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I hate these people who have nothing else to do but steal. appeared on my bank account this morning, with no prior authorization. We have to wait...


I didn't check the web for consumer reports before I was sucked into this one. I went to a 90 minute timeshare presentation (90 minutes I can never get back). I was given the voucher for my "free" vacation, only to find that I must send $50 per person in order to activate the voucher. Well Isent the $100 total and then recieved the vacation request form. I have now filled out the form and was about to mail it off when my inner self told me something sounds fishy about a company that would request a front and back copy of my credit card, plus a copy of my driver license. Boy am I glad I called. When I started calling their numbers 2 days ago I am told, WTC is out of business and I would not get my money back. Then of course I was hung up on quickly. I have every intention of filing reports with everyone from the local attorney general in Florida all the way up to FBI. I absolutely want in on a class action lawsuit. Let me know when!

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    Angie Rafat Jan 04, 2010

    I got scammed by Worldwide Travel Center for the amount of $246.00. First they said you have to pay $50 for each person for timeshare hotel and flight after sending the money they said you have to pay $146.00 for tax purposes after sending total of $246.00 called to make the reservation a company with the name of Trips said Worldwide Travel Center went out of business. I will go after them they rip off people and scam them.

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  • Fr
    free sprit Feb 06, 2010

    All victoms of these frauds must take their complain t0 government authorities who get paid by Us, tax payers money. Their job is to protect us from these such obvious scams, which I am sure they are all aware of it.
    Need to open a calss action against this company and to follow up on it, and any attorney will be welcomed to open this case in floridas' courts and get whatever percentage or even whole money collected through court procedure. Attorney can easily find all these complais or even a web site to collect every bodies signiture. I am prety sure that there is hand of a politicion protecting this agency for Money. Otherwise, why after few years of complains, nothing have been done to this company. We should not let these blood sucker abuse us.
    God Bless the protector

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Condo Fee

I paid my condo fee in the amount of $266.00 and submitted my dates for my free week condo stay, only to find...

7 nights condominium stay

I received the vacation offer through a travel compay based in Columbia, MD. I sent $266.00 in January '09 which was accepted by WWTC. They did not contacted me thereafter and no reciept of payment. When I call them they would say my vacation choice is fully booked and to choose another place. After a few changes I requested the money to be refunded. They asked that I send my request by mail and my 2 attempts to send them a letter failed (return to sender). The last I talked to them was in Sep'09. The [protected] number still works but get you the voice msg.

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    Unknown1955 Dec 07, 2009

    They just called me and their number is 888-331-3331, but they are using Trip Incentives name now.

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  • Fr
    free sprit Feb 06, 2010

    All victoms of these frauds must take their complain t0 government authorities who get paid by Us, tax payers money. Their job is to protect us from these such obvious scams, which I am sure they are all aware of it.
    Need to open a calss action against this company and to follow up on it, and any attorney will be welcomed to open this case in floridas' courts and get whatever percentage or even whole money collected through court procedure. Attorney can easily find all these complais or even a web site to collect every bodies signiture. I am prety sure that there is hand of a politicion protecting this agency for Money. Otherwise, why after few years of complains, nothing have been done to this company. We should not let these blood sucker abuse us.
    God Bless the protector

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For those of you who are having trouble getting your refund, I am providing the following to show what...

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questionable practices

We won a 3 day 2 night vacation voucher through a local car dealership promotion. I followed the instruction...

Travel scam

I was attracted by a birthday flyer (see scam1) which promised that I would be awarded 2 round trip air fares for attending a seminar in Scottsdale, Az (16427 N. Scottsdale Rd, Suite 145) in February 2009.
After the seminar, I was directed to submit a form to Worldwide Travel Center. The form required that I send a $100 money order as a deposit which I would get back once I completed the travel. I sent in the form and received another form (see scam2). This form required me to send in payment for the taxes on the flight and hotel accomodations for 2 nights. This required that I send in a money order of $146 along with various documents. After some time, I received the package back (less the money) saying that I needed to send another w-9 form for my wife. I resubmitted the package. After some time I received the package again; this time saying that I needed to send the package via certified mail. I resubmitted the package and after some time received the package saying that I needed to submit a copy of another credit card. I then called Worldwide Travel Center and talked with a representative; this as in June 2009. I said that I did not know what they wanted because the original form did not require a second credit card. I got no response other than I had to follow the instructions that I was sent. I then requested that my money be returned. I was told that my money would be returned.
I have waited over 7 weeks to receive my money. Over the past two weeks I have called Worldwide Travel Center repeatedly using various extensions and have always been routed to an answering machine which will only take a 15 second message. Well, I've learned a valuable $250 lesson. There is no such thing as a free trip...

