Burger Kingservice, restaurant cleanliness, lack of friendliness

S Sep 02, 2018

Burger King Statesville, NC Broad Street
Here lately it's been very difficult to get good service at the counter to order correct and get the food hot and correct. As well as the staff not being very friendly at times act like it's an imposition sometimes to get their order correct. Constantly running out of soda and ice as well as tea and when you do get those then you do not have the supplies needed to put a lid on sometimes and the area to prepare your drinks are dirty. Not doing real well about keeping the dining room cleanlike the tables. We greatly appreciate any help and getting this Burger King like I have seen others where the food is prepared quickly efficiently hot and correctly. I would recommend having an ice maker placed on top of the drink machine so that would not continually run out of ice. As far as the cleanliness of the dining room and the other areas my recommendation is to have someone designated to do that. I do understand that at times when I'm there there is a truck however that should not be a reason for your staff to be extremely slow and there was only one register. I know there has been large amount of people inside the restaurant and trying to order and taking a very long time to do so and then received the order after. Feel free to contact me my number is [protected] my name is Shawnte Wyrick.

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