buymmoaccounts or buymmoaccounts.comSCAM COMPANY! Sold Me Banned Account Twice


My story goes like this

Bought an account about 6 months ago from this company. All was great, until a week after I bought it, I was perma banned for economy explotation. They refused to give me a refund. Well my friend said he had a good order with them, so I decided to give them one more try, well this time after I bought the account, they changed site policies around so I figured I'd be fine, so I reordered another account. I got a call in the morning my friend who said his account was perma banned, so when I went home and sure enough my account was banned as well.

To sum it up, if you buy an account from, you will get banned. They are an american company, but they are so small and I learned my lesson twice with them.

DO NOT buy from this company because they will scam you as well.


  • Cr
    Creyo Dec 16, 2007 is known for bannings accounts. They are a US company, however they are very small. I'd advise using another company.

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  • To
    Toonstorm Discrimination Feb 09, 2008

    Even after buying a toon from them with its 100% reclaim-free promise... 1 month after purchase... reclaimed and banned..

    These guys gotta get reported for false advertising.. Lots of money in that law suit with accouns sold for $800+

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  • Ja
    james Feb 18, 2008

    Thank you so much for htis, it helps alot because its a big buy close to 1grand and im glad i didn't waste it.

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  • Ch
    Charles Morris Feb 18, 2008

    If you are consumer and you are reading anything on Complaints Boards you really need to take any comments made with a grain of salt.

    Complaints board has no validation of any of the comments posted on their site, complaints are made anonymously by individuals using alias such as “Yep They Are A Shady Bunch”. Complaints Board does nothing to validate if the user posting the complaint is a customer or even had any dealing with the company. Anyone can post a complaint on Complaints Board with absolutely no justification to do so.

    When reading a one-line complaint in not even proper English you may want to ask yourself
    “Is it possible this complaint is being made by a competitor or some child?”
    “Is it possible the complaint is being made is completely untrue and unjustified?

    Where are the facts? The evidence? Most of the complaints on this site are one-line comments that provide no information or documentation to back up the claim.

    As a consumer myself I would do a lot more research before making a purchase and would not take the information from the Complaints Board too seriously. Contact the company you plan to deal with and make a decision yourself, don’t base your purchase decision on a couple of one lined comments on a web site that allows for anonymous, unverified and invalidated complaints.

    There isn’t a single account retailer that doesn’t have at least one posting on Complaints Board; half of the reason for this is due to competitors posting complaints on each other.

    I have collected the contact information for, contact them yourself and gather your own opinions.

    (Toll Free U.S & Canada)
    [email protected]

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  • He
    Henry Jax Apr 08, 2008

    I have found another third party site with reviews for, it can be viewed here: I personally have purchased several accounts from and have never had a single issue. It appears the comments made above regarding the company being a "scam" are fake or posted by competitors.

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  • Jo
    jo Jul 09, 2008

    hello i was recently looking at the site and found 2 shamans on the site both the same although 1 had 100g less and had a few hore honor kills as if someone had played it and then put it back up . and both were exactly the same shaman same pics used same gear same server . i queried them on it and they said this isnt true and show links to the accounts i went back and neither of them are on the site now ... so you can make up your own mind .
    and no im not a rival company just cbf lvling another toon

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  • He
    Henry Jax Jul 09, 2008

    Complains board is such crap, like some of the above posts state this site has no way to verify any of reports as being true. People can post anything they want up here no one checks to see if is accurate. has an excellent reputation and really provided some hard evidence to proove thier legitmacy. The company is now verified by Verisign, Verisign is used by Paypal and 93% of furtune 500 companies.

    To be issued a Verisign True 128-bit Extended Validation SSL you must validate your business location, corporate registration, and domain ownership to Verisign. Verisign completes a rigorous background check on any company applying for a certificate.

    You can view the legitmacy information here:

    I mean I don't know what else they could possibly provide to show they are legitmate. They definetly show MUCH more then any other account retailing site. gets my two thumbs up.

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  • He
    Henry Jax Jul 16, 2008

    Agreed. Buymmoaccounts has been nothing but the best to me. Secure accounts and awesome customer support.

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  • Ga
    Garry Wandly Jul 23, 2008

    I found this site when searching on google for, I have delt with this company on numerouse ocassions both to buy and sell accounts. I have never had a single issue with them, they have always served me past my expectations.

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  • Ja
    Jarad Jul 29, 2008

    Check this out:

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  • Re
    Regal Downs Jul 30, 2008

    I checked out those links, this company looks absolutly secure and appears to be extremly legitmate. Being verified by Verisign is huge, and also they have such a long track record of good reviews, they must doing something right.

