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Sun Country Airlines / airlines

Dec 31, 2018

Your hold time, even to book a reservation, is always at least 45 minutes. What company does this to customers who want to spend money with them? I have a credit from money paid to them for a reservation I couldn't keep and when I went to book before the voucher expired, the flights for...

Altowaissa / airline ticket

Dec 28, 2018

Rehlat sent me an email regarding my ticket going to nepal from Abu dhabi, on my ticket it says abu dhabi international airport BUS But when i got there i was kicked out from the bus because only etihad ticket holders only are allowed because mine was nepal airlines, i have spent almost... / baggage service after arrival

Dec 24, 2018

i am a frequent passenger of ethihad for the past few years. Being a gold class member i have been reciving my baggage terribly late. Most of the time i recive my baggage at the end after eveyrone else recve theirs. I had informed this matter to the authorised ethihad staff also to the...

Damaged luggage / the decision taken by the insurance

Dec 23, 2018

I travelled from Cape Town to Johannesburg and upon arrival I noticed my suitcase had been damaged and it was open as the unlocking port had been removed I laid a complaint as soon as I noticed this and they took pictures of the suitcase and I completed a form and they promised to get back...

Click2book / ticket issue

Dec 21, 2018

Horrible experience, traveling from jfk to London via transit in toronto for Christmas holidays, my agent through click2book Andrew failed to inform me that Canada requires ESTA when going through their airports. He was ignorant of this information as an agent should be aware of these...

Trust in Waterloo, Iowa / fairness with a trust

Dec 20, 2018

The trust is allowing someone to live in the house that is not settled on yet. The trust is paying all there household bills. We have not seen any rent money. They have been living in the house for 2 months. This trust was set up with an 85 year old man. The idea of a trust is to be fair...

Jeddah Airport / 5 year old toshiba set; charge of 127 saudi riyals for 32 inch led tv set at jeddah airport

Dec 20, 2018

Jeddah AirportMay I kindly bring to your notice that I was charged with 125 SR at Jeddah Airport while traveling to Ahmedabad via Kuwait by Jazeera Airline on 20 Dec. 2018. I had one TV set and one baggage weighing 25 kg for both. Yet it is quite feeling cheated when other airlines don't charge...

Customer Service not Answering / ticket cancellation

Dec 19, 2018

Dear sir/madam, Please note I want to make request to cancel the following ticket booking which is on dec 25th, 2018 from lahore to abu dhabi (pia). Pnr # qb2wq1 Name - waqar yaqoob bhatti Please update me as soon as possible. Your quick reponse would be highly appreciated. Thank...

Afri Core / booked and paid for service. not rendered

Dec 17, 2018

Afri CoreFlight FA 330 Lanseria to George 16 December 2018 Complaint no 1. Standing in the Queue for check in and approached by a staff member who scans my ID, issues a boarding pass and tells me to go to Bag Drop Off. The service at Bag Drop Off so incredibly slow that had I been left alone I...

Air India AI 131 Mumbai to London / luggage

Dec 16, 2018

Air India AI 131 Mumbai to Londonleft my laptop in business class seat 3J this morning 13th dec 2018 on flight AI 131 Mumbai to London after collecting my luggage I realised laptop was still on plane I went to baggage reclaim for AI at heathrow airport arrivals the man told me it will take 1 hour but in fact after 2 hour...

DRS Travel / egypt marsa alam

Dec 14, 2018

DRS TravelI booked a trip to Cairo to see pyramids, in the UK and I have been messed around by company, when I changed my booking, the company have been on contact with me and have constantly changing my date. They have not updated my app as to when I am taking this trip so now the trip is expired...

Gabriel Lopez / change on ticket dates which cost me more to complete.

Dec 10, 2018

I submitted a request to change my Airlines departure date due medical reasons.I submitted the request 2 weeks ago and not gotten a response.I had to pay an extra $711.44 to make the change. I was diagnosed with cancer and had to due emergency radiation treatment on the day on the dates I...

Singapore Airport / flight, boarding and customer services

Dec 9, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, Flight EK7714, EK 405, EK 39. Flight date: 30th Nov 2018. Serial no: [protected] and [protected] I am emailing you because having passed through Singapore Changi Airport many times previously, my husband and I were devastated by the most recent ordeal we have just faced...

Jason Leavelle and Beatrice Wright from Express Jets CFS Jets / Express Jets - / if you're looking for a professional aircraft brokerage company with integrity, keep looking!!! these guys are terrible!!!

Nov 27, 2018

Due to legal matters in our firms favor, we were looking to potentially liquidate a few aircraft through auction or an aircraft brokerage firm. When initially reaching out to Express Jets, their firm representative, Jason Leavelle seemed somewhat interested but not too serious. After...