  • Fr
    free sprit Feb 06, 2010

    All victoms of these frauds must take yheir complain t0 government authorities who get paid by Us tax payers money. Their job is to protect us from these such obvious scams, which I am sure they are all aware of.
    Need to open a calss action against this company and to follow up on it, and any attorney will be welcomed to get whatever percentage or even whole money collected through court procedure. I am prety sure that there is hand of a politicion protecting this agency for Money. Otherwise, why after few years of complains, nothing have been done to this company. We should not let these blood sucker abuse us.
    God Bless the protector

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Promised Refund Not Sent

We were given a "free trip" from these jerks and every time we tried to book our vacation they would send us back a note telling us the dates weren't available. We were never supplied with a LIST of unavailable dates nor would they call and ask for new dates. Instead we had to resubmit our request via FEDEX while their response would come via USPS mail, costing us a bunch each time we responded. This would also "reset" our request so we had to plan further and further ahead. We finally got fed up and asked for our money back because THEY could not live up to the terms even though their policy implied no refunds. They agreed to return our deposit - SIX (6) months ago! Many calls later and we still do NOT have our Money. We have even reported them to the company that uses them to sell their own timeshare products to see if that makes a difference.

  • Sj
    S. Jipp Feb 24, 2009

    The travel certificate for 3 days/2 night stipulates a 30 - 90 day advance notice and three destination choices. I requested an arrival date 60 days in advance during off-peak season in April. Also, two of the picks are were "off the beaten path." Being that two of the three picks (Kelowna, BC; Newport, Oregon; and San Francisco, CA) are not top destination choices among travelers, I assumed the company would be able to accommodate me. As it turned out, not one of the choices was available. Rather than offering other travel dates that included my destination choices, the agent began to list off various other cities that were available at that time. As a person who was thinking about using the travel incentives for fundraisers, I will definitely not be doing so - I used the experience as a test case, and thank goodness I did. After reading the other complaints here, it validates the reason the company has such a low level of decorum in terms of customer service over the telephone - sleazy would be a good way to describe the experience.

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  • Cr
    crowns68 Mar 06, 2009

    it has helped me. I pray I don't fall victim. I just booked my trip for april in Charlston SC. I think I'm about to cancel

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  • Ke
    Kerby Ward Jun 24, 2009

    I donated my car to Kars 4 Kids and was given this offer for 2 free nights at a hotel with Worldwide Travel Center. I set up my reservation by phone and they took forever to send me my application returned because I didn't write my statement to authorize my credit card correctly. They wanted me to resend it along with my $50 deposit check and another "resubmission" fee check. I just stupidly did but now see all these similar complaints about this being a scam. In the mean time, they have my credit card info and authorization to charge it as well as checks made out to them. My travel certificates expiration date is coming up shortly so I don't doubt they will allow it to expire before sending any "real" reservation confirmation back. In the mean time, what should I do?

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  • Go
    Goodintentions Oct 13, 2009

    It is so sad that people who want to do a good deed become victimized by these thieves. How can anyone with a good conscience work for them, telling lies over the phone? I am sorry I ever donated my car to Kars 4 Kids. I am now in the midst of the runaround everyone's talking about. I was told I had a date of January 9th and I would be getting my confirmation letter by mail. The letter arrived today saying I couldn't travel on that day. And they keep asking for more fees. I've sent a letter to the BBB and to their president. I am going to Deerfield Beach in December to knock on their door! Why can't something be done to throw these bums out of business? Better to give your car to a needy family! Anybody thinking of donating to these creeps--HEED THE WARNINGS OF EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS SITE.

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  • Fe
    fed up nj Oct 19, 2009

    I donated my car to Kars4Kids and never received my tax receipt. After waiting over a month, I had to call them and ask them to please send. When the information finally was sent they 'forgot' to include the free vacation voucher. I read the vacation information on K4K web-site and noticed the 3rd party travel agency kept being referred to as 'WTC'. This raised a red-flag as the reference of them was too informal. Thank god I did my research on the company. We all know the old saying " when things seem too good to be usually is". The BBB should look into their business practice asap!

