Books Complaints


Chegg — Chegg Textbook Rental

I tried to rent a book through chegg since January 23rd, but I kept encountered error code: Charlie. Then it connected me to a link that I can fill in a form to request for the...

Books  · Feb 20, 2020

Dog Ear Publishing — Author Royalties

After publishing five books with Dog Ear, I have finally been bilked out of all profit payments due me for 2019. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone for explanation...

Books  · Feb 20, 2020

Hillshire Farm — pastrami

207705 I barely opened my packet or pastrami and I noticed it was turning brown but someone did tell me that pastrami is still good like that but I looked at it longer and stared at it...

Books  · Feb 20, 2020

Bottom Line — not getting what was told

I subscribed to bottom line health because the additional pamphlets was to have a cure for hemorroids. That was my only reason for subscribing. I never recieved the ad Ditional...

Books  · Feb 17, 2020

Casey's General Store — gas station

Iv had problems with a employee casey jones mngmnt talked to her again this was 2nd incident 1st was worse. He assures me problem was taken care of and theyr working on it. I came...

Madison Books  · Feb 15, 2020

SVK Disney Books — I am getting charged for a $22 subscription I did not apply for nor do I want

I was given false information had I known money was going to be taken out of my account automatically without my knowledge I wouldn't have gotten the 3 books for a dollar. I...

Books  · Feb 15, 2020

Intec College — study material

My name is Zama Radebe I'm curently studying Business Administation Certificate.last year 2019 November I wrote two subjects which are Office Administration and Busine...

Books  · Feb 14, 2020

Hippo Books — wolverine book

I ordered this book from Hippo through Amazon. First I waited two weeks (they do not provide any sort of tracking) before I threatened them with going to the BBB. After that, I...

Books  · Feb 13, 2020

Firefox — comes up but cannot go to any site, my other browsers work just fine

I shut down at night, when I started up again the next morning, the browser came on, but it did not load my favorites and did not allow me to engage anything on the web. It ha...

Books  · Feb 13, 2020

Scribd — scam ripoff / here is how to file a complaint attorney general in california & bbb

579035 FIGHT BACK!!! you came here to complain and WARN others NOW make it a permanent record that Scribd has to answer to. I signed up over a year ago for a trial which I canceled...

San Francisco Books  · Feb 12, 2020

DoorFront Direct — delivery of food network magazine

My Food Network account number: 0405 039D127 [protected] FNM2297118313/4 My address: 1114 Waters Edge Drive, Toms River, N.J. 08753 I live on the second floor of a condo...

Books  · Feb 12, 2020

DoorFront Direct — hgtv magazine deliverer

Firstly, I don't remember signing up for frontdoordirect. I have had the subscription for a few months n this is first time delivered this way. Secondly, my magazine is better...

Books  · Feb 11, 2020

Global Infosource — bad service

It's a fake company..rajesh who posted on Facebook for writing books..n earn money. In 7 days. N registration fees is 600/- I m trusted that man n pay 600/- by Google Pay. After...

Books  · Feb 06, 2020

America Star Books / Publish America — published book

My book name is Amazing Financial Strategies by Jackie Hooks..I never got any royalties. It appears on Amazon even today as a sold out item... contact me...

Books  · Feb 03, 2020

Hughes Network Systems — service, service, service

Acct [protected] for Farrell Williams . First off your service is [censored]. I'm paying almost $70 a month and can't listen to a song or watch a show without delays . I did a test and...

Books  · Feb 01, 2020

SuperBookDeals — the new jerusalem bible

102490 The product arrived damaged. The package was damaged and a corner of the Bible is torn. Could you send me a return label so that I can return it? Thank you. The first photo with...

Books  · Feb 02, 2020

Ergode Books — book purchase / extremely poor customer service

I purchased one book from through on January 9, 2020. The book never arrived. I phoned the ergode books phone number, [protected]. A man with an...

Richmond Books  · Jan 30, 2020

Intec College — updated handbooks

Good day, I have paid my full Intec account but never find any joy with Intec. I requested new updated handbooks in the beginning of January, every time I phone Intec, they can't...

Books  · Jan 29, 2020

Amazon — costs

My husband and I are authors. Between us we've written 15 books, 13 through Amazon and 2 by Lulu. Not only are the costs of authors copies considerably higher. For example...

Books  · Jan 28, 2020

Barnes & Noble Booksellers — book fair - barnes and noble paid us nothing and rendered no accounting

Barnes and Nobel reached out to our school through email. We didn't call them. Like others who posted here, we solicited parents, made posters, worked hard, attended the event...

Books  · Jan 23, 2020

The Critical Thinking Co. — editor in chief level 1

We feel obligated to make an complaint to get heard by The Critical Thinking CO. They are teaching the future generation and not even teaching them to write correctly. These...

North Bend Books  · Jan 22, 2020 — unauthorised subscription

I paid a £2 one off payment and never subscribed or authorised you to take over £29 a month being taken from my account on a monthly basis. I have changed my card details informed...

Books  · Jan 16, 2020

Skynet Worldwide Express — delivery of academic books

Firstly the call centre for unisa parcels just cut, secondly the delivery drivers lie on the waybill saying the customer isn't available at the delivery point, although...

Books  · Jan 16, 2020 — the book "if you give a pig the white house" by faye kanouse.

I wanted to register a complaint about Amazon carrying this book for sale. It is wholly disgusting for what I believed was a reputable company like Amazon to carry something like...

Books  · Jan 14, 2020

Barnes & Noble Booksellers — auto membership renewal

I have clearly stated to B&N sales clerk that I do not want the membership to be auto-renewed, B&N deducted $27.25 from my bank account to renew annual membership without my...

Books  · Jan 14, 2020