Brian MarkleFraud and Misrepresentation


What can one say. It has been well over a year since Brian and I have had any contact yet I am still being contacted to this day about his business dealings. What makes it disturbing is he continues to utilize trade names that are now defunct and continues to promote his undoings onto me. I have had to defend him in court in order to undue some of the damange caused to great expense and instead of saying "thanks" he continues to put me into situation I have absolutely no knowledge. Thankfully through nutrition the public is now becoming aware. Many have now apologized to me personally as i try to do my best to address their concerns and fullfil at least some of their requests. They used to be demands but now working in cooperation my name is now becoming clear.

A message to Brian you have always wanted to have a debate and why not, we can youtube it for all to see and I am fully prepared to meet you anywhere and in any place but I guess all talk and no action..which is part and post of your scam.

Anyways I have had many conversation with Ottawa and the OPP and they have no doubt I am not involved in many of your illegal adventures and coming soon FRAUD CHARGES and CORPORATE FRAUD.


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    Trevor Goble Jun 13, 2012

    Paul Vance I have read all your comments and speaking of ### you are a sniveller and comment on matters you know absolutely nothing about. Target and furniture. Most people would have packed everything up and exchanged it or got a refund. On an exchange you could have made sure you had the right parts then took that home and assemble the product. Shows how smart you are.

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