Complaints & Reviews

Non delivery

Where are my parts? Ordered them over a month ago and received nothing yet! This site BuyAtvPartsOnline is a total scam business located somewhere in China. They took my money really fast but it seems like they don't care and decided to keep my money. There is absolutely no way to reach them, they do not reply, totally useless!
There are quite a lot of positive reviews online so I wonder who these people are? Probable some scammers who got paid for these reviews or maybe BuyAtvPartsOnline employees.
There is nothing positive about this site, they are criminals and they stole my money!

The seller stole money and I didn't get the parts

I have ordered some parts from the company The website didn’t accept PayPal and I didn’t bother about it before. But the seller charged me and hasn’t provided the details of the order. I waited for a week, but nothing. As well as the seller ignored all my emails and messages, but I have sent tons of them. I contacted my bank, because I have wasted large sum and would like to get it back. Beware!!!

Seller ignored emails and hasn't provided details of the order

Scam, scam, scam. I ordered some parts from the company It is the most scamming and dishonest company, which I have ever used. I paid them money, but the already decided to scam me. They received the payment, but I haven’t got any information about the order. It was unpleasant deal and situation, but it became even worse, because the seller simply ignored my emails. I have no idea how to get refund from these guys.

They rip people off

Don’t use the website I have ordered parts from this seller, but he only charged me really fast. Later no information or details about the order. I tried to contact him through the website, but it was useless thing. He simply ignored my emails all the time. The company is ripping customers and they don’t care about your problems. So, avoid this website for 100%.

No refund, no order – this company is total rip off

I ordered Kawasaki ATV parts from the website It was total rip off, ‘coz I...

Lesson learned, stay away

They advertise parts as in stock and ready to ship yet it is not true. Ordered an ATV part that was "in stock and ready to ship. Item was back ordered for 1-3 weeks. Time came and went. After another two weeks and many calls I received a refund for the part but not the shipping charge. They could only make one refund per transaction. But they would be happy to give me a credit for those charges on my next order. Sure, on my next order. Lesson learned.