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mylife.com / publishing false information

Kathy Cheer on Mar 21, 2018
Yesterday, 3/20/2018, while checking into my website, I found my name alongside MyLife and out of curiosity I clicked it. I was much alarmed by the information that pops right out at the viewer; namely, that I have an unsavory criminal background. I do not and I have been trying to...

The Forge Yoga Centre Totnes / adrian freedman visiting musician death threats scandal

totnes4 on Mar 20, 2018
The Forge Yoga Centre TotnesHomosexual Peodophile insult still not apologized for by adrian freedman, visiting musician at The Forge Yoga Totnes 0 it was made by one of his organizers importing the santo daime illegally, without permission, out of pure hatred. The wording of the letter still to be signed says:- In...

DTE Energy / customer service or lack thereof on monday, march 19, 2018

Susan Lasky on Mar 19, 2018
I lost my power around 4:00 on Monday, March 19, 2018. I called DTE and reported the outage on your automated system. I got a call a short time later to let me know that the problem was being looked into and that DTE would keep me apprised of what was going on. Not long after that...

Ticketoffices.com / unethical behaviour

mary landa on Mar 19, 2018
We bought tickets for itzhak Perlman and not able March18 ticket number 2102575 and this is called patron number, we had to buy new tickets because these would not scan because we were told they had been returned not able to see concert, this is called scalping and we want our money...

Sonic Drive-In / buffalo wings & carhop service

LindaL. on Mar 17, 2018
A friend of mine went to the Hartshorne Sonic and ordered Buffalo wings. The carhop didn't read her order back, she received her food, there was no fork, mp ketchup she asked for, the carhop gave the customer her food and change, then said" Is this my tip? That is so rude! The order had to...

Kmart Stores / the customer service at the 770 broadway store.

Mildredq on Mar 16, 2018
I tried to make a 60.00 perches, but to the cash register freezed and the manager Jorge and the floor manager witch did not care to give her name because she felt she didn't have to. Try to treat me as if I was waiting to get arrested. There demeanor and body language spelled out gangster...

The Book Depository / extremely late delivery

Stephanie von Kanel on Mar 15, 2018
Hello Admin, I ordered the textbook International Relations by Stephanie Dawson on the 27th of February (told max of 10 days delivery) to Australia (NT). It has now been 16 days since placing the order with no information accept 'Dispatched'. This is unacceptable and I now will have 4-5...

Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Santo Daime UK Portugal / supplying daime to criminals involved in death threats against guru's

fires217 on Mar 14, 2018
Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Santo Daime UK PortugalAdrian Freedman of the Daime movement made a bad blunder by giving large amounts of the Santo Daime to someone with alcohol and violence issues, who was then caught by the police with sacks of home grown cannabis. His name was Johannes Maasland who set up a publicly advertised Ayahuasca...

Santo Daime Portugal UK Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird Takahashi / firestorm destroys daime family centres retribution for guru death threats

firesdy118 on Mar 13, 2018
Santo Daime Portugal UK Adrian Freedman Noriko Moonbird TakahashiA firestorm destroyed Santo Daime Centres run by brothers and sisters of the Santo Daime family. In October 2017 in one day many centres were burned down in prophecied fires as an act of Divine Retribution. It was karma for threatening to kill a Guru, friends of these people Adrian Freedman...

Meetup / various complaints about my meetup situation

Mijo Pappas on Mar 13, 2018
My name is Mijo Papas. I have founded and am the organizer of French in Ann Arbor since 2015. All of a sudden the site does not allow me to schedule events, nor to see my page as an organizer. I have written several times. I have tried to call but it is impossible. The friendly voice on...

History Channel / info spot about woman's history

Song of Joy on Mar 12, 2018
PLEASE get your spokesperson Ms. Applebee (?) to pronounce Sojourner Truth's name correctly!! What kind of crazy producer doesn't research correct pronunciation of a historic name when the person is the subject of the production!?! Sojourn - a passage to a destination Sojourner - one who...

Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines / Saudia Airlines / sv867

Jocel on Mar 12, 2018
We were very disappointed with our travel experience last saturday march 10, 2018. Flight details sv 862. We ride a coaster going to the plane. While going to the plane mr. Saleh was forcefully taken our bag. My bag without putting any lock into it yet because I was thinking it was only my...

Netflix / politicized programming

jcballenger on Mar 10, 2018
I have been a Netflix subscriber for many years and have enjoyed much of the programming. Lately the quality of the programming has been in decline as the subscription prices have been increasing. Regardless of political beliefs, I pay for my Netflix subscription for entertainment, not to...

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Adrian Freedman / involvement in criminal activity death threats scandal - profiting from illegal activity

N1650 on Mar 8, 2018
Noriko Moonbird Takahashi Adrian FreedmanNoriko Moonbird Takahashi is the partner of a Mr Adrian Freedman, both of whom believe jet-setting around the world on the donations made from illegal activities is a moral thing to do, when persons involved in their group the Santo Daime church, importing Santo Daime in ways to avoid...

Grand Canyon University (GCU) / did not comply with key professional counseling laws and now I have lost 44 credits.

Kathy42642 on Mar 7, 2018
Before I started GCU I asked them if they were regional credit university with the state of KY for professional Cousneling, they said yes. I called KY professional Cousneling, in Frankfort and they also said yes. So I enrolled in the master degree program. 47 credits later I get a phone...

Store Manager Store #3825 / treatment of customers and employees

Vicki Nutter on Mar 4, 2018
Our new manager does not treat the public or employees very well. We have tried to complain thru our chain of command to no avail. We would like someone to contact us please so we can all tell our story. Thanks Vicki Nutter #21632053 The site said my complaint was too short so here is some...

Red Lobster Hospitality / 2-crab leg dinners

Amy E.Wilson on Feb 28, 2018
On February 27th at 6:45, my spouse and I ordered the 2lb crab leg dinner w/2 sides and beverages...When our food arrived, a pin cracking our crab legs they were still 1/2 frozen inside! I informed the waiter that I wanted to speak to a Manager, and he told us that he was really busy at...

The Salvation Army USA / pastor bridgeo here in caldwell id

Legoum on Feb 27, 2018
I rate them a one in the home page of salvation army. Based on comment about this a grandmother past way. The Bridge ignored phone calls, to help them set a service. Because they are never at the office always canceling everything. So they call the police on me told out of my building you...

Sunwing Airlines / flight

Kareld on Feb 25, 2018
Dear sir or madam; It has been a month since we went on an all inclusive vacation through Sunwing to Playa del Carmen. We were certainly looking forward to our trip. The flight there was good and the staff friendly. However, the seating arrangements of the airplane left a lot to be...

Vons / gun magazines prominently displayed at the tujunga location

LAUSD teacher on Feb 25, 2018
VonsHello, I am a teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School district and live near and shop regularly at the Tujunga Vons location. Verdugo Hills High School is one short block away. I think it might be time to consider ditching the gun magazines and adding some intelligent magazines like...

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