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Air Deccan / Dont Fly by AirDeccan!


I booked a ticked for a flight on 26 th April from Bangalore to Mangalore, I had to cancel a passenger first and then the whole ticket. I got the passenger cancellation Amount but not the whole ticket of 3436.20, All this has been represented in my intenary dated 25 th march. The...

Northwest Airlines WorldPerks / What's WRONG with this airline's service?


I called NWA WorldPerks number 3 times a few weeks ago and gave up. I first had to answer many questions to "an automated system" which sometimes immediately disconnected me because my answer was not recognizable or audible. After giving all the information about myself and why I called, I...

Carpet Yard - McLean, VA / Job abandonment, poor workmanship, etc.


The company does not have a Virginia contractor’s license to date 3/22/07. They also did not have an Alexandria City license to do work in Alexandria, VA. They abandoned our hardwood flooring installation and tried to collect 6 months after the job was started and not completed. They used...

Air Deccan / Problems with cancellation of air tickets!


I had booked a flight from Hyderabad to Kolkata online for 04th March 2007 in the name of Mr. Satyen Parida (PNR 1626926) in Air Deccan. Unfortunately, I wanted to get it canceled on 01st March 2007. However, I kept trying on the net to cancel the ticket online but to no avail as there i... / / Scammers - beware!


This website is a scam like many others like it. BEWARE of the small print, eEven if you follow all the instructions and purchase offers you will not receive your FREE GIFT!!

Carrier Aircon Limited - India / Poor product information and poor installation service/monitoring


Re: Carrier Aircon Limited India I would like to bring to your kind attention my experience of choosing your product and the quality of service for installation at my apartment in Anna nagar, chennai. I purchased one split type and two window type each 1.5 tons capacity from your...

Frontier JetExpress / Air crew forced us to violate FAA's on-board regulations!


A copy of Email to FlyFrontier: Air crew forced us to violate FAA’s on-board regulations! 12/22/06 During our recent trip back to Austin, TX, from Boise, ID, the Frontier JetExpress’ crew forced us to violate FAA’s on-board regulations, put our toddler baby in danger, and...

Taparia Tools Ltd. / Double payment charged to Credit Card


We have made several complaints by e-mail but there is no reply is coming from Taparia Tools side. In ICICI Credit Card Taparia Tools have charged Rs.5400/- twice for ticket Indore-Mumbai for 27th Dec. And now bank is following every day and insisting for late payment fees. Be aware with Taparia Tools.

Aero California / Never get a refund


After a week long vacation in Cabo, Mexico I was ready to return home to California. The day before my flight 03 APR 06 - MONDAY AERO CALIFOR 100 BUSINESS CL EQUIP-DC-9 JET LV: SAN JOSE CABO 1015A NONSTOP MILES- 910 AR: LOS ANGELES 1140A ELAPSED TIME- 2:25 ...

London Shuttle Service / Wasted money, refund refused!


Re: LONDON SHUTTLE SERVICE My claim is that I did not receive service as promised by LONDON SHUTTLE SERVICE. We called LONDON SHUTTLE SERVICE and they advised us prior to booking that we would need 2 hours to get from Stansted to Heathrow. Based upon our itinerary, (which we emailed to them...

Air Jamaica / Lack of crew training!


I just returned from Jamaica along with my wife. We flew on flight #041 and your crew members were nasty. We flew 1st class and they were more interested in serving drinks to certain other passengers then serving dinner. Other passengers had already eaten and were getting 2nd drink...

Excel Airways / Inbound and outbound Flight delays


Experienced total over eleven hours long delays both on the outbound and inbound flights also experienced problems with inbound meals paid for and meals not supplied. We lost time off our holiday, missed day off work as unpaid leave and also incurred losses in taxis fares due to...

Mahan Airlines / Missing expenssive items out of my suitcase


Well in august i went to india by mahan air line. on the way back one of my suitcase zip was broken, and some of my expensive goods were stolen. at the airport i made the complaint ,they filled the form and gave me one of the copy and advised to send it to Mahan Airline office in...

America West Airlines / Don't buy a ticket if they're giving them away


America west airlines. Flying from Atlanta to lax stopping in Phoenix. Flight 656 leaving 5.25pm July 5th. I'm over 50 years old, I've flown all over the world, this was the most dismal travelling experience of my life. We received 15 minute reports for 11/2 hours about...

Euro Fly / I was bored to tears!


We recently flew it Italy via Euro Fly. Our departure was supposed to leave @ 4:45 pm on 07-28-06. We started boarding at 7:00 pm, taxied to the runway at 7:30 pm. There were about 15-20 airplanes waiting on the runways for takeoff before us........we didn't leave until 9:00 pm. So we...

Air Jamaica / Air Jamaica confirmed almost every bad thing we had heard


For the most part, the letter which follows is self-explanatory. Air Jamaica did not respond to it and even refused to give us our Delta frequent flier miles for this trip by just not posting them and not responding to requests to do so. Happily, Delta took care of that for us (Delta and...