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D Nov 26, 2018
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Went to several Dodge Chrysler dealerships looking for two new trucks. Wanted a 2500 Laramie, and a 1500 Laramie sport. After much searching found a 2500 at Legacy Dodge Chrysler Taber, and a 1500 at Bridge City Chrysler Lethbridge. I have purchased a previous 2500 with Legacy and have had great success and built a wonderful relationship. The sales staff offered to have the 1500 truck transferred from Bridge City Chrysler to Legacy for purchase, and we felt that was very accommodating and kind. This is where things took a turn. Bridge City Chrysler salesperson Clarence Belter became upset after learning he lost the deal to Legacy and told me he would make sure that truck would "Never get released or transferred to Legacy" and good luck finding another one !! He has been calling, texting and mockingly harassing us ever since. Can't believe his pettiness and such a sore looser. We have tried several complaints to Bridge City management without resolve. Trucks still there, Clarence has made several new offers, but we don't feel comfortable with Bridge City, or there staff anymore. We are Willing to buy from Legacy, but Bridge City has blocked every attempt to do this. After 9 new Dodge vehicles, Maybe it's time to change our fleet to Ford.

  • Updated by David Borsboom · Nov 27, 2018

    Looks like the sales manager at Bridge City is trying to resolve this problem, and I thank him for that, maybe we can get this fixed after all

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