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I have a Breville Fruit Juicer JE-24. it is a birthday present I accepted last year. I have started to use it for last 3 months. it was ok at the beginnig but then I had a problem, it was hard to remove its steel filter. I have sent an email to Breville UK for my request but they sent me this : "The only suggestion we have is that you press the juice collector and the extractor down and turn anti-clockwise, to take out of the machine. To separate the collector and the extractor then press them down on a stable surface to separate them, being careful of the blades." . I have tried what they told but it didnt work. and today it is broken because of my enforcement to the appliance. and additionally I have cutten my hand. I will send you the pic of the issue. Breville was a trusted brand for me and I was proud of its quality but I started to change my mind. maybe product is ok but customer service is terrible in UK. they only adviced -even dont request about detail of the problem. After all these experiences I have sent emails to Breville Australis. I have attached related photos. but they didnt even answer my complaint. I really upset because of this attitude. people believe this brand and pay more CASH than other regular brands. but here is the result.


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    lacollag Jun 05, 2009

    My 1 year old Breville toaster died! It responds as if it is not receiving any electrical charge at all. Dead. After very light useage, maybe 1 toast per week. This was a very expensive product, and therefore, very disappointing that it is of such poor quality. I've owned $10.00 toasters that lasted ten years! This is inexcusable.

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