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Broadband National reviews & complaints

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Jan 28, 2008

Broadband National - Scam and fraud!

I read another complaint and I could have simply cut and pasted it. I purchased Comcast internet service from Caneisha Howell who is a Comcast employee in Concord. She completed the form for me (it is in her writing) and I do received a card in the mail that said it was not going to be honored. After debating the issue via email (you can not speak with her on the phone) with Michell Adrian, she agreed to honor the rebate. The rebate was for $125. Well, today I got my check in the mail for $25 - $100 short. This is absolutely ridiculous.! I have copies of the original rebate form and emails between myself and Michelle. This is a complete scam and there should be a lawsuit against the rebate company or Comcast for affiliating with such a poor company.

May 28, 2008

Its been past 4 months and i am following up to get my rebate of nearly 100$ on the Modem and Router and i am unable to get any help ..I have couriered all the document to the Niagara falls team .. I did call a month ago and they said they will look for my documents and its unheard of ..I dont understand this as it is very painful to follow up sooo many times

Dec 05, 2007

I submitted my rebate correctly and was told by a customer service rep at broadband national that it was received early in July.

The form I submitted says: Please allow 10-16 weeks after completed qualifying activity for processing and to receive your $100 rebate check. For customer service or to check the status of your rebate, please go to or call [protected].

When I call the company I get the run around/transfer game. Then they finally say to check back in a few weeks if I do not hear from them or see any activity at

When I go to this site {I have been checking regularly for 3 months now} to check status the page still says:

Submission Details

Here are the details for the submission you selected.
Broadband National, Inc.

Promotion WildBlue $100 MIR
Rebate Number 087193
Promotion Type Rebate
Submission ID [protected]
Status We have received your submission and it is being processed. Submission status information is updated daily. Please continue to check this website to find the mail date for your submission.

Mar 26, 2008

When I signed up for the package and was told about the rebate and how it was handled, I was skeptical. To get the total rebate, I was required to go online and download and complete 3 separate forms and submit different criteria for each to be eligible. I downloaded the rebates within 30 days of my completed install. The time frame on two of the rebate sheets already indicated that I was disqualified. I contacted your rebate center and was assured that my rebate was valid. No explanation was given to me for the date discrepancy. It is apparent now that the date discrepancy is allowed to happen so that consumers who have purchased services in good faith can be denied their rebate.

Here are some facts to consider:

1. I was promised a rebate when I agreed to purchase the Time Warner package.
2. I accepted and have paid for the service since September of 2007.
3. I obviously qualified for these rebates at some point in time.
4. They are keeping my money on a technicality that I believed was resolved when I spoke to your customer service rep.

I fulfilled my part of the commitment by purchasing and paying for the service, I supplied the required information and receipts and submitted them by the dates indicated on the forms.

I have ordered Comcast Cable / Internet through broadband national few months back. As per the company instruction i have sent my rebate form with the complete details... but suddenly they show up status as:

"The service provider is showing a different company as Affiliate of Record for your service order; therefore, the order placed through Broadband National is not a valid service order. " I have not understood the comments given by Broadband national...

Its really fraud / scam yet to decide. But in future i will not refer anyone to buy service through broadband national.

May 04, 2008

I no longer worked for the company you need to contact Huy Dao at [protected] at the Concord Corporate Office, he is the Area Sales Manager, he can credit your account for the $ that was not honored.

Apr 08, 2008

My story which I will not go into is nearly the same as yours.
They avoid then promise the rebate then deny it on some technicality that they did not bring up before. told me everything was OK and in process.
No rebate!

Dec 19, 2007

Same here. I just received a post card from Broadband National said "The service provider is showing a different company as Affiliate of Record for your service order; therefore, the order placed through Broadband National is not a valid service order. "

I submitted my rebate in september and received this post card 12/18/2007. There is 3 month wait and the order was through braodband national. but they refused it. It is so bad. I will tell people not to believe broadband national. It is a bad company.

Oct 31, 2007

Got screwed as well. They make you wait 4 months for the "status" to show up on, and when the status finally shows up it says the check has been mailed, please allow AT LEAST 6 weeks for it to arrive. After 12 weeks they said they would reissue a check and it would take yet another 16 weeks. WTF! They just reel you along. From now on, I will just get my service from comcast itself instead of including this POS company. I wont be surprised if my check never shows up.

By the time they say I should my check, it will have been a year, and that's if I get it.

Jul 20, 2007

Worst rebate service ever! I advise other to be aware of this scam artists. I ordered comcast internet and digital cable through broadband national and filled in and sent all the rebate forms on time. Surprisingly they received only one rebate form and the customer service responds"we are not responsible for lost mail". I have a delivery confirmation and still they claim that the mail was lost and not received by them. They would not take the copies of all the rebate stuff i sent then either. Nobody will help u and on top of it they r very rude. I canceled my comcast services and switched to dish network...

Will never ever go to broadband national again. Never. Dish network is the best.

Jul 18, 2007


For me, they didn't even send me the excuse letter... Nada, no refund, and it's my 4th months since submitting the rebate form..

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