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I went with bullcanes on the reccomendation of a friend who bought her bulldog from them. My dog arrived to me in a small dog carrier with a MIAMI FL address. Carolina Osorio told me he was THREE MONTHS. Took him out of the crate and he was nothing but skin and bones weighing in at a bit more than 5 lbs. He looked awkward and tall more like a boxer. Almost immediately I noticed a huge scar down the rt side of his torso. Took him to the vet a day later to make sure he was ok and was told HE WAS BARELY FIVE WEEKS OLD and the scar could have been from a botched cesarean or worse. On top of this HE IS COMPLETELY DEAF. I was heartbroken for him and felt extremely guilty for supporting these low lives, but I thank God he came to me necause I am most certain if he hadn't the savages that bred him would've destroyed him. I was never able to get an answer about any of these issues because that coward Carolina Osorio never responded to ANY OF MY CORRESPONDENCE AFTER THE TRANSACTION. Less than a week later he was hospitalized with pneumonia and almost died due to his immune system being compromised by 1. Being weaned off his mothers milk too soon, and 2. The illusive travel conditions and temp changes. Fast forward 8 years later my boy is now in chronic kidney failure most likely due to genetics and bloodline but we will never know because we have NO CONTACT WITH THIS PUPPY MILL BREEDER AND NO BLOODLINE INFO. I hope when you read this Carolina, that God has mercy on you and your family for all the heartbreak your greed has caused. Stop defending your actions. You know what your doing is exploitive and unethical.

Oct 20, 2019
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  •   Oct 20, 2019

    Hi TBA, why not send the dog back if you don't like it so much? It's a business, dogs for sale. You bought a dog, what's the problem?

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