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I bought a pair of shoes from the website on the 3rd May. After receiving the shoes I found that there was little resemblence between what I had been sent and what was pictured on the website. I was offered an exchange and I spent a further £15 sending the shoes back to China. 8 weeks later (and about 15 emails) I have no shoes and am £160 out of pocket. I have been emailing weekly and I am now getting no response from them at all!! Don't use this company!


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      Sep 28, 2009

    I purchased a pair of MBT shoes for $119.90 from this website on August 12, 2009 they feel apart right out of the box! The shoelace grommet was out of the shoe, to save the hassle of returning them to China... I glued it. I am a Respiratory Therapist on my feet for 12 hour shifts, after the second day of wearing my new shoes I noticed the gray side of the heels were cracking and peeling away exposing a yellow rubber under gray paint! Two weeks later the gray stripes on all sides cracked in half where the shoe bends, I wanted to return the shoes but my receipt went in the shredder. I cringe every time I put them one month old shoes look like they are YEARS old! I will never EVER purchase anything from this company or from China!

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      Mar 25, 2010

    I'm having a similar problem with I did not do enough research before buying these and saw them for such a good deal that I went ahead with the sale. After reading about these fraud websites later that same day I emailed (the only way to contact them of course, no 1-800 number, no live chat, etc). I've been in contact with them for over a week and I am getting nowhere. I told them to cancel and refund, yet they shipped days later anyways, and now they have ceased communication. Today I went back to their website and it has changed from a week ago when I purchased. They actually admit, now, to not being authentic MBT shoes. Isn't that just great. So I guess I'll see what arrives from China...if it ever arrives (some people on other complaints aren't even receiving any shoes at all!). I know I'm not getting a refund though, that's for certain. I've called my credit card and told them of the situation and the are sending me a dispute/investigation form. I recommend you do the same, although it's been awhile since your post so I don't know that anything could be done at this point. I also had them change my account number because these fraud websites will use your information for identity theft, or just to charge you again in the case that your credit card deems them fraudulent and recoups the money.

    I am a med tech, also on my feet all day. Some of the research I found on these shoes states that since they are fake we shouldn't expect any benefit from them like we would authentic MBTs, in fact, they could further worsen foot problems. I have plantar fasciitis and my doc recommended these (real ones of course). I don't think I'm going to wear them even if they ever arrive. You may consider tossing them, if they haven't fallen completely apart yet...for your feet's sake.

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      Apr 09, 2010

    i buy uggs from uggsaustralia, i paid 110 dollar charche from my credit card en i have no uggs the site is gone what must i do i want my mony back

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      Apr 10, 2010

    Contact your credit card company, that's what I did and they are helping me out.

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