Bwp Inc, Great American Readers LLC.fraud and taking out money out of my account sooner than discussed

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This company contacted me on a sat offered a thousand dollars if i purchased a year subscription of magazines.they are not even open on sat only mon- fri. i knew it was to good to be true but since they were sending me info in the mail i figured it was ok. they still havent sent me the thousand dollars or magazines. the agreement was to take the money on dec 2 but before then they have taken 2 payments out of my account for 49.90. i have tried to contact the company to cancel and i keep getting transfered to another dept or keep getting hung up on. THIS IS A FRAUD AND I HAVE CONTACTED MY BANK.


  • Sa
    Sandrarhodes54 Jan 05, 2019

    My name is Sandra Rhodes I've called several times about canceling and I get told it's to late to cancel now either it gets canceled or I'm contacting the better business bureau and other places to see what I can have done this is a scam

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  • Ra
    Rayban86 Sep 05, 2018

    This is a problem somebody needs to shut down this company it not good for business it's alot of loopholes in this company they are taking people's money and that's not right

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  • Cc
    cclove1 Jul 21, 2012

    Yea im going thru the same stuff with this company two companies thats under great american readers they took out 100 dollars from my checking account without my knowledge and then i checked my checking account and they took extra 35 dollars out my account. I getting a police report and changing my whole bank numbers around. they are really stressing me out i have to pay bills

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  • Kn
    knightsan1 Sep 21, 2011

    I am worried because I think I just got scammed by this magazine company Great Amercian Readers after reading about this. What can I do ? Can we get our money back and put a stop to them? Please help

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  • Ke
    Kennie22 Sep 10, 2011

    IM dealing with the same problem today does anyone know how i can resolve this

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  • Je
    jedibill Jun 22, 2011

    This company pitched to my son that he was getting like 9 different magazines for the cost of one. Yet they were charging him 50 dollars a month for those 9 magazines, which did arrive. He tried to cancel, and they told him they had a verbal agreement and they would not let him cancel. Then they bullied him into giving them his debit card #, and then they began taking frequent hundred dollar amounts.
    Today, they tried to take a hundred out four different times, leaving him with a huge overdraft fee from each one. Of course, now he is broke for two more weeks, and I instructed him to close his bank account and open up a new one.
    I called the company but they said I was not authorized.
    I spoke to Kenneth Jennings, IE 6329, but he insisted I had to be authorized on the account to discuss this with me. I asked him who was in charge, he said the GM was Ed somethingorother, he couldn't even spell the guys name! and when I asked to speak to the person or get his voice mail, they would not let me do so.

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  • Sd
    sdenninger Feb 07, 2011

    ive been dealing with this as well and i just wanna know how to get my $1000 shopping spree. i sent in the form in early jan. and havent gotten it how long should it take??, and they are not sending me the mags that i asked for, im getting married and if i have to pay for this i want magazins ill actually read and look there anything we can do about this company?

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  • Ja
    james huber Nov 12, 2010

    they just dont give up i let them waste all of the money they want on stamps i stoped the card and now they want paid i didn't rec any 1000 gift card and not one magazine that i was promised so Screw them i am64and white what do i need with latino balck business or parenting that is the real kicker as my youngest will be 32 this month and i reportd them to the better B.B, in Littlerock arkansas thanks for letting me [censor]
    James Huber

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  • Ja
    james huber Nov 12, 2010

    they took the mony never sent gift card never sent corect magazines never furnished the promised number to change magazines i didnt get the 1000 and i didnt get a single magazine that i adk for i am white 64 years old what do i need with parenting or latino ar black busines but as i canceled the card i keep getting phone calls and bills that i trash before i even open them if it says great amearican readers i trash it and i did report them to the better B.B in little rock arkansas thanks flr letting me [censor]
    James Huber

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  • Al
    alice fay clark Oct 06, 2010

    Yea I to am here because of gar I think that we should all come together and file a class action suite against them any other thoughts

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  • Sn
    Snag Sep 27, 2010

    They suckered my wife saturday (9/25/10) and on monday she started having second thoughts . I decided to check them out on the web and here I are ... turns out she was right to have second thoughts, tomorrow I go to the bank and see about getting the first payment back . And cancelling her card so they don't get any more from us . She, like many of the commenters here, thought the gift cert for a thousand bucks would offset nost of the cost ...

