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12:49 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Broadway Cameras & Electronics Bad service

My friend was visiting from Italy. He went here to purchase a new Nokia Phone. Unfortunately he did not check it before he left. He discarded the box and went on his way home to Italy. Suprise! The phone was broken. He called and spoke to the manager, was told to take it back. He overnighted the phone to me along with the receipt and I went back to the store and explained the situation and asked for an exchange. The employees there looked at me as if I was a Common Criminal. Telling me I found the broken phone on the street and was trying to rip them off. I had the receipt but they didn't want to hear it. $500 spent on a broken phone and they were not willing to help me in the least. Then they told me that they don't sell that phone, but it was in their window. Then the phone was a special order item but miraculously my friend was able to walk it and purchase it. Right! As far as I'm concerned this place is interested in doing nothing but taking advantage of forgeiners because they are unable to do anything after they leave.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, IN
Sep 03, 2018 7:45 am EDT
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This is ajitram from tiruppur...

My front camera shows upside down and also my back camera button is disabled ... While restarting my mobile. It takes 5 to 6 times to show the display... What is the remedy for it.

Please help me in solving the problem...

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Jul 25, 2008 11:37 am EDT

This very same thing happened to me. I was attempting to buy a Nikon D40 body only since I already own a D80 with several good lenses and wanted to get my girlfriend a 'starter' DSLR so she can begin enjoying the experience of great picture taking.
Lo and behold, I get an email asking me to confirm my order and while doing so, I learn that the item I order is not the 'US version and switching to the US version would cost me another $100. On top of that, the camera has no accessories (batteries, cables, manuals, etc!) which is very improbable because that is not how Nikon packages anything - even outside the US (I know because I have lived in several countries both developed and developing). Anyway, what started off as a routine $300 purchase turned into a $799 nightmare at which point I stated I was not interested any more...before I could say another word, the phone was dead! So I wondered whether there was closure or not since the rude fellow just grunted and hissed before hanging up (figuring he was not convincing me much with his BS). I immediately called American Express and told them to call me if charges posted from Broadway Photos because they have been known to cancel an order and still charge for the item hoping you never catch on to it.
STAY AWAY. The advertized deal is NOT WORTH IT!

Lass M
, US
Mar 09, 2011 11:43 am EST

These people are scammers stay away people stay away from this shop

J Manis
80 Denis St, AU
Oct 20, 2013 7:48 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Total ### - do not enter their store! I had the misfortune of walking into this place with my family recently and was RIPPED OFF! My intention was to purchase a $10 cable for my camera that I had forgotten at home and ended up leaving with a lens package that I didn't even want. The salesman grabbed my camera to test fit the cable and put on a wide angle lens without my permission. He then took numerous photos of my 10 year old daughter to show how good it was. I was fooled and ended up paying $577USD for what was really worth $99USD. To make things worse the lens which was supposed to be a Canon was switched for a 'no name' brand, which I only discovered when I returned back to our hotel. I returned the following day and kicked up a big stink but could not get a refund. I was threatened with violence but I made such a fuss that everyone in the store cleared out. I'm sure this hurt their sales but I refused to leave. The best I could achieve was to exchange the bogus lens for a Samsung Tab 2 which turned out to be a stolen item. I have since returned home and have reported this matter to the Australian Federal police who are investigating the matter. Fortunately I paid with my credit card so my bank was kind enough to reinstate my funds. My advise is DO NOT enter this store under any circumstances. They are crooks, evil, dangerous and total ###! Beware of the older guy with the grey hair behind the cash register and the tall ugly guy who stands at the back of the store where the camera's are kept. He initialed the sales docket AV?

Unhappy Customer
Sep 30, 2008 11:42 am EDT

I ordered Canon 17-85mm lens from Broadway Photo and they sent me an email to ask me for confirmation. Once I called them, they told me that the lens I ordered was for German body camera. If I want for the US body, I have to pay $20 extra. I did not know at that time so I said ok. When I received the lens from them, I noticed that they charged me extra $20 for handling fee. So I thought I had a good deal from them, but I had to pay total $40 extra for the lens that I should not have to pay. So DON'T ORDER OR HAVE ANY BUSINESS WITH BROADWAY PHOTO. THIS IS A SCAM.

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I ordered Canon 17-85mm lens from Broadway Photo and they sent me an...

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