Burger Kingemployees and managers

Store on Auto Center in Salinas, California is understaffed. When other employees are sent to help from other locations they make it worse not better. Vianca who was helping from another location is always socializing with manager Linette (also from another location), who assigns her easier work, even during rush hour. Linette once had a girl cleaning, manning the front counter and the drive through by herself, while her friend Vianca was told to just "clean the office". Another time during rush hour Linnete had Vianca watching videos in office instead of helping customers. Really? Linnete wants to be district manager but can't even delegate work properly, or fairly for that matter. Employees manning the drive through are pressured by management to keep the timer low even though they are alone manning 2 or 3 areas, doing the work 2-3 people should be doing. Yesterday when Linette left she took our last box of ketchup, leaving us with no ketchup at all. Apparently her location on Sanborn was out of ketchup and she couldn't have that, but it was perfectly fine for the Auto Center location to have none. Are you sure you want to promote this person? These managers are incompetent and unfair. They play favorites and don't know how to properly delegate tasks. Oh, the employees are also pressured into reviewing their location several times by using codes or info found on old receipts customers leave behind. This is dishonest and uncomfortable for employees. The reviews should be honest and from customers, and not because employees are being intimidated by their superiors to fill these out. Catherine, one of the supervisors in the Auto Center location in Salinas, has been pressuring employees to fill these out and asking them to tell their families and friends to do it as well. She even said you can do multiple reviews so they get a good rating. This is shady and unethical. Please please please get better quality supervisors that follow company policies ethically.

Oct 08, 2019

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