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Buffalo Creek Farms Persian CatterySells persian kittens produced by Amish

To those of you thinking about purchasing a kitten from buffalo creek farms I would advise you to save your money and purchased from a reputable breeder.
I am compelled to share my experience with buffalo creek farms with all the potential future customers in hopes that they do not have to go through the same living nightmare our family has with Kelly Krejci and her herd of sick cats.

We purchased the male tabby kitten from Kelly in the spring of 2011 and soon as we picked him up from the Airport we could tell he was suffering from malnutrition, he lacked any socialization skills and clearly came from a kitten mill.
He had straw tangled in his fur and had an offensive odor. When we tried to pick him up he shivered with fear of wet on himself. He was very skinny and frail.
Regardless of everything we tried to assure him he was safe in our care he refused to come out from under the couch. He was too terrified to eat or drink and began to drop weight that he really couldn't afford to lose. We contacted Kelly and expressed our concern, she ask us what his ID number was on her website. When I told her his ID number then she told us to get an eyedropper and force water down him, that was the only advice or help she offered.
Fearful he was on death's doorstep we took him into the vet where there they discovered what we had suspected, he was clearly a product of a kitty mill. Our vet said he was infested with ear mites, pinworms and fleas.
He was so dehydrated they hooked him to intravenous fluids right away- after four days in the icu he was able to come home but only with a sack full of medicine.
Administering this medicine orally created further trauma to his mental well-being. After 2 1/2 weeks of pulling him out of under the bed to medicate him we noticed a patch of hair missing above his right eye so back to the vet we went. The vet took one look at him and said "that is ringworm" he preceded to tell me how highly contagious ringworm was and that I would have to thoroughly disinfect any and all areas our new kitten had been. He dipped him in a sulfur Lyme dip that smelled like rotten eggs, then sent me home with more pills to administer for the next three weeks.
During this time both of my children developed patches of ringworm on their arms and legs. Between the kitten an treating our kids it has been an exhausting summer of trying to rid my home, furniture, carpets of all the ringworm spores and fleas.
Disgusted that our new kitten experience, which was supposed to be fun, had become a living nightmare I wondered if I was the only person who had such a horrific experience with buffalo creek farms.
I searched until I located the USDA phone number for Kelly's area.
I was shocked beyond belief to hear that Kelly Krejci was a animal broker for numerous types of animals like persian kittens, himalayan kittens, goats and rabbits.
I was informed that Kelly Krejci of buffalo creek farms buys these animals from the Amish and resells them on the internet through her website.

This explains how one person can have so many available animals at all times of the year. It also explains the straw in our kittens coat, he was raised in a barn.
I thought nothing of her cattery name Buffalo Creek Farms until I did research and found out the type of real cat farms her kittens originate from.
I would advise anyone thinking of supporting this kitten mill operation to walk away from her and save yourself the heartache our family has endured through the purchase of this very ill little animal, and shame on you Kelly!
We love our kitten despite all of his medical conditions, and the $2700 vet bill he has ran up in his short time here, however it is important to know the animals she markets on her website are in fact the products of filthy dirty animal farms right down to their straw beds.
I do hope sharing my experience will save other families similar experiences.
Andrea Walker

Buffalo Creek Farms
Kelly Krejci Call: 785.840.9197
Fax: 785.840.9187
Mail: 1483 N 2100 Rd
Lawrence, KS 66044

Sells herds of everything specializes in nothing.

Sells persian kittens produced by Amish


  • Pa
    Paula Chor Jun 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I disagree with complaints. All of my interactions with Kelly were very professional, courteous, and honest. We purchased an entirely healthy, friendly, and lovely blue male persian kitten. He has been a healthy and totally awesome addition to our family. His temperament is excellent, he gets along with all of the animals in our household, and wants to supervise and participate in everything that the humans do. I strongly recommend Buffalo Creek!

