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Delayed Flight Again And Again / delayed flight again and again

May 23, 2018

I am really upset and really angry and tired from this problems. Always delay flights again and again and again. The problem we have connection flights, and because the current political problem I always take next late flights. This is because of you not me. This is not fair and the...

Cancel booking / poor customer service

May 23, 2018

Reagarding booking number [protected] Passenger mina nashed Iam not agree about last transaction has been don flight hub call agent didnt tell me about total loss of my ticket clearly Being transfer from agent to another without any help and no credibilty your service is very poor Please put...

Button Centre / zamzam

May 21, 2018

I travelled on saudi airlines on 13/05/2018 i got all my baggage except my 3 bottles of zamzam that i booked from jeddah airport i made complaint at lahore airport about the missing of zamzam but they asked me several times to call tommorow i have fed up with calling them they say that we...

Santhosh Panicker/[email protected] / service

May 21, 2018

dear Sr, my name santhosh panicker & im holding sindbad silver membership card (wy005904861). may -3 muscat - mumbai / may -13 mumbai - muscat round trip I booked (QTADDD) on 3rd may I completed my boding 2h 30m before flight scheduled, but unfortunately in emigration due to some their...

Traffic Director Outside Of Terminal 5 / customer service

May 20, 2018

When I approached one of the gentlemen at the end of arriving flights of terminal 5 under the number 6 sign, I had asked him for assistance of where I should pick up a passenger in a wheelchair. He proceeded to shout at me to move my car and called for backup. Never answering my question...

City Bookers / / flight reservation

May 20, 2018

City Bookers /I have booked a flight through city bookers website on Saudia, paid the full amount by visa and received a confirmation from city bookers on my email about flight booking and payment however on Saudia ticket isn't paid yet. Currently I'm at risk of losing my reservation!!! Because of city...

Baggage / my check in baggage has not received

May 18, 2018

BaggageHi I am travel from Kuala Lumpur to Jaipur today in morning flight at 8 I have check in one bag while bording into flight same has not been delivered here please find the details Name of passengers Abhinav Vijayvargia Flight Number D7 184 Baggage token number [protected] I have complain the...

Flight FD356 SIN > DMK / flight delayed ridiculously long

May 18, 2018

My Wife has been aboard this flight on 17th May 2018 and the plane was delayed and really wasted much of our time and caused a lot of inconvenience to her. On 18th May 2018 I was set to board the same flight bound for Bangkok. However to my surprise the flight delay happened again. This i...

sitting arrangement and stained suitcase suitcase when received / luggage and staff negligence on not considering family travel arrangement and changed without our knowledge

May 17, 2018

WE boarded a flight from Abu dhabi to Manchester flight number EY 21 without our knowledge our seats were splitted my wife was given 25A and my seat number was 22G, the other issue is my suitcase for the third time running I have to complain though the complaint is not a damaged suitcase...

Maxwell House Coffee / maxwell house instant large coffee

May 14, 2018

Back in the 1980 you could make coffee and the smell would go over the house. Even out side of your home. Now you can't smell nothing. And the taste, the taste is a salty taste. Hot or cold, and please dont let it get Cold. The taste is like something you never taste before . If you dont believe me try it for yourseld. Thank you Vanessa Dantigance

Gotogate Gotogate Pty Ltd, Level 2, Riverside Quay 1 Southbank Boulevard, Melbourne VIC 3006, Australia / airline ticket booked unable to correct the book name and cancel the return ticket within 24 hours

May 12, 2018

My boyfriend and I booked a flight through an online issuer named gotogate. I was the one whose flying the flight date was march 25... Here's the details Booking no:s8gfx4 Manila - brisbane Departure: sunday 25 march, 2018 Departure 21:25 sunday 25 march, 2018 from manila, philippine...

ACSA OR Tambo / waiting times at the domestic terminal boarding gates - too few gates open, apathetic supervision

May 11, 2018

It's peak hour on a Friday evening ( 17:20) and it takes more than 10 minutes to pass through security at the domestic terminal because 4 to of the 7 available gates are open. Behind me the queues stretch to past the BA boarding gates. There are security staff standing around chatting and...

Aeroport De Roissy CDG / pas de chaise roulante pour se deplacer

May 11, 2018

Je suis là assis sur mon fauteuil reservé aux handicappés, et je ne peux pas me deplacer pour aller manger, faire la queue pour me faire servir, aller aux toilettes... parce que la chaise roulante qui a été poussé par un des vos employés, m'a été retiré par ce même employé parce que le...