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  • Bu
    BullDog Aug 02, 2008

    Yeeeaa Haaaa, Yippy Ka ya!

    - Bulldog

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  • Di
    Dick Hard Aug 14, 2008






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  • No
    norgaard Sep 16, 2008

    I bought an account from them and it was closed a few days after I bought it for 3rd party programs.

    ***Notice of Account Closure***

    Account Name: XXX
    Offense: Unapproved Third Party Software

    A third party program is any file or program...

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  • No
    norgaard Sep 16, 2008

    I purchased an account off this website around 3 weeks ago and now it be stolen back by original owner .They dont do any response after i contacted them .SCAMMER THEY ARE

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  • No
    norgaard Sep 16, 2008

    buymmoaccounts is total fraud. bought an account and banned within 4 hrs, they refuse refund so I filed a credit card charge back. ###in scams, dont buy from them they are unsecure.

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  • Me
    mengel Sep 17, 2008

    This company completely stripped my account of all gold and valuables and returned a completely bare and useless account to me after they failed to sell it. You do business with these people at your own expense. I URGE you not to do business with them!

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  • Jo
    John Diligdong Sep 19, 2008

    Sounds like ANAL talk to me on these boards.

    What do you think bulldog?


    Mengel and Norgaard what do you think? Anal all the way or double penatration for you?

    Anycheck out my profile


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  • Me
    Melissa mills Sep 23, 2008

    What is with all of the kids on the internet? the post above is nothing more then ridiculous spam that should be deleted. Please do not post such disgusting things. It appears you can post whatever you want on here which I do not agree with. I’m filing a complaint against the posts made here that do not contain valuable information.


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  • Cu
    Customer Oct 10, 2008

    Agree, they are a scam complany, or Just a horrible one.

    First account I bought was reclaimed by origional owner the SAME day...

    Second account I had for 3 months and that one lead to suddenely being banned, as well as my own account I personally own.

    Last account I was replaced with I also had to for a few months, before it was reclaimed. The last account I recieved is still active, and I don't play it, just waiting for it to mysteriously be reclaimed again.

    Buymmoaccounts has given me credit on reclaimed accounts that much I'll give them, but they advertise a much lower account reclaimation rate then is actually true.

    Don't buy form these people. pay a power leveling company. "HE who holds the account, can Always always! reclaim it."

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  • Se
    Selena Gafic Oct 19, 2008

    I did my research prior to purchasing my wow account, and almost did not go with due to comments on this site - BUT then I called the company and decided to "risk" it and go with them anyway, as I found out they are Canadian like me. - Guess what? - my account got recovered by original owner 3 days ago - I already have new better account as outlined in their warranty!!! and FOR FREE - Go Canada!

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  • Lo
    Lost It Oct 26, 2008

    Always read the 100% guarantee policies wording. If they offer a 100% guarantee, what do they guarantee exactly? Some sites say it but give no description which equals fraud. Some sites do offer it, and explain why.

    Buymmoaccounts they say

    There is no way to prevent any World of Warcraft account from being reclaimed. The only steps that can be done are preventative steps that we take to provide the highest level of security in the industry. We can confidently advertise that the accounts listed on our web site are the most secure and safe World of Warcraft accounts currently available on the internet. has the lowest reclaim rate in the industry with a reclaim rate of 1.2% of accounts sold ever being reclaimed. We have a 95% success rate of returning compromised or reclaimed accounts back to the customer.

    That's not a good thing at all. This is not 100%, this is 95% but they advertise 100%. It sounds shaddy, so I would watch out.

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  • Gr
    Greys Anatomy Oct 27, 2008

    At least they explain the guarantee. It is pretty cut and dry.

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  • Ma
    maXxxxxx Nov 30, 2008

    Personally i have never bought from before but i have good experience with my level 80 which i got it at USD$499 from


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  • Ch
    Chadwick575 Mar 02, 2009

    I run a competitors website, Http:// and wouldn't and don't hesitate to direct people to if I dont have what they are looking for. One of the very few sites that I would recommend other than my own that is:)

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  • Ba
    Bazzthetank Apr 06, 2009 is scam and will do any thing to get your money and account.
    I sold my warcraft account to and now
    is trying to collected that money back. If I don't pay I get reported on my credit.

