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Books Complaints | Page 12

HanesBrands / mens comfort flex boxer briefs

Flipflop3 on Sep 5, 2018

I purchased 2 packages of 5 pair each just 2 weeks ago. Your claim is that they "dont ride up", that is incorrect. I am very dissatified with this product. They ride up so much that i have to go purchase the competion boxer briefs. I cant wear the hanes ones any longer...annoying to have...

Brittney Manager Round Rock Barnes and Nobal Austin ACC / customer service

Palmeri on Sep 4, 2018

I am a disabled combat veteran using both my Go Bill and Voc Rehab. Upon several occasions I have had to deal with Brittney the manager in an attempt to get information, or rather clarification on bookstore related items. She has been completely disingenuous and unhelpful. She always make...

The Book Depository / shipping

Sally Kim on Sep 4, 2018

BDU-244-[protected] UK to Spain Order of 6 books hasn't arrived, and is beyond what was suggested as "shipping durations". I've sent multiple emails to the help email address of the company, all with which were answered by "please check your local post office" even after I replied...

Wordery / ver slow order processing and shipping. plenty of customer dis-service

GFormby on Sep 3, 2018

Ordered and paid for book by PayPal on Aug 3, 2018 on Aug 10, 2018 got email that they had just processed my order and it was going out for dispatch. Dispatch! You mean you haven't even SHIPPED it yet? Supposed to be delivered on Aug 27th. It is now Sept 3. They show it was delivered on... / a4 copy paper

Adeoye Abdullahi on Sep 2, 2018

I contacted for A4 copy papers, which they told me their price is $0.9/ream. I request for a sample of 100 reams of double A papers, which was $190 but to my surprise after they've confirmed my payment, they started telling me that they've never send a product to Nigeria...

iUniverse / online newsmaker marketing service

jb94 on Sep 2, 2018

I had an agreement with the Marketing Director to postpone my marketing/publicity campaign due to a circumstance beyond my control - litigation with a branch of the Canadian Provincial Government. My manuscript was completed in December 2015. Without my authorization, someone from iUniverse...

Dairy Queen / wait

Honeychile on Sep 1, 2018

I waited for almost an hour at the DQ in Oakridge, Oregon (Highway 58) for a small ice cream cone. When I finally got to the window, I was given coupons for 3 free cones only to find out that they are all expired! The employees were laughing and joking around at the drive-through window...

Hotwire / the hotel choices

Jasz Taylor on Sep 1, 2018

I'm just trying to to figure out y every time I use this funky ass site y'all stay sending me to the same dry ass hotels like zero [censored]in variety!! It's always the same one! I don't want to constantly stay a no stankibg ass Extended Stay I'm So Pissed You [censored]es Need To Do Better Just...

Pentian Books / fraud - the crowdfunding platform didn't keep the agreement proposed by the website

Catharina Oliveira on Aug 30, 2018

Pentian BooksIn 2015 I started the process of crowdfunding in Pentian's website. The work of more than a decade, done by me and my mother, all in a book send to the platform looking for sponsors to publish it. Like every crowdfunding process, there is a period of...

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences / copy of books for lecturers

Adelina Philipsen on Aug 30, 2018

Case number [protected] ref:_00D30orUI._5001O1Kps92:ref Complaint about the nondelivery of Lecturers copies of the textbook for the new school year [protected]. Dear Sir, Madam, As head of the Economics Team of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, IBMS, it has been my duty to guard the...

Reward Zone USA / dr seuss 1$ books

[email protected] on Aug 30, 2018

I bought 1$ books by Dr.sesuss but after I purchased it ...Now its tryna take 35.00$ out my bank account I would like to Cancel Everything .Just Delete Everything Please ...That's Scamming People. This Is totally not cool. It shouldn't even be anymore purchasing. I payed my dollar and got... / fake degree

Bu on Aug 30, 2018

I recently ordered a fake degree from and they robbed me of my money. Once I made the payment they literally vanished. I tried to contact them using all their channels and got no response. I emailed them using the email address given on the website and they...

BooksRun / not receiving my book not getting a product refund

berg3718 on Aug 29, 2018

I bought two textbooks here and then sent them separately - One was left at my door the other went to my USPS office as it needed a signature. I work over an hour away from the office where it was sent and had no way to pick it up. When I finally got a day to go there they had sent it back...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / delivery

Rachael Delaria on Aug 28, 2018

The driver left my package by the road. It could have been easily stolen or damaged! There was no gate or lose dog and no reason why he couldn't have drove down and left in on my porch per usual. One of the packages was 35 lbs and carting it all the way down my drive way strained my back...

Camping World / refund of down payment

Max Gonzales on Aug 28, 2018

Camping world of Mesquite Tx has not refunded my money for holding a toy hauler to view for purchase. Trailer was 1600 lbs over the web site specs which exceeded the capacity for my truck. Finance person by the name of Jacob said he would return the refund by the end of the day two week...

Skynet Worldwide Express / documents not delivered yet

IFTIKHAR ahmed aa on Aug 28, 2018

Skynet Worldwide Expressgreetings! I handed over documents to your sky net worldwide express Representative on 25th of Aug 2018 and still not been delivered in the destination and got disappointed from your service. Also continue following to customer care center they also not giving sanctification...

Playster Corporation / illegal business practices

Kelley Reynolds on Aug 28, 2018

Playster Corporation is knowingly and repeatedly defrauding its customers by offering unlimited premium audiobook content with a higher cost subscription, then removing the premium content after a month or two and limiting you to a poor selection of titles. They do this to people over and...

Crimson Publishers / scam, predatory publishers, negative reviews

dustin jones on Aug 27, 2018

Crimson Publishers LLC is a group of predatory publishers who will take your money and promise to deliver high-quality premium journals. The Crimson Publishers LLC are ruining the good name of Crimson Publishers who have developed a strong reputation in the market. People are often...

AbeBooks / book, "ma'am darling: 99 glimpses of princess margaret by craig brown

Tami Jones on Aug 27, 2018

I ordered the book via internet, via AbeBooks, on August 5th, 2018. It was supposed to take 3-10 business days. Even adding a week it's been over 15 business days, 16 including today. Do you have any idea where it may be? If I just had a shipping number, I could track it down myself...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / lost mail

htkn on Aug 27, 2018

Our TIME magazine arrives every Friday since our subscription a few months ago. However, we failed to receive the Aug 20 publication. Also recently, we did not receive one of our Singtel bills. Occasionally, we have people in the neighbourhood passing our mail to us. SingPost seriously need...