BWI Airport - Brix and Vine  / my food

May 10, 2018

Well saturday I walk into brix & vine before my flight leaves when I step in the waiters and cooks were too loud with music and conversation, at the bar on their phones... While my food sitting in the window, the waiter marie walk past the window twice while my food just sitting there...

Kuching MAS Airlines' Counter Front / poor services and poor attitude of the counter front staff

May 5, 2018

When we approached to the counter front of Kuching MAS Airlines on 5th May 2018, 17:50pm and we've informed your staff which is named Nur Azziza, female that two of us has one luggage per person to be checked-in, then the staff informed my friend to queue another counter for drop off...

Tap Portugal / flight cancellation

May 4, 2018

My nam eis Yvonne Odame-Nti . I had a flight booking to fly from Cologne on 25/03/2918 through Lisbon to Accra on 26/03/18. The flight number is TP 1523 and booking code is TP/M24VVX After arriving in Lisbon and waiting for almost 15hrs, I learnt the flight to Accra has been cancelled about...

kuala lumpur airport / wheelchair assistance to needy

May 3, 2018

My mother is travelling from Sydney to Bengaluru (India) through Malaysian airlines. The wheel chair assistance was booked till last leg of the flight. But in Kualalampur, the airport staff refused to provide any assistance. She had a traumatic experience in finding her boarding gate and...

Southwest Airline / bait and switch promotions

May 3, 2018

Southwest ran a campaign End of Jan 2018-End of Apr 2018 that if you booked and fly 3 round or 6 one-way trip flights within this time frame you would be deemed part of their A-list for the remainder of 2018. Well, I tried, but now they are saying nope, not going to happen. Booked a flight Jan...

Mae Junery Umbay / boarding pass

May 3, 2018

Maam/sir, I would like to request for an electronic copy of my boarding pass from my flight thru Philippine airlines bound to manila-bacolod on april 17, 2018 at 04:25 and bacolod-manila on april 21, 2018 at 21:45which was lost when I got home. Im in dire need of the said boarding pass for...

Kerry Harraghy / flight transfer prices

May 3, 2018

I have 10 seats booked on flight jq35 to Bali .1 person is unable to come so organised a person to replace her only to find she need to pay $1200 to transfer the ticket cost $353 how can u possibly justify this, I will take this up with ombudsman I understand there must be a fee but 3...

I am complaining a damaged baggage when flew with SQ833 / damaged baggage

May 2, 2018

I am complaining a damaged baggage when flew with SQ833On 30 April, I flew together with my family from Shanghai to Singapore. The flight number is SQ833 and Departure time is 4:50pm. When I check-in my baggage, it works fine, which can prove from the Shanghai checking counter staff. However, The handle bar of my navy green luggage was damaged when...

Malaysian Airlines- stopping me from travelling to India with a Bhutanese Passport / services

Apr 29, 2018

Malaysian Airlines- stopping me from travelling to India with a Bhutanese PassportHi, I am writing to lodge a complaint against the officers at the check in counter of Malaysian airlines. I am currently a temporary resident of Australia holding a Bhutanese passport # G044306 who was supposed to fly to Bangalore, India with Malaysian airlines (MH 0148), Reservation code...

HP-622129 / sms

Apr 26, 2018

G00d m0rning t0 y0u, y0ur parcel fr0m bmw m0t0rs just arrive india new delhi, call y0ur representative 0n this number: [protected] f0r clearance pr0cedure Call y0ur representative 0n this number: [protected] f0r clearance pr0cedure Call y0ur representative 0n this number: [protected] f0r...

MAS Ground Handling Staff/Singapore Changi Airport / meet and greet service

Apr 26, 2018

Dear Sirs, I requested a Meet and Assist Service for both sectors my MAS flights KUL/SIN/KUL on 22 Apr and 25 Apr respectively, prior to my departure, and I have a copy of the MAS flight itinerary validating this request. Please scroll down for validation. I was a Business Class passenger...

Caribbean Airlines /BW520 / caribbean airlines / terrible flight from pos to jfk

Apr 25, 2018

Dear Caribbean Airlines, I am writing today about my experience on flight BW 520 from Pos to Jfk on April 16th, 2018. Eticket [protected], phone number [protected]. My email [protected] . The flight began well but ended incredibly poorly. I fell asleep approximately 2 hrs into the...

Air Transit / flights

Apr 24, 2018

Hello, I currently took my first family vacation to Florida from Montreal. I had to save for this trip for a long time now as I do not have extra money travel. Upon departure back to Montreal at Orlando International there was two tellers at the desk. One got called away leaving one teller...