Himaliyan HELI Services Pvt. Limited / self resume

Nov 26, 2018

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the subject cited above, in this connection it is submitted that the online helicopter ticket had been booked for Katra to Sanjhichat & return Sanjhichat to Katra. On 24.11.2018 at 8:30 Hrs. a boarding pass was issued by the staff to board...

Auntie Anne's / product and service

Nov 14, 2018

While waiting for flight, at Dallas Love Airport, we got 2 pretzels, one was fine, the other was burnt, black and hard and cold. I took it back to the girl and asked her, "Could I get a pretzel that is not burnt?" She just stared at me with a blank stare, I thought maybe she didn't...

1800Delta Airline / misspelled name michaelpeter isabel gordon

Nov 9, 2018

Good Afternoon, I wanted to inform you that on SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 I booked a flight online and I mistakenly entered the incorrect name. The confirmation is #KEBRJN flight 4599 Departing LAX at 9:42 am on October 29, 2018 and arriving in Los Cabos at 12:19 pm and returning on flight 4602...

South west airlines / seating/ boarding

Nov 7, 2018

After the tight and uncomfortable trip to Vegas my husband and I were going to early bird our tickets for the flight home. For starters when we went to check in the app did not allow me to early bird it even tho it was with in the time frame to do so. Then as I call SW the following day...

P i A / complaints

Nov 5, 2018

Hi my name is Qazi Abdul Wahid and we did make complaints three foure time and I did send u my email [protected] also my telephone number is [protected]/[protected] and it was showing that u received it but still waiting for reply also u did not send us complaint...

Daniel Institute of Professional Pvt Ltd / service about aviation

Nov 3, 2018

Daniel institute of professional pvt ltd, is a fake institute. The previous name of the company is nip / talento / vips and so meny more. The anurag sinha the fake name means biplob sinha is doing fake business since long time. For this purpose he is suffering punishmentalso. They are...

Malaysian Airlines Stolen items from Lost Baggage on flight MH136 / no resolution to my complaint nor a refund. enough ignoring this disappointment and resolve please

Nov 2, 2018

Malaysian Airlines Stolen items from Lost Baggage on flight MH136I have lodged a complaint once i had received my baggage and went to open it to find my surface pro missing. I live in both Australia and Thailand so the baggage i take with me is minimal and occasionally I have no need to open my bag immediately upon returning from one country to another...

Golds Academy / bad service

Nov 2, 2018

Golds AcademyI had been taken my C.F.T corse for a year ago and until now I did not received my account to do my exam. And I'm really got so bad treatment from Kareem Omara and also from tamer Shehata the Gold's academy manager. So I need ur help to get my right back because they are very rude and...

LastMinute/FullFlex / Bravonext SA / substandard service booking id: [protected]

Oct 30, 2018

Booking ID: [protected] Dear sir or madam WITHOUT PREJUDICE I am aware of your 'terms and conditions', which in my opinion breach the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, now incorporated within the updated Consumer Rights Act 2015. Whilst your company is based in Switzerland, for the basis of...

Travel Centre UK / airline travel tickets

Oct 30, 2018

I booked flights online with an advisor of Travel Centre UK, I told him that I would like to pre-book seats if possible window seats. The advisor had me on hold for a while then came back and told me that the airline wanted an extra £90.00 I paid this assuming it was the extra cost for pre-booked...

TravelOne / customer service

Oct 28, 2018

My name is Tava Pender and on 10/4/18 I booked #[protected] flight on line for 12/3/18 from Virgin Islands to St. Louis, MO. After booking I realized I had a 20 hour layover and would not arrive until 12/4/18 at 11:09pm. I called Travel One within the 24 hour time frame to see if another...

Flights Services Inc / cancelled booking

Oct 25, 2018

4/24/18 booked delta airline tix for 11/10/18 rec email saying "you are all set here's booking #lxv38d" will charge your visa $685.20. 4/24/18 booked delta airline tix for 11/10/18 rec email saying "you are all set here's booking #lxv38d" will charge your visa $685.20. 6 mos later i call...

G8233P / complaint for seat

Oct 22, 2018

G8233PMy husband and my son travelled with wiz at 14/10/2018 flight code.G8233P The reason I am complaint is that we seated my 14 years old son in different chairs..thus made my son to deny to travelled again with the aero plane. In cases that the tickets were together is the same flight code you...