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  • Ri
    Rick Rhodes Jun 02, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To-day is my cat's 6th birthday. I was VERY impressed with Kelly when I spoke to her and have followed her diet and grooming suggestions ever since I got my kitten from her. Because of the high temperatures when my kitten was ready to come to me, Kelly arranged for her brother to fly to me with the kitten in the plane cabin to avoid stressing the kitten with being in "baggage". Kelly is a knowledgeable breeder who knows how to care and breed cats. My cat has a wonderful personality and while I bought her as a pet she is "show quality" conforming to breed type with excellent conformation. Should I ever want another cat, I would go back to Kelly as my trust in her has been amply rewarded with a happy, healthy companion. As with any new cat, I took her from the airport to my vet (who specializes in cats) and she was given a perfect bill of health. She was clean, free of parasites and genetic problems and has give me almost six years of joy and companionship. My hat is off to Kelly.
    Rick Rhodes

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  • Lu
    luvcats Aug 31, 2014

    Wow good thing I do my research before buying .My cat of 19 years past away she was very old and sick after numerous vet visits we made the decision to let her go .I definitely want another cat, I decided on a Persian cat I think they are so pretty .Anyway I think its sad when people mass produce for a profit instead of just breeding for the love of the breed .Thanks for the warning I will steer clear away from this breeder Its to bad she has nice kittens .
    .But I don't support Mills I personally think Obama needs to shut them all down I see this place must be one were they mass produce not caring about the animals health .

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  • Sh
    Shaymerr May 25, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see this was posted a couple years ago. But I saw this complaint and I feel like I should share my experience with Buffalo Creek Farms. I adopted my kitten from Kelly around February 2014. My parents drove up to Kansas to pick up my kitten for me. The cats were kept in a portable shed and everything was disgusting. There were cats with swollen eyes and one cat was missing an eye or looked to be missing an eye. All the cats looked depressed and would not come up to my parents to be pet like normal cats do. When my parents brought the kitten home that night I couldn't even hold or pet my new cat. I had to immediately give her a bath because she was covered in feces and urine. You could tell she was not taken care of at all. Before I decided to adopt the cat Kelly did tell me that the kitten only had one toe on each front paw. I decided to adopt her anyway because I was wanting a lifelong friend not a cat to show or anything. When I took her to the vet I found out not only does she have only 1 toe on each front paw she only had 8 toes altogether. One back paw has 2 toes and split out like a lobster claw and her other back paw has 4 toes but one toe has 2 claws coming out of it. All her nails are twisted and are poking into her paw pads. She also has gastrointestinal problems. She has had diarrhea and refused to use her litter box since day 1. I've taken her to multiple vets and they each tell me that her mutations are because she is inbred. I called Kelly after my vet appointment and she basically called me and my vet a liar and started screaming at me saying I had to bring her the cat back. I told her no. I may have medical problems with this kitten but I would never ever take her back to that horrific place. These aren't just animals. They deserve a lot better than to have been raised and to live in that kitty mill. Oh and she charged me $600 for a kitten that can't even walk straight or jump. She rips you off because all she cares about is money.

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  • Fr
    FrancesH Jul 17, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I usually choose not to comment on this type of thing! However, I too wanted to say how untrue these comments are! I picked my kitten up from Kelly and I can tell you that these comments are falsehoods. Kelly takes wonderful care of her cats in their own little haven! When I took Gracie into the vet for her kitten check-up everyone in the office commented on how well she was socialized. I don't know if this is a personal vendetta or what but from everything I know and have seen in my own wonderful cat I know it to not to be true. I was just looking up the web address to recommend Kelly to someone one when I saw this statement and felt compelled to speak up for Buffalo Creek and how Kelly raises not only her cats but the other critters she raises as well.

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Z Jun 03, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Buffalo Creek Farms Cattery is like a palace for kittens. When you walk into the facility, you are greeted by the kittens. They are all running freely and playing with the many toys that Kelly, the owner, has for them. Kelly provides them with a very home like structure to help the kittens with the transition from her place to the new owners’ home. She has couches, coffee tables, a tv, multiple cat trees, and many cat toys for the kittens to become familiar with so when they arrive in their new home they will be very comfortable and transition much easier.

    Her kittens are well socialized. Since the kittens run freely they are able to play with each other. They learn to play with many different cat toys that help them to bond with the owner of their soon to be new home. Since she welcomes anyone to her facility, the kittens also come in contact with many visitors. With everything that Kelly provides for her kittens, they are all very friendly and playful.

