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Melbourne Residential Architects / Architectural Design

William Richard on Feb 23, 2017
Melbourne Residential ArchitectsThe architectural splendor that Bloxas has been able to create is a part of Australian folklore now. Look at The Engawa House or The Profile House and you will know what Anthony Clarke is about, if you don't know already that is. He is a true gem of a residential architects in Melbourne...

Belk / Product censorship

Bill Bridges on Feb 23, 2017
As a child growing up in Charlotte, NC virtually ALL of my clothing - as a toddler, through teen years and beyond came from Belk. Then, as a parent of four children, our entire family has shopped at Belk for years; thus, I have invested in (and trusted) the Belk brand for quality and value...

Youtube / Taking down of a video of a giraffe giving birth???

Cathy Sheldon on Feb 23, 2017
I have been watching live feed of the giraffe, april, in labor ready to give birth at animal adventure park in ny and there were at one point 35k watching!! And I go to the page and see it violated the nudity and sexual content policy??? Seriously!! This is natural! The giraffe was being...

GrabMyEssay / Never use this service

clee90 on Feb 22, 2017
I have tried to resolve this with customer service to no avail. I cannot even download the product I paid for. When I was able to download the product (about a week ago) The format and content were not as described. I paid $100 for a college level APA IT paper. I received a grade school...

Pietro Franesi / Unethical behavior

Mary Boone Gallery on Feb 18, 2017
I am Mary Boone. I have been an art dealer for almost fifty years, but I've never had something like this happen before. I'd like to help other people to be aware of this conman and his lies. PIETRO FRANESI wrote numerous emails to my gallery, made appointments to see works for sale, and...

Awok.com / HP Chromebook

Farouha on Feb 16, 2017
I ordered a Chromebook from your website by mistake my need is laptop because the Chromebook will not help me at work I bought it for work and it will not help me i didn't use I just opened and closed the item still in the original package if you do favour to change it for me I will be...

AARP / My free bag.

Felice Enright on Feb 14, 2017
I joined aarp last month me and my husband just got our cards. I am still waiting for the bag. Please let me know where it is. This is the 2nd time I have inquired about the FREE BAG.

Close To The Heart Gifts / Customer service

anonymous654 on Feb 14, 2017
Seen this review on Google Maps, I copied it>was lost and looking for melville street from killam about a year ago, the guy was extremly ignorant and got upset because we were lost looking for directions, you have to go in the driveway to ask, lol, terrible service, then wne i mentioned it...

Lifetime TV / Need ratings label on your movies and shows in regards to gays lesbian trans and what ever else they go by

Disgusted conservative on Feb 12, 2017
I'm so disgusted to be watching a movie with my minor teen that showed tasteless gay and bisexuality without warning. This maybe appropriate for a specific group but not for all. Please add ratings to all your movies and shows to address those of us who find it offensive. Just because the...

Mikey G Ottawa / Fibe internet service

Michael Gee on Feb 9, 2017
It's after midnight and my Bell Fibe Internet service, which costs $136.00/mth with phone service, stutters on the internet, like videos on Youtube that halt and pause. That's got to be slow internet! I am not happy. Make it faster. For that price I should have no complaints about...

Tinder / Facebook bs

JohnFeelsTheWay on Feb 8, 2017
I am trying to enjoy this filthy piece of #### app and I can't because somehow #### forgot wtf it means to create an account not log in with Facebook. Fix that #### asap, a #### stupid mistake made by a big company wtf no excuses. Very disappointed would not ever recommend to any...

Shoppers Drug Mart / Customer service

DevJadEll on Feb 7, 2017
I had called the toronto corktown shoppers to Asia. Simple question about my Canada post package that had been delivered there. I called and we immediately put on hold for 15 minutes so I hung up and called back. The same woman answered and said "I have paged the post office and no body...

Society6 / Can't put order through

Amanda Munroe on Feb 4, 2017
Society6I am trying to buy over $700 in art and it won't let me. I don't understand why it won't explain anything. I have taken a picture of it to show you and can email it to you as soon as possible. I tried to use my visa debit card at first and it gave me this message. Then I went...

Art Futures Group / Overpriced chinese contemporary art buy/lease scam

Enquiries Mascot Parking on Feb 2, 2017
Art Futures GroupAfter completing an online survey about purchasing art from Hong Kong, with leases in place, I purchased 5 paintings between May 2012 and October 2013, all offered with corporate leases in place, returning 6% per annum. AFG's salesman, James O'Dell, pushed hard over the phone, not allowing me...

WigSis / The cap was big

Anastasia Phoebe on Feb 2, 2017
I ordered this wig several months ago from wigsis. It was my first wig. It looked beautiful but the cap was very very big. I returned it thinking that average size wig just wasn't for me. I went into a wig store last week and upstage was recommended . I tried it and it fit ! I bought it...

PetSmart Store Support Group / Fish

Vanessa Hobbs on Jan 25, 2017
I have spent several hundred dollars on fish equipment such as fish, tank, decor, food, etc. my son wanted the new glo fish so I took him to pet smart to pick out 4 glo fish along with a algae eater. I asked the sales associate all kinds of info about how to care for the fish as I have...

Not Applicable / Lunch, sunday 22nd january 2017 - see below

Stuart Hopkins on Jan 23, 2017
Subject: Sandringham, Bromley Heath, Bristol, Sunday 22nd January 2017 I visited the Sandringham for lunch on Sunday 22nd January 2017, with two members of my family. There were no eggs, no cheesecake, and the gammon, which I ordered, was hopelessly over-cooked to such an extent that it...

WigSis / A little short

Emily Kenneth on Jan 21, 2017
When I learned I would lose my hair to chemo 2 years ago I ran to the only wig shop in town and bought 2 wigs at $400.00 a pop. They are beautiful but not the right color or style. I wore one once, A friend told me about the Wigsis. I went straight to the Wigsis. I was thrilled...now I...

Booking.com / Booking reservations for crimea - part of ukraine, invaded by russia

NM Remote on Jan 21, 2017
Booking.comBooking is willfully violating eu and us sanctions against russia, which are in place due to russia's military aggression in donbas, ukraine, and because russia invaded and occupied crimea. This is not right!!! Booking has no scruples - money above humanity. Never again will I use thi...

WigSis / The cap

Betsy Letitia on Jan 17, 2017
I bought this wigs as I lost my hair through chemo. The colour is a really good match for my original hair & I love the styling at the sides. My only criticisms are that its a shame it doesn't come in different cap sizes as it is a little on the small side for me. Also like most wigs it...
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