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Elle Decor Magazine / Unauthorized subscription renewal/ charges double the price listed

mcgoogans on Feb 21, 2017
A few years ago I gave my daughter in law a one year subscription to Elle Decor Magazine. I have never authorized subsequent renewals - but the company has billed be every year for a subscription renewal. I picked up a recent issue and noticed that the subscription rate is $15 per year...

Chegg / Package never recieved

Rebecca Davis on Feb 21, 2017
I ordered my textbooks off of Chegg before the semester began. So this would have been January 22, 2017. It is now February 21, 2017 and my books are still not here. I have called USPS and I have called Chegg customer service and no one is helping me. I have emailed and left complaints and...

Barnes & Noble / Fraudulent charges on my credit card!

Ms. Normal on Feb 20, 2017
Barnes and Noble has been illegally charging my credit card for the past 4 years!!! This is outrageous. They have have scam reports all over the internet I now see. It is so sad. Everyone check your credit card statements if you ever had an account with them. I signed up when my daughter...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Unethical behaviour from disney book club

kvispanathan on Feb 20, 2017
good day i am a very very unhappy client i have been a dstv subscriber for a very long time and always expected the things dstv advertises has been checked and are reputable.when disney book club was running their bookclub promotion i entered for my daughter in september last year, i then...

Breezeway Press aka Llumina Press / POD Publishing

BJFerrell on Feb 19, 2017
Deborah Greenspan went out of business under Llumina Press because "she was opening another publishing company called Breezeway Books." She has had several other publishing business under other names that have gone out of business. She wanted $250 for the electronic PDF files and for...

Barnes & Noble / Return policy

Terri Q on Feb 16, 2017
12 days to return merchandise is not sufficient. I had my receipt and the videos were unopened. Barnes and Noble does have competition. I'll use my gift card and then never buy another item from Barnes and Noble. The strategy of treating customers poorly may be beneficial in the...

Book Depository / About 25% of the books I order

Jake Mulligan on Feb 16, 2017
I am tired of getting books arriving damaged from bookdepository.com They are packaged well but when I open the package the books are damaged. The packaging is not damaged but the books are so that means they were sent damaged and this is false advertising. When you send a brand new item it'...

AUDIBLE Services / Audible services

Debra Blankenship on Feb 15, 2017
Did not order this service, had no idea money was coming out of my account or this so called service, called my bank and called the company that is running this scam, 1 888 283 5051 talked to someone who I hardly understood (thick accent ). Was told service was cancelled and money will be...

Maybank / Ociss

Thuraisingam on Feb 13, 2017
I tried opening a Current Account with a Maybank Branch in Alam Damai Branch. The staff in counter 11 made me visit her 7 times..but still wouldnt allow me to open a current. Almost a month. She says my name appear in OCISS system with an issue with Bank Islam. I gave her all the release...

BooksRun.com / I will not use this service again!

Lienne39 on Feb 13, 2017
I sold some textbooks via BooksRun website and when I received the money there was much less than I expected! I contacted BooksRun support and asked about the money and they claimed I received as much as they promised. That was not true and I was not satisfied with their decision and tried...

WigSis / Love it

Beryl Veromca on Feb 10, 2017
I wear a wig everyday and have for the last 7 or 8 years. I used to wear wigs in brown with highlights and then I decided to try the color they have in the picture, it is just beautiful, needless to say I love this wig and it makes me look 10 years younger. Playing it straight is also one...

Early Moments / Book subscription

Rachelle Lavoie on Feb 10, 2017
I signed up to receive books for $7.95 before Christmas and didn't read anywhere that it was a monthly (or more) subscription that I would be automatically charged for. I contacted them after the first charge and asked to be removed and cancel my subscription they sent and email saying my...

Audible / My account

Tikkie on Feb 10, 2017
I am extremely disappointed with Audible!! I was an active member of Audible for three years and loved it and had many credits there, but recently then cancelled my account without any notification and I still have no idea what happened! When I contacted Audible representative he asked me...

Bottom Line Books / Billed for book not received

Mystyque on Feb 9, 2017
I have received many books from Bottom Line Books .Please note: All books I have received have been paid for. Now I have received a collection notice from North Shore collection agency!! The account number on Credit Bureau is;00011281391( not sure) Name of Book ; Reverse Diabetes Amount...

H&R Block / HRB Digital / Unprofessional

Brandy Davis on Feb 8, 2017
On February 6, 2017 I had my taxes done at HRB at the Camden, TN location. I have been using HRB for eleven years now. My appointment was at 9:00a.m. A little after 9:30a.m., I was called back by a woman in skin tight, black, leather pants and a babydoll t-shirt. She looked like she was on...

Kuwait Airways / Error issuing of ticket

Chell2488 on Feb 8, 2017
Hi, Good day.. I am Michele Bagaporo, I have problem about my ticket. My husband booked the ticket thru online in your site. Unfortunately when everything is done and purchased at amount of KWD 344.05 they said some error/declined, but it was already took the money in our account. How come...

Amazon / I have an issue with Amazon

Ramon on Feb 8, 2017
I have an issue with Amazon and it seems like no one from Amazon actually care and want to help. I bought a book from this store and it was a present for my sister. I was super excited about this purchased and couldn't wait for it. But time passed and there was no sign of my book, then I...

Wish / My package

Gabriel Dominguez on Feb 7, 2017
Hello my name is Gabriel Dominguez and my email is lovegabedom88gmail.com and here is my complain it says that my package has already arrived at my location but it hasn't so what dose that mean im not going to get my package because I never use wish before I only use like Amazon and I...

Bottom Line Books / Bottom line yearbook 2017

Donna Stadel on Feb 5, 2017
I received the bottomline yearbook 2017, of which I did not order, shipping date of 1/10/2017. I returned it unopened "return to sender" by usp mail that same day. February 3, 2017 I received a bill for $43.95, billed to account 9256157, of which I am not paying. Next day, february 4, I again...

Carnival Cruise Lines / was unable to take a cruise we booked

BrendaLou on Feb 4, 2017
We booked a cruise though Frosch/pompano beach, Betty . We bought the insurance, but was not told it was for sickness only, we even ask if we could book on another cruise at a later date, was told no. We paid a little over $1700.00, the cruise was 7 days and was for Jan 21 2017, We told...
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