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  • Na
    natesilv Jul 07, 2010

    whats the best way to get them to stop? i was just ignoring them but my parents opened the stupid bill they send any ideas? i already cancelled my card. havent paid for months but they keep sending me magazines

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  • Pa
    Pacho Peechu Apr 03, 2010

    Yeah, I suppose I can understand getting realed in by the offer of a $1000 gift... What every rational human being has to realize is that if someone offers a $1000, there will be a cath. In the case of GAR or BWP, the catch is you have to place an order for magazines. Now don't get me wrong, the sales representatives are very persuasive and won't take "no" for an answer. The harsh reality of it all is they are simply doing there job(SALES), so if you feal you were pressured, couldn't say no and agreed to everything, then the sales rep acomplished there job. I mean lets be realistic we are all adults here and are completely capable of making are own dicissions! If something was offered and you were not happy with it after you got it then maby we shouldn't have placed the order in the first place. On top of all the crap that has to be dealt with(rude rep's, people trying to collect monies at inconvinient times and/or poor financial times) it does not change the fact we were told to complete are order are convo will be recorded and we sat there agreeing to THERE terms and condintions on tape recording... Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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  • Ho
    hoursebill Mar 22, 2010

    I also was suckered... but thanks to you all, I immediately canceled before a "payment" was made. Our story was a little different. We were referred to them through a trusted family member, who I thought would know better. They promised us a pre-paid visa card and came across as winning it. They claimed that they needed proof that we carried a visa, and asked my wife for her card number. (They lied to get our info. and we never agreed to purchase anything.) I was immediately suspicious so I got online and researched them. We received the paper about the "shopping spree" and that it was some online thing.

    We began getting magazines and a bill for 1, 000 dollars. I contacted the magazine directly as well as the third party who ordered it. They both said that this was a promotional issue and that we should not have been billed for any of them. (In other words, these magazines are actually free that G.A.R. is trying to charge you for.) I spoke to the third party... they were also innocent but told me the number that contacted them. They agreed to cancel the free magazines. I did call the next number in line... I called and received a call back from the same number calling my wife's phone... I did not answer.

    These people are trying to charge all of us for free magazines produced by the publisher. This is how they are able to make 100% profit off of you... and make it look like you are getting something in order to make you feel obligated to pay. They CAN NOT hurt your credit, because they are not a legit company and they have committed fraud. They CAN NOT take you to court... otherwise they would go to jail. The best thing to do is to cancel any magazine subscription THROUGH THE MAGAZINE, NOT THROUGH G.A.R. Also, keep copies of any "bills" they send you. My wife also changed her phone # (not a bad idea). Get a new card and report the fraud to your bank.

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  • Da
    Danielee15 Feb 20, 2010

    I got scammed by these people too but they only got one payment before i caught on. I want to thank everyone who posted about these people because I would have fallen for it hard. I'm sorry for everyone that got caught up in this and i am GOING to take the b******s down. Its not right that people do this to anyone let alone targeting college students, single moms and the elderly. If they call anyone on here again just remember that its fake and you do not owe them anything they cannot take you to court because they would go to jail for being stupid. I suggest that you report it to the FBI or the law enforcement in your area. they cannot take your money if they cannot access your cards so GET A NEW CARD!!!

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  • Mi
    Milito Feb 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please tell me how you got them to Cancel. I have tried to cancel at the [protected] and the lady told me no and I said thats illegal. I have just reported the to the BBB in MN and a lady called me yesterday to offer me a settlement of 580 dollars and said I had to pay today and I told her I dont have 580.00 and she said too bad. Now we are going to garnish your wages and hung up on me. I am so angry can you offer any other advice?

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  • Po
    PonchoBeano Jan 13, 2010

    i got suckered too. thanks for everyone's posts though. because of these i was able to cancel my least they said i'd be able to cancel it when i called this number...[protected].

    got a call from Viking Magazine Services this morning. not sure if they are part of the same company. i called back and they had no idea why anyone called me.

    anyway, i was wondering if Great American Readers actually does have a website? all i keep finding are complaints...

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  • So
    soleil77 Oct 28, 2009

    They called me on a Saturday night when I first was bugged about it, and I am a young girl, so I spree why not?!? they gave me this student discount and all... i started getting magazines, but no shopping spree. They took the payments from my account and it showed to be from a different state on each of my bank statements. I cancelled my debit card and stopped hearing from them. Months later, I started getting phone calls on a daily basis, multiple times daily. They said they were creditors and that my credit was in danger. I tried to talk to one of the ladies who claimed to be a creditor, I asked her about the multiple transactions from different states and she began to yell at me, threaten me, then hung up. I was beside myself! I then called the company back and faxed them my bank statements, they still claim I owe money and I am still dealing with their phone calls. I changed my number and they have contacted my parents home, and even as far as my roommates, it is beginning to scare me...

