Bustravel Icelandtour bus to jokusalom... to see the glaciers


The company doesnt recognize they did treat me well or that I should have had a stop to leave me in the bus station near vesturgberg although they were passing by. They have offered me 20% of the 103 euros I paid for the trip.
I booked the trip in the turist office in the main street of reikiavik.. Almost in front of bonus supermarket.

This is was a complaint I started in their facebook page and the beginning of the trip and then at the end.. I added what it happened to me in my way back. So I am gonna post it how I wrote it.. Copy and paste..

I almost started the trip (After 3h) to köjulsarlom. The guide is the happiness of the garden. Also I asked him for a charger as I would like to have some battery to take photos. I thought the bus was having placks? To charge but only two devices that the guide lent. He offered it and asked for one. It was empty.. I asked him another two times for the second one and still waiting after almost an hour. Even when he tried to sell the excursion by boat I asked again.. He said yes again and now I am getting 5 %. Was so much effort to have a bit of attention.
Stilll waiting right now without battery for photos.
Very nice
Then.. I was living in vesturberg. The girl in the office said the bus coulnt go there to pick me up so I was have to sleep in the centre city in order to get the mini bus.
When I comeback I said to the guide and drive if they could not drop me at that adress. The driver said no. They said they will stop me in the bus station but the driver forgot to stop. At the end they left me in the last stop when the guide was getting off.. After all hotels and more droping the rest of the people. They said there where to get my bus. First time I was going to that address by myself. I was waiting in the bus stop and asking but nobody could help or they were distrated with a very drunk man that was there. It was cold and long time waiting.. Then when the bus arrived, the driver said I was in the wrong side so I was have to wait again. I reached my place around 00:00h.
I got to know now there was a bus station 10 min walk where they could have left me easily... Why the girl did not mention to them?
Such organization.. I am a turist and its I who doesnt know how it is the city. They have more knowledge than me but between all of them.. They coulnt provide a good service.
I was have to company to all to their places for me to get home almost in the next day after such a long trip..... Also I am wondering.. Is normal a driver drive for more than 12h? Dont think a human can stay focus after such among of hours.
Thanks guys I got to my home by myself with the bus 17h hours later. From 7h to 00:00h.. How great it would have been better coordination... Than not waiting such a long time cold in the street and then in the bus long distand again...

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