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Arts & Humanities Complaints

YouTube / My channel getting a strike and resulting in my inability to live stream for 90 days

LisaHouserman on May 19, 2018

OK the other day I got notified of a vid of mine being removed due to reasons on which I'm still not clear. I assume it's because I mentioned almost in passing a natural LEGAL substance I use for pain? Hmm. Anyhow, I do NOT have a "Kratom channel" on YouTube but go live on weekends with...

FabFitFun / Box purchased

Roxy Soto on May 19, 2018

Hi I reactivated my account under I wanted to take advantage of the discount codes Yay or others the were offered for 39.99 and I did not get a chance to add it online it took me to payment and withdraw 49.99 instead please I would like to have the discount added...

Discovery Channel / Discovery Channel/ A.M.C. programming

John Hufnagel on May 19, 2018

Several issues need to be addressed.First, please STOP running Hitler/Nazi programs constantly.The viewing public gets the idea.It need not be the dominant subject weekly as it has been.This is beyond obsessive behavior and needs to be reigned in quickly. Secondly, "Dr." Lynette Pusbacher...

Olive Garden / Service

Brenda Mckay on May 18, 2018

This will be the 3rd. time I have tried to reach you. On Dec.13 we took a dear friend out for dinner at Olive Garden for her 80th.birthday. Afterwards meeting friends for cake and coffee, presents. They were busy and the waitress asked if we needed anything else. We said no she reach...

Breitling / breitling crosswind

Anthony Franks on May 18, 2018

BreitlingHi. I have had a briteling watch now for quite some time and absolutely love the watch. Just recently noticed that the gold wings have become unattached in my thinking this should never happen in the life of the watch. And disappointed as I cannot use the watch for fear of it causing...

Vodacom / incorrect billing for 5 months and handset cancelled? ref 1-34168188448493

Jeremy Govender on May 17, 2018

To the CEO / Manager / Call Centre Manager / Accounts office Good day I have multiple Vodacom contracts with you and a long term customer. Your service is absolutely shocking, disgusting to say the least. I took an upgrade in October last year, was advised I will be billed for 2 handset...

Netflix / 1001 night turkey series

Shuling Chan on May 16, 2018

Netfix only have 49 episodes for now Why would not netfix buy something only have first season They are no ganrantee for the time to get the rest of it leave people Hanging Stupid company Do not order nexfix And the show was at least 10 years old conclusion netfix really are screwed up...

Homechoice / case number 98/5/2016

nicolene menzi on May 16, 2018

it's been two years that my matter was never look into. i had a case goods were stolen at my house and they stole nitro game station of my children. but the matter was never resolved, nobody call me. what a poor service from home choice and we must pay the accounts whenever someone call me...

Marlboro / no contact email

Josh Jarman on May 15, 2018

I have moved and trying to update my address to get my coupons, but dont remember my login info. Called customer service several times and have been on hold for hours each time. Why is this such a hassle? My new address is 161 SE Maple St, Dallas Oregon, 97338. My name is Josh Jarman, I'm...

Hungry Jack's Australia / power points and toilets at hungary jacks on elizabeth st melbourne victoria australia

Michael Van gulik on May 12, 2018

Hungry Jack's AustraliaFIX the power points and toilets we are in the middle of the city, it's hungary jacks what a city the restaurant turns it's power off!?!? Are you kidding me!!??? How long are you planning on hiding this for?? Your dead beat employees stand there with a stone cold look on there face I mean...

TV Land / programming

ValerieJonathan on May 12, 2018

Hello. I normally do not complain about anything but, this seems to be something that I am really upset about and should be known. For years and years, TV Land has been my, "go to" station for decent programming. Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Golden Girls, etc. This used to be a station to...

Dollar General / false ads/ rude employee and mgr.

Sandra keenan on May 11, 2018

I bought a pkg of paper plates that had a yellow sticker sign under it that said .75 off. I was Denied sale price because cash register didn't ring it up . mgr.and employ was very rude, the same as called me a liar. This is not the first time the store has done this. Cashier said he wasn't...

Hobby Lobby Stores / cashier

KLO8791 on May 11, 2018

Reno, Nevada store Cashier - Jenni Supervisor - Maria Today at 1pm, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy document frames for my office. I also picked-up some beautiful dried flowers. The cashier, Jenni scanned the dried flowers and set them on the right hand side of the counter. She then proceeded... / leaking product

lthaler on May 11, 2018

Just received order #:1000408661, a hanukkah menorah and pre-filled oil candles. Love the menorah, it is as beautiful as I expected, but the pre-filled candles came broken and leaking all over the shipping box. Can you resend them? Lynda Thaler 2685 Terrwood Dr. W Macungie, Pa 18062 A/R Invoice...

Creative Home Arts Club / services not rendered.

pm36 on May 9, 2018

I was a life member of Creative Home Arts Club, I paid $300.00 to join and I never received all of the totes that they promised and after so long I quit receiving the magazine and also any literature that they sent out. I first was told that they were changing the magazine then they...

Behance / online stalking: customer service awful

byanonymous on May 9, 2018

I reported a case of what I perceived as online stalking on my Behance account, yet after fobbing me off for 6 weeks they then turned round and said there was nothing they could do about it. They didn't ask me anything about my situation to properly understand it when I submitted my... / my whole order

Nikkigaulden on May 11, 2018

I have sent this message to you guys about 4 times now I ordered over 100 dollars worth of stuff from never got any of it or my money back i want to know what's up if I have to contact an attorney I will but I would like to do this the simple way and just my money returned to my...

3Rd Party Use / 8 ball pool

Irfan Rehman on May 8, 2018

3Rd Party UseI see a pic on facebook that some one use the 3rd party app on his account and i have also profe about it are this is allowed to use this app if it is allowed this is not fair with us and some one share it on fb and say this app is unbaned app buy it form me is this fair tell me if it'...

E.Paul Julien / a work of art that is not original & contains copyrighted images created by another artist

L.Burnside on May 3, 2018

On a trip to New Orleans last spring we purchased a work of art at Jazz Fest that was supposedly created by E.Paul Julien. It was a mixed media collage panel that had several images of New Orleans French Quarter & a Mississippi River bridge all combined with some over painting. We had the...

Creative Home Arts Club / magazine and craft kits haven't come in years.

Vicegreen on May 3, 2018

Creative Home Arts ClubI am Jori R Boeckman #10119249 member since 11/2006. I have paid all my fees/dues and they just up and stopped sending. I should get my lifetime cost back if they cannot honor my membership. I have always counted on this company to follow through. I am still waiting on my second roller...