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  • Fi
    Fitted Aug 13, 2009

    I also been caught with this. Funny thing is that they sent me the $1000 Gift Certificate but I just simply threw it away when I found out about them. Another funny thing is that after they charge me I cancelled my debit card and got a new one. Last but not least, I have gotten a total of 7 magazine's I believe. They never call me or nor did I even try to call them. I still laugh cause I'm gettin free magazine's. I did report them to the BBB and was maybe why im getting free magazine's and no more phone calls.

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  • Ch
    Christy Ettley Aug 10, 2009

    Great American Readers is the biggest scam I have ever been the fool to fall for. First, They kept referring to themselves as Publishers so I actually thought I was winning something from Publishers Clearing House. I was in my car driving at the time and even my 13 year old daughter was telling me it was a scam, but did I listen NO. I kept telling the lady my cell phone was blinking out and I couldn't hear everything she was saying so I did not get any 800 number to call them. When I got home and realized I ordered $1000.00 worth of magazines I tried to call back the numbers on my cell phone but of course was not able to get a hold of anybody. I did however call and cancel my credit card. Now, my account is delinquent and the collection agents are calling me. They are the rudest people I have ever encountered. One man named Chris even told me to shut my mouth. I have not received any gift card although they say they sent me a verification form in the mail. I told him I don't have the money and he basically said too bad. My account is now going to collections. They will have to sue me if they want their money I have nothing to lose except my credit which isn't all that good to begin with. If they do sue me I will do everything I can to drag it out as long as possible and hopefully they will end up spending more money to sue me than they get. I am so mad at myself for falling for it. After reading other comments at least I know I am not alone. Christy Ettley

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  • Ro
    Robert Hosey Jun 26, 2009

    These people called me with this offer, and at first I thought it was great. Then I got to thunking about it, and I'm paying 1000.00 for the magazines. I had no problems with that. They never sent the right magazines, and I still haven't seen anything about the " 1000.00 gift card. " I've been paying this bill since February. Last month I talked to a, " Rep" and she said that I could change my bill date. She also told me that if I couldn't make the date we discussed, that I could call her back, and get another extension. We tried this a couple days before the date, and some other lady said that we could't do that. We asked about cancelling the order. She said ok, we wouldn't be charged. Got a call from a really rude woman, at my work telling me she is from a collection agency, that I had to pay this. I got mad and hung up. She called back, said she was going to call me every day. They are still trying to take money from my account, causing me overdraft charges. Does anybody have any udea of what I can do about this? E-mail me at [email protected] I really need some help.

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  • Xs
    xsweetsophyx May 06, 2009

    I had this happen to me two years ago. A lady had called me on my cell phone saying that I had won $1000.00 shopping spree and also a year of FREE magazine subscriptions. They asked me for my debit card number. I wasn't thinking at the time what they'll use it for so I gave it to them. After a week or so I did receive two magazine and the gift certificate to use online at their website. It was a bunch of things I didn't need and I had to pay for shipping. But I didn't use it.

    I called them back wanting to cancel the subscriptions but they wouldn't let me. I had to wait after a certain amount of period before I can do it. So I had call my bank and filed a fraud report on them and I had all new bank account numbers and card numbers. They couldn't charge my bank account and started sending me bills for magazines that I only received once. I didn't pay for it so I just left it as that. They stopped calling me and stopped sending bills for about a year until a few days ago I received a letter from a bill collector agency stating that I owe $653 dollars. I called the number that was listed on the bill and asked if they can send an itemized bill stating what the charges were and they said it was against their company policy. All they did was read that I owe money for an a magazine subscription. Their reason for not sending it was because it "cost money" wow .50 cent to send a letter. I told them to put it on the bill and hung up.

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  • Ov
    Overlordtico Apr 24, 2009

    Im currently having the same issue with this company. My uncle who doesn't speak english too well was the one who got the call and I had to translate to set up the account. They said I would only pay like 49.90 for the first year or something and that in like a week I would get the paper in the mail to change the magazines and such. My uncle decided he didn't want it and tried to call to cancel to which they refused so he decided to not bother at all and cancelled his card which he used for the order. Some 2 weeks later I get called in the phone cause I gave them my number as translator saying the order was under my name and that I owed them $900. I told them it wasn't my order, that I just translated and that I didn't want it neither did my uncle and that we wanted the order cancelled. They said it couldn't be cancelled of course and tried to set up a deal to pay the same amount. I tell them no that we just want it cancelled and the man says well that I owe them alot of money.

