Budget Cars (Ottawa)unethical behaviour/booking no ca884953160

P Aug 16, 2018

Car hire from ottawa aiport from 24th july to 8th august 2018 - budget cars)

When we were picking our car up we were asked by the supervisor if we would like to upgrade our vehicle, we refused but he pursued this offer vigorously. We did not accept his offer.

We were then asked if we would like to upgrade our insurance, we refused saying we don't use the car much as we are at our holiday cottage in burnet just outside of ottawa. We were asked a number of times if we would like to upgrade the insurance but we continued to refuse the upgrade.

On returning the car to the airport we were given a bill, which included $450 dollars (canadian), for the insurance which we had refused. We asked the supervisor why this was included and he produced a document which was a copy of the digital document that I signed accepting the insurance. We did not have a copy of this document, so it was not possible to check it when leaving the counter. We trusted the supervisor to prepare the document as discussed excluding extra insurance.

We suggested he had made a mistake but the supervisor was extremely rude and accused us of lying and trying to avoid payment.

We have been renting cars from this company over the last 30 years I have been coming to canada, renting from ottawa and montreal. I have never purchased the premium insurance. I have never experienced such rudeness from a senior member of staff. He called himself the supervisor.

I accept that the signature was mine, but given that the signing was digital,
A) the screen was hard to read and very small
B) we trusted the supervisor to prepare the document correctly
C) we were not given a copy of the document
D) we had just arrived on a long haul flight from the uk,
You can understand how this may have happened.

We will not be using the budget car service again as we are very disappointed with our treatment and that we were given the full insurance despite saying a number of times we did not require it.

We would accept a refund of the difference between the full insurance and the basic insurance so that we can clear up this matter. It is so very disappointing when a service we had always held as being efficient and honest, has employees who has no manners or discretion.

From dr f gray and mrs valerie gray

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