charge...

True Vision, Inc. / Scam


Just one more report on the True Vision, Inc. scam. I bought a renewal magazine subscription back in May 2008. Same story as the others here, the well-dressed young man claimed he was trying to get back on his feet and was selling magazine subscriptions to do so. Because this was a...


First, my wife has dementia and is not supposed to respond to "offers". Allegedly my wife "joined" this group. She apparently paid $30 of $300 fee. Yesterday I received a call from a collection agency that we owed $270. This is the first I knew of this. Collection agency had no phone # for...