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Valorebooks / sellback item/no payment

Monicaaa on Oct 18, 2017
I sent in 2 books as sell back items and Valore Books has only paid me $12 for one of them. The other books was way more expensive and I have not gotten paid for that one at all. The status on my sellback order says that my book was received but is being processed (for 2+ months now). I...

Jerry Baker / unwanted books

janice123 on Oct 16, 2017
Please do not send me books I do not want and did not order. There is an invoice attached, and I am not paying it, nor should I pay the return postage fee, since I am not keeping it. "UNDELIVERED" No Thanks. Last week I got UNCLE POTT'S HOUSEHOLD HINTS in the mail. It is a $38.00 book...

North Shore Agency - NSK / vol 3-17 the hope chest

Alisa Howard on Oct 16, 2017
Apparently my father ordered something from Reader's Digest some time ago and never received the items. He spoke with them and said he would not pay until he received the items. He has since died and my mother is now receiving collection statements from NSA in his name. The items in...

Tapas Media / there's something to improve

lazy gooner56 on Oct 16, 2017
I have nothing bad to say about their comics. They are really great and nice. But the other side of this is their customer support, that deserves the worst reviews. Maybe one day they will improve it and I will have nothing to complain about, but today is not that day. They should try hard and...

Food Network / being a fan

Toni lupinacci on Oct 15, 2017
Hi my name is christa pellicci I'm from Stamford ct, and I'm a fan of Todd Carey from (Ny) and I just want to say I'm getting mad angry, and pissed off I had told the (Food Network) off several million times in a row I do not know who Todd Carey is as Christa Pellicci from Stamford ct...

USPS / United States Postal Service / mail delivery

MonsieurTarzan on Oct 14, 2017
I live in an apartment building. Packages are not being delivered. Tracking a package on USPS.com, I see delivery was attempted on Oct. 10. No one rang my doorbell and no note was left. On Oct. 11, another delivery was attempted. Again no one rang my doorbell, but a note was left that I...

Bartleby.com TM / credit card charges

MichaelaB on Oct 14, 2017
2 days ago I had paid for the £2, 48-hour period and cancelled it yesterday as I was finished with my period however today, sat 14 oct I checked my bank account and £29.95 had been taken out. I have now successfully cancelled the membership. However I would desire a refund of the £29.95 as I...

WigSis / very pleased

Janice isabella on Oct 14, 2017
If I could go back in time! I lost my hair to chemo and truly had the most difficult time trying to find the right wig that made me feel like myself. Over the last year I have purchased at least 10 wigs and unfortunately they didn't last long. They all got frizzy pretty quickly. I took a...

The UPS Store / business misconduct

Nasser Moeini on Oct 13, 2017
The UPS StoreOn 09/02/17, I went to UPS Store #2918 at 570 Piermont Rd, Closter, NJ 07624-3100 to mail eight boxes containing books to Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Some of the books were rare and expensive. The store manager (or employee) Mr. James J. Kim told me the boxes were old and may fall apart on the way...

Dinkleboo / Run away from them

Paulina on Oct 12, 2017
I wish I had read the reviews before dealing with them. Unfortunately, I have to write one more negative review, as I am one of those silly customers... I ordered a book for my daughter (September 5th). Got a confirmation email one day later. It contained information about the delivery date...

Better Planet Book / book return

Customer7584 on Oct 11, 2017
I ordered a book from this company, and not only was it late in receiving it, but it wasn't the correct edition. I returned it within their 30 days policy and they've been dodging me and giving me the run around in my attempt to return it for full refund. I will continue to bother them...

Barnes & Noble / funko. pop black chrome batman

Heather D Landrum on Oct 11, 2017
I showed the customer service peopf i purchased 2 of these. They twll me i didny and refuse to give me qhat i paid for and what i stayed up all night for. They refuse to give me cooperates number. They keep givint me the run around. I wan what i paid for. If there website cqnt handle large...

The Book Depository / books not dispatched; no refund made till date

dhawansaab on Oct 11, 2017
a order from UK should get delivered in 2-5 working days but after a week, when i emailed them for why my order still showing processing status. I get a reply saying, go ahead and file for refund as we do not have stock. You ask for refund and you get nothing. Till date neither money nor...

The Book Depository / item is not delivered after 40 days

Hrvoje Dubravica on Oct 11, 2017
Hi, my order number is BDU-208-63874071187. Item is not delivered yet. I've wrote several times on help@..., just one answer and many, many ignores. I requested item or many back - but ignorance again. I used web form to contact you - you ignore again. I've also requested my money back if...

Barnes & Noble / product quality

Sara Swiergosz on Oct 10, 2017
Barnes & NobleI am currently at your store in Maumee OH which is near my home and needed to buy a parenting book today. The store has one copy on hand which is 178 pages long. 118 pages are damaged from what appears to be a coffee spill per one of your employees. I was advised a book could be ordered...

Eaglemoss / eaglemoss animal collection

Elisha decker on Oct 10, 2017
I have started my collection months ago I believe in April or may, however I'm very displeased with the last shipment and how things were handled. I was emailed to tell me my once put on hold account would be sendin a new shipment. I immediately emailed back saying please don't send this. However...

Barnes & Noble / "turtles all the way down" by john green

Jada Grisson on Oct 10, 2017
As a long-time Barnes and Noble shopper and my member, I generally know what to expect in terms of service. The overwhelming majority of my experiences with the company have been, undoubtedly positive and when problems have previously arose they have been resolved. However, I placed my...

Purolator / delivery

snatch on Oct 10, 2017
This morning at 10:11 a.m. a man showed up at my door with a sweater on representing nothing, my dog was barking and i never received a knock on the door or doorbell but a sticker on the door after I paid over $20 shipping. I am very very disappointed. Now i have to drive to get my parcel...

GrooveBook / my bank account is being charged of $13.78

Angela craft on Oct 10, 2017
My bank account is being charged $13.78 this month and if something isn't done about it I will not be getting no more groovebooks when I get charged every month for them my money needs to returned and to I will put a stop to my subscription I have been a member for awhile and like ordering...

The Book Depository / orders being cancelled

avarielle on Oct 9, 2017
The Book DepositoryI have made 11 orders until now starting from the 6th of October, and they were ALL BEING CANCELLED with no clear explanation. The first three e-mails said that I have put something wrong for my personal details in my payment, HOWEVER, I checked to my bank account and they said that there are...
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