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I bought a puppy from I payed through paypal. A contract

was signed, the pup must be checked out by a vet within three days of

arrival.This was done and the Vet found several things wrong with the

pup, overgrown mandella, hernia and his concerns were with displaysia.The

puppy had some difficulty when moving.I sent this documentation to

Bullcanes and received an email telling me that I must wait a year and

that these dogs were prone to this problem.I took the pup several times

to the vet.Notified Bullcanes of this, finally my vet advised me to have

the dog spayed.At the time of surgery he discovered that the puppy had

already had a previous surgery that I was not told about, also the vet

took skin scrapings and found that the dog had a parasite that was

buried deep under the skin and was attacking the hair follicles, causing

the dog a great deal of discomfort and bald spots.At this time xrays

were taken and the vet has told me that my puppy has dysplasia, and that

there was nothing that can be done, I was devasted. and this old lady has

shed so many tears.I obtained medication for her skin problem and was

told that it could take up to several months for the condtion to be

resolved. I wrote to Bullcanes again telling them of all the puppies

problems and the expence on my part.I am a retired nurse and having just

put my [censored]zu dog down due to a brain tumor, my new puppy was helping me

get of her death.I have fallen in love with this precious puppy, she was

much to expensive for me to buy, so my children rallied around and bought

me this special littl girl to keep me company.I now have to put her down

some time soon.These people don't care, and certainly do not live up to

the contract.They repeatedly ask for the information and the x rays.I

have told them I can send all the reports, bills and the vet is more than

willing to talk to them and their vet, but he cannot send the xrays they

are part of his records and cannot be released.Please don't buy from

these people they will break your heart, I am going to lose my little one

at the moment I cannot find the courage.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Jan 04, 2013 10:15 am

I couldn't agree more with everyone else. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS SITE AND CAROLINA. She is rude, she is a scammer and a thief. She still owes my husband and I at least $100. She will not answer emails or phone calls. Once they get your money, forget it. She lied constantly about the dog we were supposed to get and lied about why the dog we were promised suddenly had an injury and was unavailable. Carolina Osario is truly heartless and a money grubber. If you are reading this Miss Carolina Osario - go ahead and refund my money, you have the account number- remember lying about that ? And me catching you in the lie and forwarding your "stories" back to you - sorry hapless soul you are. Couldn't keep a story straight to save yourself girl.
These dogs are sick and will need lots of medicine. Save your time and your money and heartache. Find a better local breeder, or a rescue bulldog. This site is really a scam.

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Jan 28, 2013 10:15 am

Hello there!
I'm Carolina Osorio from and today I come to this website because I think we have the right to defend ourselves from the bad things that some people are talking about us to discredit us.
We are a family kennel for 9 years and we are living and taking care our bulldogs!
We have been in the continuous quest to improve the breed and are always trying to improve and trying to learn more about this beautiful breed to be puppies that we raise healthier, sociable and loving.
It´s very important that each of the people who are thinking about buying a bulldog, be very aware that this race has been genetically modified for many years and this is the reason why they are special dogs and different from any other breed of dogs.
Each of you can read the story online and you can figure out by yourself because the bulldog are so special and you can understand the bad reviews about Bullcanes are part of the nature of this race.
Obviously sometimes we have wrong because we are human, but we remedied our mistakes.
Each of our puppies comes with a health guarantee, which every buyer knows and accepts before making the purchase, you can also read it at the following link:

In addition to this, if you want to talk to some of our buyers, you may write to us to ask [email protected] a list of some of them for you to see that we are honest and well

Remember that animals are living beings, not an object and they are like a human, need care and love to get to a new home, you can´t claim that a pet is more than just a household object

If you want more information about Bullcanes and our puppies, please write us to [email protected]

Carolina Osorio

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Jan 23, 2012 10:15 am

I´m not agree with these reviews of Bullcanes, I bought two beautiful bulldogs from them, the first of them (Cognac) was sold by Jose in Hollywood, FL, when I went in Miami 4 years ago and another one by Carolina one year ago, she sent her (Tequila) to Portland Airport, I'm still in contact with Carolina when I have doubts about my kids!
My dogs are awesome and are completely healthy since they are with me
I´m an advocate of Bullcanes and also I can recommend them.
I think there are some unfair comments, I was scammed with 1000 dollars before finding bullcanes
I love my dogs and thanks BULLCANES

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Jan 19, 2012 10:15 am

I´m Carolina Osorio from Bullcanes and today I´m writing here because it´s also important that anyone who reads this complaints, has another version of events:
Firstly, I want to say that It´s not easy to have 100% of happy customers in any business, we are a company like any other and not try to deceive people, we love our animals and care them like our children, but thousands of people try to take advantage when buying a puppy, starting with some veterinarians, who are earning by telling a buyer that the puppy is sick (and many times, the puppy is completely healthy). I don´t want to talk about a generality, because are still good people who are honest, but those who are not it, need to work and earn money, then take the opportunity to tell the new owner of the dog that the puppy has a number of diseases in order to demand money in exchange for healing a puppy that is not really sick.
It´s also true that sometimes the dog can get stressed out after the trip and stress could diarrhea, but this is not a serious condition and two more days the puppy will be in perfect health.
I don´t want to defend our company, I want to let me explain, we sell live animals and there are many things we can not predict, our puppies come with health warranty, the buyer may know and accept it before purchasing the puppy:
Again I thank all those who have trusted in us and know we are honest people who enjoy their dog and can also understand that we are human and we make some mistakes, but I can assure you that every day we work to become better.
If you want to get a list with some of our buyers, I can send you it and you can call them to talk about us and their dogs!
If you want to get more info about us, please write us to [email protected]
Thank you

Carolina Osorio

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Aug 20, 2010 10:15 am

We only sell purebred puppies, do not sell puppies mixed.
This is a big lie.
Our puppies are registered CKC

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Jun 07, 2010 10:15 am

Many happy costumers ...please it's just people that don't know they've been taken.

After my dog's vet suggested I do so we did a genetic test on the dog purchases from Turns out the reason why they can offer akc documents is that the puppies aren't pure. I paid 1, 900 for a mix! When I complained they never answered.

They were super nice at first but when the dogs have problems they just deny and hide. They are just dishonest even by puppy mill standards. Since they ship the puppies from colombia there is no way of seeing them first and you end up with a lot of vet bills for a mix puppy that even thou it's adorable it's still deceptive.

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May 26, 2010 10:15 am

We Have Many Many Happy Customers ...
I invite you to visit Our section ...
These pics have been sent by our clients because they are happy with their pets!, com_joomgallery/Itemid, 102/

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She isn't the only person who feels cheated by Bullcanes.. Their health guarantee is a farce, they do not return emails, they have NO concern about these puppy mill puppies--- they only care about the money. These puppies are born in Colombia, they can't even be registered AKC because Bullcanes has hundreds and hundred of puppies born each year. They breed repeatedly to keep producing more puppies, whether healthy or not... and so many of these puppies are diseased with genetic defects.. Yet people keep buying them because they're cheap.. well you get what you pay for! They are dishonest people who do not care~ if you buy a puppy from them, you can expect to pay a bundle in health costs and you will not get reimbursed at all..
Please do not buy from these people-- they are a puppy mill producing very poor quality dogs!

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Nov 26, 2009 10:15 am

Sue them. Odds are they'll at least give you your money back and pay for the excess vet visits. The amount it will cost them to pay a lawyer to represent them will be much higher. While it won't truly help the dog, it will at least get more information about these frauds out there and it will help compensate you for your losses

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