    Don't Do Business with

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  • Df
    dfpsfp Apr 07, 2009

    I sold an account to without any problem. The price offered is better than most of the other sites. For buying accounts from them, I have no clue since I do not have any experience on this aspect. So if you are trying to sell your WoW accounts, is a good way to go.

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  • Na
    Namingweary Apr 12, 2009

    I am a third party who just tried using this site the other day. They are a scam, that is for sure. I know another who has had very similar problems with reclaims and whatnot.


    Guess what, technically, they cannot send you to any collection agency for ANYTHING. Let me explain to you why:

    They have no proof of what was sold to them... the item is intangible, non-existent, untrackable--it's NOTHING. This means that you are 100% allowed to sell them an account and take it back, they threaten you saying they will "turn you in to a collection agency, yadayadayada, " but they have no argument against you. You are not defaulting on any type of loan or creditcard, so they cannot do anything for you. It's called a scare tactic, a fearmongering group of ###s who think they can get away with scamming because they have a website and a phone number.

    Technically you can sell them an account with a bunch of good stuff on it, after sold, get it back for a few days, transfer the characters off to another account, give them back the account, and BOOM, you win. Because you agreed to sell them an account with the name "xxxxxxx" and that is what they got. No where is the contents of the account technically of any importance, because when you are selling it you are telling them what you have, but ultimately it's not what is ON the account, it is the account name ITSELF that you are selling.

    So if you are pissed off at these ### like I am, do JUST what I explained above. Because they have nothing on you, or me, or anyone. They are a ### bunch of failures who ###ed up in life and got stuck selling and buying intangible video game accounts for an entire living. They want to feel in power.

    They cannot give any % guarantee of safety when buying/selling from them. Meaning, they are not 100% safe and they have no failsave plans if someone recovers an account. The buying and selling of WoW accounts goes against the Blizzard policy, technically, making their business completely void of any type of insured laws. Blizzard has rights to ALL of our accounts, they are the true owners, we don't even own our own accounts, meaning, these websites can do NOTHING to you or face NO consequences except slander, if they do stuff like this.

    So sell and steal away from the websites if you want to get back at them.

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  • Ro
    Rob Synder Aug 17, 2009

    This company is terrible.

    Yes, it's confirmed they are Canadian. However, they have 1 person working per shift. When he is to busy in chats, they don't pick up the phones. They never respond to your voicemails once you leave them, and the chat people can't really help you.

    If your account is banned, they use this void clause which means that you can't get anything back. $400 dollars down the drain, and this company screws another customer over once again.

    I am considering leaving a BBB complaint

    Chris Letendre
    Adam Letendre

    These seem to be the two owners. Anyone know what I should do here?

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  • Ju
    Julie Hampton Aug 19, 2009

    Both Paypal and Credit Cards have built in buyer protection, if a merchant does not deliver a product or live up to their advertisements you can take it up with Paypal or your Credit Card company. Just give them a call and explain the situation I am sure they can help you.

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  • Bu = scam Aug 24, 2009

    Dear Julie

    Have to add something here. The PayPal buyer protection only supports products, not services. I had this problem, and had to go straight to my credit card company myself with this company.

    Here is a tip for those who are interested or have already bought from them. Just go to your credit card company before it's to late because you'll end up like the rest of us.

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  • Yup, these people are exactly right. They are nothing but scammers. 100% guaranteed my ###, I just had my account recalled, and they can't do anything.

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  • Cr
    CrazyMofo Jan 28, 2010

    I heard that when you sell your account to them you have to sign some slip with copy of your drivers license and the whole works so pretty sure they can collect money if you took your account back right?

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  • Le
    LeadBD04 Apr 15, 2010

    Buymmoaccounts is a GREAT company. I have had my acocunt hacked or the original owner was trying to get his account back and they got on the phone with blizzard and I had my account back within 2 days. I then bought another account it was reclaimed by the owner and I was quickly given credit to browse more of their inventory. To be more accurate they gave me more just bc there wasnt anything like what I bought so I ended up getting a great deal. This company will work with you and try their hardest. I give them 8 thumbs up from all the accounts I have from them

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  • Ca
    CaliKid Oct 24, 2010

    Scammers. As per their policy I had to get a paypal account in my name. (oh BTW paypal doesn't offer protection on intangible goods like wow the fine print buyers and sellers of wow accounts are NOT protected under any paypal agreement and Bliz will ban the one is protected).

