British Airwayswrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month


My flight was on 11 September 2017, flight number BA1370 from London Heathrow to Manchester Airport.
My new Missing Baggage Report Number is LHRBA26284 as of 17 October 2017. My baggage receipt number is BA573087.

Previously, the report number was MANBA 22863, but a wrong baggage was delivered to me. Then, it was changed to MANBA 26284. The baggage status seen on Missing Baggage Report was 'possible match found' before it changed to 'found'. However, I did not receive any calls, emails, or notifications on the updated status.

It has been more than a month since my baggage went missing. I have called countless times to British Airways Baggage Team and I get different responses each time.

On 17 October 2017, during the call, I was advised to call the courier services. The courier services said no baggage under MANBA 23430. I made another call again and I was given a new Missing Baggage Report Number which is LHRBA 26284.
The status was '1 bag possible match', then it changed to '1 bag still missing'.

I could not get a confirmation from Missing Baggage Report or from the calls I made to the Baggage Team if my luggage was found or delivered.

On the same day, I received an email from [protected] and below are the details:

Subject to Conditions - Your item is located and is being
sent to the delivery airport. BA112/17OCT - Scheduled
Arrival Time: 18OCT/0625

From: New York J F Kennedy International Apt
Tag Number: AA262217
Original Flight: AA318/16OCT/AA1406/16OCT/BA178/17OCT
New Flight: BA112/17OCT
New Route: London Heathrow Apt

None of the details sent matches the descriptions of my luggage. If this baggage is sent to me, this will be the second time a baggage is wrongly delivered.

Prior, I have sent numerous emails to British Airways Customer Relations. In the emails, I described and attached pictures of my baggage. I did not receive a single reply.

Attached are my luggage's images, which I sent many times to British Airways Customer Relations. I have also mentioned that the brand is CROCODILE and cabin size.

I am frustrated with the service and work ethics of British Airways Customer Relations and Baggage Team. I understand that there are many missing luggages to deal with, but I'm asking your help to assist me in locating and delivering the correct luggage to me. I have to return to Kuala Lumpur soon and I need my luggage urgently.

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