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Email Copy,
Aug 31 (11 days ago)
to [protected]

The Head Of the Department,
H.O & Corporate Office,
Brother International (India) Private Limited.

Subject: Response to your email received on 28th of this month.

This is in regard of the email which I received from your end on 28th August 2013, First of all I am not Madam, So check the detail where Mr. is mention before my name, which comes under male gender & about accusing me of using non genuine consumable ink cartridge in the printer because of that printer head got damaged. In fact the technical reason behind the print head damage is the product itself defective because of often paper gets jammed below the print head means damage cause due to scrub pressure on print head while printing & head get stuck often upon the jammed paper. I would like to bring it to your notice that when I complained about the printer, your engineer (Mr. Parab) had visited to my place on 08th August 2013, and he checked everything of the printer by all the ways & certified that I have been using a genuine ink cartridge only. He assured me that soon the defect parts will be replaced by the company & kept the job pending for spare parts requirement. So kindly refer to your own engineer report properly which I had attach in my earlier mail & understand the meanings, which is mention in the job sheet instead of sitting over their & blaming. I am surprise how you had been posted in a reputed company. Anyway even he had seen all the empty genuine cartridge pack since beginning I had used & purchase bill for the same which is from Laxmi Incorporation & Mek Pheripherals, its seem that only after the complete verification then only at last he had mentioned in his report that customer use original cartridge, So at least you should have trust on your engineer report as said our engineer in the mail before making false commitment & for your satisfaction you can also contact Mr. Tilesh bhai (Prop :- Laxmi Incorporation) your authorized dealer who regularly delivering me the genuine ink cartridge whenever I am in need.
And why this false commitment done only after my complaint mail send to you, as I am waiting for last 20 days for your engineer who assured me that very soon pending job will be completed on prior basis, Is not their duty they should inform the customer for the same instead of kept in dark to me for so many days & know this types of a baseless commitment show company poor performances and abnormal professionalism..
Instead of just get rid of all my genuine problems, which your concern is supposed to solve, but you have put an end to our relation by such commitment. Infact I am very much shocked by your irresponsible reply. You must know that I was having several complaints in your product/services, instead of solving all those problems which were being faced by me but you opted for a short cut and blame me so called non genuine consumable user.
I demand to know on what basis your accusation are, In-spite of your own engineer certifying that I used only a genuine ink cartridge because of your lethargic service, my business getting hurt. I had complained it in the 1st week of august but still it’s not being repaired & my whole business depend upon it, means I am in a big loss. If you won’t able to replace the defective parts & make it OK within 3 days then I will sue your company in the consumer court (also this blogs will be post to all complaints & consumer forum website against beware of such service defaulter company), & will also demand a replacement for a new printer with an extended warranty & the compensation which is incurred in my business due to your inefficiency and poor services. Hence you ought to rethink on your immature and childish sentences and please be mature enough if you wish to terminate my warranty then proceed properly by expressing appropriate genuine reason
Thanking you and eagerly awaiting immediate and mature response from your organization.

% amira electronics %
Brother Customer Care
Aug 28, 2013
to Prashant, me

Dear Madam,

Our engineer has attended the call and found print head faulty. Due to usage of non genuine consumable print head will not be replaced under warranty it has to be purchased by customer.

Sincere Regards,
Brother Customer Care Team

Ignore this fraud Company/Product for any business proposal.
Ignore this fraud Company/Product for any business proposal.
Ignore this fraud Company/Product for any business proposal.
Ignore this fraud Company/Product for any business proposal.