Enrique Rangel y Ana Luz Melendez Rangel / devolucion

Oct 15, 2018

Mi nombre es Enrique Rangel con email [protected] La razón que envío este correo es porque en Sep 30 2018, compre unos boletos de Los Ángeles a Queretaro, con Code VKSSRU, y no estamos satisfechos con los cambios de horarios que hicieron en nuestros boletos de Retorno sin...

Oman Air Cabin Crew / rude cabin crew

Oct 13, 2018

I've recently flew with oman air from muscat to doha (yesterday 12/10/18 at 20:10pm arriving doha 20:30pm) while on the flight the specific cabin crew (with short hair - female persian looking) was showing an aggressive facial expression to everyone siting in that section of the plane. Every...

Suffix / the store in a hole

Oct 12, 2018

Yes my name is Susan Barber and you recently opened its store in my town Palmer Mass at first the store was great but now it's dirty and not just once but always it's like a fire trap in there the Isles of clotted if there was ever a fire in that store I would show the burned alive when I...

Thomas Branson Delta SkyMiles card holder. / charging for bags on a flight that was booked through delta via westjet

Oct 11, 2018

Thomas Branson Delta SkyMiles card holder.I am a Delta SkyMiles card holder and my wife and I were flying back from Montreal to Salt Lake City on October 5th 2018. This flight was booked through Delta Airlines using your airline as a subsidiary. When we went to the airport there was no one available for help. We had to use a...

Mary Jane Clark / teacup yorkshire terrier

Oct 9, 2018

The info I would provide is longer than 350 characters. In short I was contacted after showing an interest what was suppose to be $200 has now turned out to be $3, 391.00 not-to-mention they want additional $1000. I have names, phone number; locations; including the fact i reported to the...

Mango Airlines JE715 / delayed flight

Oct 8, 2018

My son's flight to Cape Town was booked to depart at 17.00 landing in Cape Town at 19.15 as he needs to attend school tomorrow. I got an SMS advising the flight is an hour late. Closer to the time another and advising another hour and so it has been going on now with the flight now...

Re.No. GWLAI10067/070CT18/ 0822GMT/ Equioment Finance Ltd / check in bag has not received at gwalior

Oct 7, 2018

Concern, I had booked air tickets from kolkata to gwalior. Dep date was 7.10.18, 6.50 am, via ai 763 from kolkata to delhi & delhi to gwalior vai ai 9628, 11.30 am, 7.10.18. I had checked in one bag tag no. ai 181131 which should have received at gwalior but has not reached gwalior. Regarding...

Etihad Airways Co Sharing with Aer Lingus / aer lingus excess baggage allowance

Oct 5, 2018

I travel back from Chicago on 28 September 2018, Flight E1 0122 operated by Aer Lingus. I had 2 bags to check in. This was a transit flight to Dublin. When attempting to check-in, I was informed the Aer Lingus counter staff that the baggage allowance for Aer Lingus was ONE bag of 23kg. I...

Travlgnio / cancel flight and want 100 from what I paid

Oct 3, 2018

Travlgnio8 days ago I closed a flight with travlgnio now. Eight days after I ask to cancel... They said that the card is not canceled and refund will be possible only if the airline samet and wing will approve it.. And direct me to them.. To the airline smart wings. I turned to the airline and they...

EMCO / over charged for baggage

Oct 2, 2018

My name is Keith Scott Lillow. On Sunday Sept 9, 2018, I was on the 5 pm flight from Vancouver to Toronto (can't remember the #). I checked 2 boxes of fish and had 1 carry on bag. When I did self checkin at the airport, I paid $39.95 for 1 extra bag(box), as I'm allowed on checked bag for...

Changi Airport Group - Security Check at F59 Terminal 2 / security check

Oct 1, 2018

Dear Sir My name is Low Han Mia and I was flying on MI654 from Singapore to Hanoi. Previous to this flight I was flying in from Auckland to Singapore. My flight detail is MI653, dated 27th Sept 2018, time 2:25pm, seat 11C The security officer confiscated all my cheese which I wa...

Pegasus / flight

Sep 29, 2018

PegasusMy flight was on 24 Sep 2018 from Istanbul sabiha Airport to Amman Jordan Airport through Ankara, when I arrived the airport, and after security check on my bags I stand with another people on 9:00am in A queue of people To hand over the bags to the plane and take the tickets. When we...

Atlantic express and cargo in australia / about the package that hold in customs

Sep 28, 2018

Atlantic express and cargo in australiaIt was sent by Mr...william george Sender reference number: AEAC 00-1900-08 Can u confirm to me.. If mr. Williams was a scammer also. It supposed to deliver on september 28 2018 ...last friday.. I received a call from diplomatic courrier named frank.. And as me to pay 500$ for custom...