Brighthouse Networkadding $20 collection fees to late fees

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Brighthouse has been adding $20 collection fee in addition to late fees to my bill. My monthly bill is $20.99 plus tax so they are charging 100% interest in additin to the late fees. They do NOTHING to collect this $20 other than put it on my bill so I believe this COLLECTION FEE is unfair and a RIPOFF to me. Where in the world do you find justification in this ridiculous amount charged if I don't pay your bills within 13 days of the due date (per Desirea at Brighthouse - due on 16th, letter sent on 19th and 10 days later add $20) THIS COLLECTION FEE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

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      Dec 18, 2009

    Sounds more like someone needs to turn off the cable because they cannot afford it.

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      Jan 31, 2010

    If you really want to hook up a cable with the Brighthouse Network, you need to think about this company twice before you are about to call for their service.

    There were many incidents since we had cable T.V and internet almost a year ago. We could not describe how bad of the Brighthouse service was. Matter of fact, we are glad that we are out of it for good...!

    First incident in July, 2009: The house we live in had a friend who wanted to add another line for the internet. Brighthouse scheduled an installed technician came over for the installation. When he showed up, I requested him not to interrupt my active internet line until I was done what I was doing with my company's emails. When he was almost done with the installation, he turned off the power that turned off the modem and the wireless router with out telling me what I requested him what he needed to to. That's really piss me off for an unskillful work.

    Second incident in December, 2009: For the way of Brighthouse service dues to the unreliable connection and unskillful employees. My co-worker decided to call in to turn off the internet line. Guess what? Again, a Brighthouse technician came down to turn both the internet lines off with out checking how many lines, or which line needs to be turned off. The other hand, when it was off, I had tried to call them, and they said the line was ok. Moreover, they even told me to stop by their office to pick up a new modem (they guessed the modem was bad). Anyway, we again got the internet back on after two days for just an unskillful technician who removed a splitter in the front yard cable box.

    Third incident in the early of January, 2010: We had the internet and the cable T.V on and off during the day and night. We had checked with the neighbors and they had the same problem too. Therefore, the neighbors added that the cable T.V always got interrupted at least several times in a month, and they said that is normal. Is that really true?!

    Now, we don't have to live in that state any longer. For my comments, I believe Brighthouse needs to be much improved in their technical skills, and their language ability. It could be overcome if they speak well in English too. Well, sometimes bilingual language doesn't really assist the situation at all.

    Thank you for reading my post.
    Best regard,

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      Feb 23, 2010

    love it when people who can’t or won’t pay their bills start to complain about additional fees!

    You signed a contract saying that you would pay X amount by a certain date. Now when you fail to live up to that obligation – and are getting free cable to boot – you [censored] and whine about imposed fees. READ THE CONTRACT THAT YOU SIGNED!

    By signing you agreed that it was ok by you for these fees to be imposed! You didn’t know about the late fees, well that is on you.

    95-99% of BHN customers pay on-time. It costs BHN money to try and contact the other 1-5 %. Who should pay for that? All of BHN customers? Or just the ones who are causing BHN to spend time, effort, and money to collect money that is legally owed to them?

    I did collections - not with BHN – and the fees we imposed were for those who were 30 days+ late. And the vast majority of those don’t return phone calls, don’t answer the door, causing repeated attempts to be made to reach them. And all of that costs money.

    Now what would happen if the company you worked for just decided not to pay you on payday? What if they did not respond to your attempts to get what is legally owed to you? What if it cost you time, effort, and money to get paid? Would you want to be compensated for that? Of course you would, so why [censored] and whine when BHN wants you to pay an additional fee for the cost of collecting what you legally owe them?

    To everyone complaining about this, quit playing the victim. Try answering that phone or door when BHN tries to get in contact with you. Most companies will try to work with you, but not if you dodge them for days or weeks.

    Oh and btw if you go to the BHN website you can see that the $20 collection fee can be waived! But you wouldn’t know that since you are too busy playing the victim and [censored]ing and whining.

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      May 31, 2011

    The obvious vulgar BHN employee who posted the above reply is lying.
    Yep - Brighthouse does not have enought new job to keep employee working so the new trick is the $20 "Collection fee" which they don't really even try to collect...

    The last few month BHN has been going down the hill sale wise (because AT&T U-Verse) and they are desperate to get extra income. So, they send their employees post little note on doors of late paying customers (without even knocking on doors) so to get that $20 charge.

    And no, paying online is NOT going to waive that fee!

    So "Joe68", the bad news is your company is going down and you are about to lose your job. Because A) Brighthouse sucks, B) Brighthouse is overpriced C) Their employees are rude and lazy (they sleep in their truck in back of my business)

    I'm getting rid of my Dishnetwork Sat (good but not like fiber optic) and my Brighthouse internet cable and going to U-Verse. I'll even make a couple of $100's on the way.

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      Mar 13, 2012

    Bright house sucks. ... Bright house sucks. Bright house sucks. The late fee is one thing. The collection fee when I call them to pay the bill that no one EVER tried to collect. The new add should not be hellow friend it should be bend over grab your ancles and you don't get lubE.

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      Apr 19, 2012

    @Joe68, I went over the work order that I signed, and it don't tell me the full policy. You would have to look that up at,

    I also found out that if you use Bright House service for business purpose, (sending e-mail, phone calls), in the state of FL, laws says one can not charge collection fee for business debts.

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  • M
      Mar 01, 2013

    I just don't see how they can charge a late fee and a collection fee when the bill never addresses when the bill is due. Does someone know where we as consumers can find to sue for this? They never can get the billing straight and their customer service reps never are clear on what to do or what's going on. I really regret in getting this service.

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  • T
      Mar 06, 2013

    You can sue pro se. Google procedure for your state and/or visit a small claims court and talk to a clerk.

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