    Not only do you have to send in a copy of your ID, and download a REMOTE ACCESS PROGRAM, where they can control your computer, they also check your paypals bank access...explain that...think about it. They will not send you money unless they verify your paypal has access to a credit card or bank account...WHY? What business is it of theirs? I will tell you why, because in 6 months they will sell that access or tag that bank account for cash. As I was going through the steps, the agent kept going afk on me. She (or he) kept asking me to verify my paypal. I finally figured out the paypal account needed to be linked to a credit card so buymmoaccounts could ping the account.

    When paypal verifies an account they deposit two small amounts like .17 and .10. Then you report back those amounts. This is for BUYERS to prove they are the owner of the bank account. Buymmoaccounts deposited $1, then redrew $1 from my account to show they had access. While the buymmoaccount rep was afk, I called my bank and found this out.

    Can you imagine walking into a store and telling them you are not going to buy something unless they can give you access to where the money you are about to spend is going.

    They are scammers. If they want to prove you are the original owner of the account, there are other ways to do this. This doesn't even prove you own the wow account. All it proves is THEY HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT and they downloaded a remote access program on your computer...hello Not too bright of me, but I quickly figured out the scam. I found and killed the program then had my bank swap my accounts and killed my paypal access to that bank account.

    If they were such a reputable company and they wanted to prove I owned the wow account before buying it, they could just ask for the account password. Once they verify the account holder with the ID that was sent, they send the payment. Simple, easy, less then 3 minutes..none of this pinging bank accounts, downloading remote control programs and then taking over the account for up to 20 minutes before sending a paypal ONLY payment.

    Make no mistake...they are not going to send the money unless they FIRST have access to the wow why all the bank access and other BS...think about it...CUZ THEY ARE REALLY AFTER YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFO.

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  • Sa
    Samzoar Jan 18, 2011

    Im seriously starting to think that everyone commenting on this site is either a competing company or works for it. I'm a college student trying to sell my account to this site, but I can't even get into contact with buymmoaccounts at all. I've been calling for about a week, and completed all the pre-required steps in order to sell it. No one ever picks up the phone, and no one ever calls me back. They just make you install one of their applications (suspicious of it being a keylogger) and make you wait. What the hell, buyMMOaccounts?


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  • Jo
    Joe TheBro Feb 28, 2011

    Bought an 85 Worgen Druid from them. After calling and speaking with them to verify my purchase, they sent me info. Everything was completely legit...UNTIL...10 mins later, I was kicked off the account, and the pw was changed. I can't access it, and coincidentally, they don't answer their phones anymore...500 bucks down the drain..[censor]ing SCAMMERS... Im a US Soldier and not a rival company by the way.. Please listen to what I am saying and dont get [censor]ed over.

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  • Ka
    KaptKrash Apr 14, 2011

    I bought an account (first time Buyer). I was skeptical but I read reviews and researched and thought what the heck, I will say that the process for buying the account went smooth! I thought it was a little funny that they said they would call me to verify and never did! Anyway I got the information, did EXACTLY as their ( email told me. I went to blizzard set up an new email, password, paid for a realm transfer, and game time. I was on line with the new Character for maybe 5 mins when I was logged off, when I tried to log on it said User Id/or password was wrong. I checked my email and there was a email from blizzard saying my account was locked due to suspicious activity. I then went back on to Blizzards website and reset the password, confirmed it. and went to log on and was still logged out. I then put a ticket in with support desk. Needless to say I never got a reply from support until the next day, but only after i had to get online with chat and ask for support to respond. I was told that it was no problem that they had a problem with the file and that they would get to work on it the next morniong...Well Next morning came and went and no contact from support..once again I got online and asked chat what was going on to fix this, I was told once again.. no worries we have it undercontrol just waiting for blizzard to respond. Ok no problem right? Well guess again. I was informed that Blizzard had reset the account back to the original owners email. Since I don't have that info I wrote to support again and explained that they need this info. So far I have sent 12 emails to support and have been online chat with them every day for three days and I still get the run around of wait till tomorrow. Well I think this company is a scam, They tell you one thing and do something else. I made sure that my PC was scanned for maleware and keyloggers and Came up clean. So the only thing I can surmise is that SOMEONE logged into that account and filed a claim saying it was stolen! Viloa I'm out $257.00 bucks plus another $25.00 for the realm transfer and then another $16.00 for game time! BUYER BEWARE!!! don't be a fool like me! DO NOT BUY FROM ANY COMPANY OUT HERE SAYING THEY ARE 100% SAFE!!!

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  • Ki
    Kiddy Jul 21, 2011

    ok so where can i buy a safe wow account?

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  • Ki
    Kiddy Jul 21, 2011

    so where can i buy a safe wow account?

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