    I ask, how is it my problem when you made the mistake of putting it under my name? And why would I even order something with someone else's card. They told me I was probably trying to scam them and get things free. So i hung up after arguing with the man. I called them a few days later and I talked to the person in charge and when I explained the situation he hung up on me. I called 2 seconds after and asked for that same person and they told me he was busy.

    Today, they just called me 5 times in a row when I was getting ready to leave to night school. I had already filled a BBB complaint and going to call a lawyer tomorrow.

    Don't fall for this scam.

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  • Se
    seahawk23 Apr 23, 2009

    This company has repeatedly contacted me asking me personal things and ordering me to borrow money and take out lines of credit. I have never received any magazines or money from them. They are only out to take peoples money and commit fraud to whoever they see fit. I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I recommend others to do the same.

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  • Ri
    Rick Apr 15, 2009

    They called me and I specifically asked the guy (I should have asked before I gave them my credit card info) if I could use the $1000 anywhere. He said, "You can use it online." He never told me it had to be on a specific website. It's clear he was trying to be misleading. Someone called later to confirm my order and I told them I didn't want it. They started arguing with me. The lady said if I go to K-Mart and give them my credit card, it means I'm placing an order. I said that if I place an order at K-Mart, they let me return the item if I don't want it. I asked if I had just purchased something that was impossible to return (which I believe is illegal). After that, the lady said she would cancel my order. Hopefully they will.

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  • Ne
    Nessa Apr 11, 2009

    Ya, same here, only they promised a $1000. shopping spree and they made it sound like I was going to pay only $49. for the year, turns out they send me a list of magazines to choose from, which I never sent in, and then a week later I get this letter in the mail saying that I need to pay them $1000. worth of magazines. Needless to say I still haven't gotten my shopping spree, I don't even want it, and they keep harrassing me. calling me non stop and saying that they can't cancel whats so ever. Then the guy says well you can only cancel with in 30 days. Which is funny, cuz I sent a nasty letter to them telling them that I no longer wanted any of these magazines, which they still send, I sent it in 2 weeks after I had gotten the letter. So they are full of crap. It's kinda funny in a sense that they keep calling me and they keep sendin me crap magazines, and my bank account is closed. hehehe. How do we bring someone like them down?

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  • Lr
    lrhodes7 Apr 07, 2009

    I too have been going through this crap. I called today to cancel my order because I've already paid like $100+ to them and received 2 magazines. I did receive the shopping spree but I didn't use it THANK GOD! Anyway, I called today and they said that I couldn't cancel my order because it's already been 14 days since the first payment, which they don't tell you about, so the lady kept saying that I HAD to pay them, and I told her that I can't afford it right now, and I just want to cancel. I had already cancelled my debit card and got a new one, so they said that they were trying to charge my credit card, but I WAS NOT going to give them that number too. I still called and had a new credit card sent to me, just to be safe. The lady on the phone told me that I was making up excuses not to pay, and told me that she was going to send my information to another department where they were going to "investigate it" and they would be calling me. Then she hung up on me. They were super rude to me, and I just had all of my card numbers changed so they can't get any more money from me. I have also put myself on a no call registry.

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  • Kr
    kristinasnyder2 Apr 03, 2009

    i am going through the same stuff and they say i owe them over $900 dollars. i went on the $1000 shopping spree site and ordered a couple of things and they are not worth it, they are fake products. how can i get them to stop calling me?

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Mar 12, 2009

    Yes this is a big fraud, i am currently dealing with this crap. And I don't like it one bit... DON'T SPEND ANYTHING ON THAT 1000 SPREE!!! All the items that they have in the website are crap. And they say you have to pay for Shipping, Yeah right... The items will not ship to you... they will keep the money and the items. I am going to write a cancel letter to them and not pay at all!!!

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  • Jo
    jogar633 Feb 11, 2009

    I was recently taken in by this outfit and now I am woried whether I can cancel out or not. I will call the Florida Attorney General office and complain to them. I am on a fixed income and I can't afford four years of magazines. I thought the shopping spree thing would make it all woth it but now that I have seen this web site, I am not so sure of any of it.

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