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Books Complaints

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / take-out service

Ken Heindel on Jan 22, 2019

I've got to compliment you on the worst service I've had in my life. I was 5 cars back in the service lane, three cars ahead left because of the service. After 20+ minutes I got to the speaker to order. A person came on the speaker asked if I wanted their special then said they would be...

Books-A-Million (BAM) / terrible magazine scam

Sdturnbull on Jan 22, 2019

I live in Birmingham, Alabama and visited the Brook Highland location December 2017. I was told by the cashier at the time of purchase and joining the club that I was entitled to 3 free magazines. She however DID NOT tell me that Time magazine would get my credit card number and start...

Authorhouse / trying to my get my cookbook new groove fusion publish

frederick gant on Jan 21, 2019

author house is a scam I have been dealing with them for 151/2 years from 2003 to present. Trying to get a cookbook publish called new groove fusion cookbook I have been through 12 to 16 account managers manuscripts lost or misplaced. Galleys are filled with misspellings "Typo's" some...

SVK Disney Books / being charged for a service I did not subscribed to.

Ra8der76 on Jan 19, 2019

I don't know how and why this scam is happening, but it needs to stop. I filled out a questionnaire pertaining to a Walmart gift card and now find myself paying for books that I didn't ask for and on top of that I am not receiving!! WTF? To be automatically signed up for a book...

Takealot / candle bible for toddlers

MB8 on Jan 18, 2019

I am upset! Firstly when I carter the Bible it was available, a few days later I notice my order is saying "candle Bible for toddlers cancelled". I can't get my money back cause i paid eft so now it is in Take a Lots Credit to me!! I want this product even if it comes later when they have...

GrooveBook / five pictures were damaged or perversely marked

Nina Bo-Bina on Jan 18, 2019

I received my first GrooveBook and found five pictures were damaged or perversely marked. I received the book 1/17/19 and the reference number [protected]. Two of the pictures have colored blotches, one yellow one magenta. Three others have scratches, one which is right across a face...

Cook's Illustrated Publications / specialty italian cookbook

Mary Signorelli on Jan 15, 2019

I ordered several copies of this cook book described above... (this is not the name of the publication just the description). It was charged to my american express credit card on december 19, 2018. I had hoped to have these for christmas gifts... That didn't happen and I have no indication...

Discover Books / still and didn't receive the item.

dick gibson on Jan 14, 2019

Discover BooksDear Sir/Madam: My name is Tony Bobet from New York City. I am filing an complaint to Discover Books. I order an item from Bearbooks. The order number is #[protected]. the name Penthouse: Naughty by Nature (Letter to Penthouse). I order on Jan. 7, 2019, the amount of... / $1,000 walmart card and thousand dollar amazon card

Sissysue on Jan 14, 2019

I've done countless surveys for Amazon cards and followed through with everything I was supposed to do $4, 000 Walmart cards 2000 dollar amazon cards I'm sick of doing these surveys and not receiving what I'm supposed to receive and paying out this money for nothing for...

Globedil 33 / globedi33 roma

sandro pellacani on Jan 13, 2019

ho rinnovato l'acquisto di Architect 6 ho pagato € 92.95 fattura data 12/20/18 per un errore ho cancellato il programma, ora per riaprire mi chiede la chiave per entrare e quelle che ho non vanno bene, per favore aiutatemi a risolvere il problema, con urgenza, devo lavorare vi ringrazio...

SVK*Disney book / kids books

Liron on Jan 12, 2019

SVK*Disney bookI was doing survey for gift card.they gave me offer, about 4.50$ kids I did accept it.after that every month, they charge me 22$, without asking, my permission. They don't give me 1000 $ gift card at all. I want my money back, and the stop stealing money from my account. Please help me...

Bottomline Books / I received a book in the mail from said company. I refused it, but I still got an invoice.

Eileen McLain on Jan 12, 2019

This book came in a cardboard Box, which I never opened at all. I took it to my Post Office and they stamped it as refused. Almost 2 months later, I got an invoice saying I owed a total of $49.94. I sent the company a handwritten letter, saying I owed them . I don't want this to ruin my credit score! Waiting on their response. How can they do this?

Better Business Bureau / books

Mimi6 on Jan 12, 2019

Bottom Line Books sent me a publication i did not request, they sent me a mailing label to return and it was returned but despite two phone calls reassuring me the matter was resolved they keep sending me bills for the publicaiton in the amount of 44.95. How can i get them to stop sending...

SBPRA / publishing

Fred Steel on Jan 11, 2019

12 years ago I published A book called 'A Cornish Journey' with an American company called Xlibris. A year later they told me I hadn't sold any books at all. This I know to be a lie because I know people that have bought it. I cancelled my contract with them and to this day...

LBC Lucena City Delivery Hub / uncourteous staffs and super delayed parcels

Jam M on Jan 11, 2019

This issue should be really brought to dti's attention. Last package we have complained was delayed for almost 2weeks! Then this one. Masyado silang mahirap icontact, they wont acceot calls, and pag maswerte ka and at first sinagot nga, they will treat you and answer your query in a very... / fraudulent practices

Dave Salvatore on Jan 10, 2019

After reading many reviews that sound a lot like what I am dealing with, I have a feeling my situation will end badly. I am going to say now that if I don't have the book next week I not only plan to file a BBB complaint, I will also be filing a banking fraud complaint with their credit...

The Book Depository / delivery

Lim Yong Bin on Jan 10, 2019

I have ordered 20 books on November 11, 2018. Of those 20 (2 are awaiting publication), only 6 have arrived. It is now January 10th, 2019. It has been almost 2 months. My order reference code is BDU-268-[protected]. I have contacted customer service on multiple occasions but the answer...

Westwood Books / book publishing

peter weisz on Jan 9, 2019

This company is a vanity publishers. On no account should you accept any offer to publish your manuscript with them. They will take your money and do nothing. I entered into a deal with them where they charged me $1000.00 to publish my book. They promised reviews, press releases, exposure...

BooksRun / buyback scam

Ericson294 on Jan 9, 2019

BooksRunThere is no water damage on the book, but the book was sent in perfect condition. I have photos to prove it as such before it was sent. You can see below the photo they attached, which is not indicative of water damage at all, let alone that it was on my book. The company is scamming...

Arvest Bank / amy, bookkeeping at the cabot, ar location

Laura Beth Boatman on Jan 7, 2019

My husband banks with Arvest, he's been a loyal customer and loves the convenience of Mobil banking and the usual care, diligence and kindness of most Arvest associates. Today, however, while trying to get information on when his funds would be deposited, a woman working in the bookkeeping...