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ADA / Employees

Praise b jesus n mary! sna nman po pagsabihan nyo mga employees nyo dyan sa lbc tagum branch osmena st. Na huwag palage tsismis mga letse! May dala2x pa akong anak d na naawa.. Sna nman lng khit d ko mkuha yon parcel ko pki intertain kung ano dpat kung gawin pra mkuha ko yon, , kakaini...

Laura Michelle Smith / Laura Smith Hamilton, Ricardo Jaye, Bonnie Combs

mindfulsconfetti on Apr 25, 2017
Laura Michelle Smith, infamous cyberstalker and design thief, teamed up with Bonnie Combs, also an infamous cyberstalker and compulsive liar, in 2014. Now she's besties with some lunatic from Luton, UK named Ricardo Jaye who is an Internet predator and tends to attack beautiful young...

Zoo Printing Inc. / business cards

Diana G. on Apr 24, 2017
They took more than 15 days to print my business cards, they offered the circled ones so I ordered to promote myself, they had the worse cuts the look off, some of them were right but I will say only 10% in that company they are lousy, plus they charged me $62 because of the shipping too...

Viagogo / tickets for marillion weekend in leicester - handover problem

kourinthellama on Apr 24, 2017
I listed two tickets for the Marillion Weekend in Leicester (event takes place between the 28th and 30th of April, I put the tickets up for sale on the 30th of March). As I was going through the process nowhere did it state that I would be unable to change the nature of handing over the...

TeeChip / elvis presley poster

Kris Graham on Apr 23, 2017
We ordered this poster but when it arrived it was an empty tube with one end no plastic. We have called for weeks your phone number (888) 476-9250 and no one answers. We contacted the post office 3 times and went into the post office. No help any where. We paid about $30 for the middle...

Wish / I ordered 2 graffiti posters

Roni Thomas on Apr 21, 2017
This is the information order number 044921500006341896410 5999%%15, amount 6.65 my last four of the card used 8701. I ordered it 4-8-17 My name is. Veronica Thomas I'm not sure what email I used, single_ladyt@yahoo.com or veronica@listendreamthink.org.. please help me with this issue. I...

Zorpia / Reporting

marie william on Apr 21, 2017
I get a massage from a woman whose name is rose she won a prize from the zorpia office that i get the must beautiful profile picture in the 2017an i won 1.500.00, 00 dollar and they gave me an email address were i should them an is ----maurienjohnbrant202@yahoo.Com -----an he ask me to...

Orlando Voorn / orlando voorn

Orlando VoornOver the last few years, the prolific Dutch techno producer Orlando Voorn, has conned dozens of up and coming producers by asking them to pay for remixes with guaranteed vinyl releases that would never come. Using his vast social media network, Voorn posted several times per month asking for...

Huggies / Huggies dippers

Crysta Peterson on Apr 20, 2017
So more than 10 dippers were send to the trash because they did not have the strips where you tight them. This is unbelievable we bought them to try saving some money because pampers are a little more expensive and we end up with defective dippers and expecting 92 we ended with like 80 so...

Regal Cinemas / Prices

Done with you on Apr 16, 2017
There's no reason 1 popcorn and 2 drinks should cost 24 dollars. People should boycott you and put you out of business. You should develop some integrity and charge a fair price. I work for a manufacturing company that employs 13, 000 people in the town of Joplin, Missouri ...which only...

Viagogo / mrs brownsboys manchester arena

Jackie westall on Apr 16, 2017
I paid 129.13 for two tickets to see this show when we received the tickets they were 22.50 each plus 4.90 fee & although I understand you need to make a profit that is an extortionate profit in fact you could say rip off. Then we got to the arena only to realize the seats weren't even...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Employee

Mssss on Apr 15, 2017
On thursday april 13, I am shopping around for a couple items needed, felt an employee sorta stalking me through aisles, no biggie. Next while I am paying the same employee (Avery lie washington) behind me and gets a touch / grab at my butt. I immediately react and he takes off fast. I...

Bestcanvas / Incorrect printing format of canvas and poor customer service

Toofar on Apr 14, 2017
I purchased two different transfers from digital scan to canvas from this company. They will not/cannot correctly print a 60" digital scan to canvas without cutting off the bottom of the image. I also paid for a hanger kit and didn't receive it. Their website does not correctly show the...

Meetup / racial discrimination

Archana Dalmia on Apr 11, 2017
3rd April 2017 I was removed from a group Art and Culture by a co-organiser. The group was organising an event that is scheduled for the 20 or 21 April and I wanted to particiapte. Due to some personal reason i was unable so I cancelled my request well in advance i.e. on 1 April that I will...

Wish / Need my chess equipment ordered needed by at lease by the 10th of april 2017 10 am.

Andrea Edwards-James on Apr 7, 2017
Order came to 74.10 and has been charged to my financial institution account debit card for chess equipment ordered on wish.com. I am in the need of the order at my p. O. Box :attention andrea edwards-james, 18640 mack ave. # 1236, grossepointe, michigan 48236. Equipment ordered is for a...

Viagogo / Duplicate ticket purchase

SteveHF on Apr 7, 2017
I've bought the following tickets (order IDs 9675896, 9720201) for my Mum's birthday. The transaction email I received said that this transaction has failed ie ID 9675896 I therefore went on site and repurchased via order ID 9720201 I was immediately called by the credit card company who...

Kris Daly / Walker stay away a fake who stalks under the name diana jones, pagans against plagiarism kris daly walker a ###

Complainant20192 on Apr 4, 2017
Kris daly walker main troll name diana jones lives in north weymouth, massachusetts calls herself the queen of may link on facebook https://www.facebook.com/queeneofthemay Kris dailey-walker Writes under diana jones and attacks people stay away A liar and a nasty person Hides under thi...

Zazzle / Products being sold with stolen designs

Shigil Jimbolji on Apr 3, 2017
Please have this taken down immediately. I created this piece of art. The design im referring to is - kerala mural vintage hindu deity metal ornament. This being sold by vanwinkle. Also noticed that i'm not the only artist who's a victim of this, already a comment about a similar incident. Thi...

Hoverkicks / 85239

Lionel Bazile on Mar 31, 2017
Hello My name is Lionel. I order 2 pairs of sneakers one for daughter the other for my son. My son wore is sneakers the light came on. Now the next day the one of his sneakers the light don't come on. I received the sneakers on March 20th. It was a black sneakers size 8. The order number...

Omegle / Child porn links

Sshraddhya paul on Mar 31, 2017
OmegleSomebody gave a whole link of child pornography in the omegle. I don't support child pornography and want some strict actions to be taken. So that in future people can note an example. According to data this kind of pornography has created a lots of disturbances and unrest in many...
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