Seraj shat / I am complaining about service

Apr 27, 2018

Seraj shatI booked via ur agency one air ticket on April 15 to be flying from muscat to amman but when I reached the airport they informed me that there's no confirmation and when I checked my email I found one email from mahmod hassan from your agency informing me that my booking is canceled until...

Sunwing / Starfish Jolly Resort.. Jolly Beach / sunwing / starfish jolly resort.. jolly beach

Apr 23, 2018

To whom it may concern, Monika Alves ([protected] I have a couple issues I would like to address. My Husband and I stayed at the Star fish jolly beach (Antigua) Flight number WG116 return flight WG117 dates April 11 2018 returned on April 18 2018 The first issue I would like to...

Caesars Entertainment / their charter airlines

Apr 23, 2018

This makes the second time this has happen too me. Your charter airlines Elite Airways is the most unprofessional group I have seen. I have been on two charter's one in March from Teri-Cities to Biloxi Miss and the other this past week returning yesterday from Tri-Cities to Tunica Mi...

SV 775 Saudia flight / flight delayed for 6 hours

Apr 23, 2018

Our Saudia flight SV775, scheduled at 19.50 on 12/04/2018 from Kochi airport, india was booked by us for Umrah. As it was late by nearly 6 hours, 1)We missed the Jumuah Prayer at Haram Masjid, Makkah, which was a great loss that we cannot forget. 2) We lost the transport which was arranged from...

Travelstart and FlySafair / refund not done

Apr 23, 2018

On the 06/03/2018 I requested a refunds To date I have still not received my refund for the baggage payment I made. After sending numerous e-mails to Travelstart I still haven't received by refund: From: Travelstart Info [mailto:[protected]] Sent: Monday, April 16, 2018 16:00 To...

AirArabia / customer service in chattogram sales office

Apr 22, 2018

AirArabiaHi There, I regret to make this formal complaint regarding your customer services in Chattogram. However Ipersonally am highly disappointed at the way they treat their customer. Firstly they are extremely rude at providing any information. Secondly they choose to make their valuable customer wait...

AC 7324. April 20. 4.20 pm flight / 5 hour delay

Apr 20, 2018

My company uses Air Canada as its business partner for employee travel. I have been delayed too many times to mention. Why have Cincinnati in your portfolio if you have no reliable flight times. I want my money back for this flight and will recommend to the Management team that we use a...

Marjorie Romain / lost luggage

Apr 18, 2018

I departed logan airport, boston (ma) en route for to piarco international, trinidad and tobago on flight# 1817, boarding pass # [protected], at 11:04am on the 18/3/2018. When I arrived at the check out terminal at piarco international airport I realized that my carry on luggage which I...

Still Walking / wrong item/change of pictures

Apr 17, 2018

Still WalkingI ordered a phone and when I start checking my ordered and check how far it was now, I see they've change the picture to some vegetable picture. I attached the photo of the phone that I ordered. And I will like to have my phone please. Huawei Nova 4GB RAM 32G RO... Store: Still Walking...

Cathay Pacific Staff / behaviour and lack of knowledge and service

Apr 14, 2018

I was in india. I had cpap machine and battery. they did not know what for this and refused to take with me, and told that you have allowed I hand bag other I will have to left or throw away. I requested to see manager but she is also more stupid than customer service girl. I have to left...

Wrong ticket / wrong ticket

Apr 12, 2018

I have booked a return ticket from shj to CAI. Return was suppose to be 11th April at the airport and departure 00:15 am on the 12th April. But reservation was incorrect. PNR:[protected] My number [protected] Email: samar.[protected] I need a solution as soon as possible as I am... / air ticket

Apr 8, 2018

Purchased a ticket via this company, the invoice was charged entirely different than what was shown. Earlier. Earlier on the website the displayed price was 2571.79 and I was charged 2726.10 155 more then what was shown earlier. I reached out to customer care and they said the amount...

Check-in Clerk in Lahore Business Counter / check-in lahore to dammam

Apr 6, 2018

My name is is Amjad Ghufran, PK-247 from Lahore-Dammam. The check-in clerk, who hide is name, force me to pay "Airport tax" 120 Pak rupees for the entire family of (three). When I told, that it's including in the ticket, then he has replied, do you want to travel or not? His attitude was so... / refund of ticket value

Apr 5, 2018

I purchased and booked a ticket from London to Hargeisa via [protected] which I picked from Internet. I have paid them £710 and emailed me an electronic ticket to print and show at Airport, but unfortunately on the day of departure I received an email telling my booking being cancelled...