    This complaint couldn’t be any further from the truth. First off, before any kitten leaves Kelly’s facility each kitten has to be a certain weight and age. She does this for the health and well being of her kittens. Next, Kelly provides a health certificate for every kitten that is shipped via airplane. She calls every new owner to let them know the kitten made it safely on board the airplane and then again to make sure the kitten has been picked up and arrived safely. She keeps in touch with the owners to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

    Kelly has been awarded the CFA Cattery of Excellence for many years. She takes pride in what she does. This is easily recognized by one conversation with her about her kittens and or one visit to her facility. She is very knowledgeable and knows everything about persian kittens. I encourage anyone looking for a kitten to visit Buffalo Creek Farms and I would highly recommend Buffalo Creek Farms to any of my friends and family members.

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  • Tr
    Tracey versaw Jun 01, 2012

    I have to wonder who Andrea Walker REALLY is...pretty sure it's not her real name, cause nothing she has posted is even a little bit true!,

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  • Tr
    Tracey versaw Jun 01, 2012

    I have bought 3 kittens from kelly, all in good health, I have been to Kelly's place as I have picked up each one of my kittens in person. I can't even tell you how good of a place that she has, it's clean, kittens and cats are clean, and quite honestly her cats have it very well, it's obvious she loves each and every one of them, they have human furniture, tv's, fish tanks, waterfalls, toys, all things cats love. I can only hope that one day I will have a set up as good as she has..
    There is NO WAY any of you bought a kitten from her and can honestly say these kind of things, this just makes me sick to read this crap, not one word is true. You either have the wrong person, or you are purposely setting out to ruin her.
    any other person reading this, go to her place and you will see it's not even close to being true. I PROMISE you will be truly impressed with her cattery. First time I was there I walked away saying wow! because I was amazed and impressed with how spoiled and loved her cats are. If you made a mistake accusing her of this horrible stuff, do the right thing and correct it! check your paperwork people, make sure your blaming the RIGHT person!.

    Mr DITTO... jane yoder ? and buffalo creek farms? check the mailing/street address is that where you got your kitten?
    you all had to send payment somewhere and I'm 100% it was not to buffalo creek farms in Lawerence Kansas.
    If you honestly feel you have the right person, than post your real names and contact info, So that this issue can be resolved by Kelly, any potential buyers, don't believe one bit of these lies, go check for yourself!

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  • Ke
    Kelly Krejci Jun 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Buffalo Creek Farms as never ever sold kitten that was not raised here. I think there is another person using my cattery name. Please be sure you are not talking about her. I think is is unfair that you would say these things with out being sure who you are talking about. All kittens from us are registered as Purrkitties under my name Kelly Krejci. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime. I can show you where and how my kittens are raised. I have never even heard of the person you are talking about. I am a cattery of excellence with CFA and have been for 4 years. I an state licensed and have been as long as I have been doing this. If this person is using my name please let me know so I can contact her. Thank you for looking in to this I am sure you will see you have never done business with me and change this. I am sorry fro your experience as it sounds very painful. It is important to hold those accountable irresponsible breeders but please before you do make sure you are talking about the right person. Please come ans visit me I would love to show you how we care for our kittens.

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  • Ci
    ciders haven client Dec 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shame on the breeder...I lost my kitten from Ciders Haven recently to FIP...breeder Janae Grove only wants to replace kitten from same parents, disregarding the danger of genetic predisposition to FIP & not willing to practice any precaution like early weaning...she continues to breed same parents together & sell those kittens...sad when breeders care mainly profit

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  • Mr
    Mr. Ditto Oct 19, 2011

    I could not agree more. This explains why the two kittens we purchased from Buffalo Creek Farms were registered to a Jane Yoder and not to Kelly Krejci.
    Both have been very ill from day one. The male kitten died of FIP 5 weeks after we got him. Kelly refused to replace him or refund our money.

    Avoid supporting Buffalo Creek Farms Persian kitty mill at all cost.
    I am going to contact animal control and see what can be done for these sick animals. Kelly is clearly in it for money she can pad her pockets with.

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