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If it sounds too good to be true...

I wish I had looked up complaints before I bothered. I had a company come to "show" me a vaccuum, which I was told is a "clean air system". I was promised that I would not have to buy anything, just give my honest opinion of their product, and in return I would receive a free vacation. OKAY! We don't have much money so I figure what the heck--great deal, right? Wrong! After being accosted by these salesmen for two hours we finally got our vacation certificate and kicked them out of the house. But the certificate was as much trouble as the salesmen were. Forget about getting a vacation from these people. Worldwide Travel Center is a joke. I tried to call to make reservations to get a busy signal, over and over. Finally, I tried to register online. First I get an alert on my browser that they have an invalid security certificate. When I finally got around that (reluctantly) I couldn't make reservations for anything. It's just not worth the trouble. Just another scam. I guess the old adage rings true: If it sounds too good to be true; it probably is!

  • Fr
    Frank D Jun 17, 2009

    Be REAL happy you weren't able to get through - those of us that did got taken for several hundreds of dollars and are still fighting them to get our money back - we've been at it for over 6 months...

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  • Di
    DiB Jul 10, 2009

    I've been researching to try to get some questions answered about the "Terms & Conditions" of this so-called "contract". What contract? What do you mean one party must be "gainfully employed"? What has that to do with a "free" gift? I got no answers at I sure I will get no answers from Rainbow Vacuum or Air Purifying System either.

    After the intense, obnoxious, and way-too-long presentation for a $2700 vacuum, I figured I deserved this $175.00 "gift", but I can see now that I was right to be suspicious. Nothing is free. This $175 should have been considered their advertising cost (cheap!) and could have resulted in a positive feeling toward Rainbow and possible referrals, but now I think Rainbow and World Wide are both scammers and not to be trusted. And, don't tell me the salesperson didn't know. I got this upgraded gift when I said I wouldn't drink the case of soda she offered at first. Some upgrade!!!

    Thanks to all who voiced their complaints. You've saved many people a lot of pain, I'm sure.

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  • Ic
    icart Jul 10, 2009

    Hello Consumers; Has anyone had any dealings with Carico International, Inc. and their Vacation and or Gift redemption form ? In order to receive a "Reservation Validation Form" They request a $5.00 Check or Money Order for "processing, shipping and handling" Then a 2-3 week period to receive the form. Furthermore once you fill out the form they request a $50.00 "refundable deposit" will be required. I always thought if I really really won something it was free. Correct me if I am mistaken.
    Sincerely, Traci

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  • Ma
    MarsC Jul 25, 2011

    Traci, I am curious about this also. I'm quite skeptical, which is why I have not yet redeemed my "gift" validated 5 years ago. If I can get a vacation for $5 or $55 that would be worth it, but I'm wondering if that will really happen. Is it worth bothering to send in the form? Has anyone been able to redeem or am I wasting my time/money?

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Scam and lies

Add our names to the ever growing members of the general public that have found their encounters with Worldwide Travel Center leaving a bad taste in ones mouth. Hear now our tale of woe. We foolishly went to a time-share presentation, mainly because of the 2 day/3 night offer. This was 6/20.

On 7/1 we called to activate the offer, many questions were asked, and we were asked for our selections. As we had none at that time we were told we had one year to do so. 9/1 we decided to head to Florida in late October. So on 9/2 we called to make reservations for 10/24 - 10/26, we gave three locations, and we given our third choice, Daytona, when asked we would get our confirmation, we told 7 to 10 Business Days. At this point no problems.

On 9/16, we called to ask where the confirmation was, we were now informed that no word had come from the resort, so we were to wait until the end of the next week, and if we did not hear anything that we were to call back.

On 9/26 the new company line was it was being passed to a supervisor, and we would hear soon. We were becoming somewhat concerned, as this was leaving a 3 day hole in our trip. 10/3 we called and informed lady on the phone that this was getting critical, if they could not get something soon we were going to have to make alternate arrangement, once again we were told 'Supervisor is handling it'. 10/9, no reservation, we now called and told Elizibeth, lady on the phone, to forget it, we could wait no longer, we were then passed to Supervisor 'Joey', who quite calmly stated that we could not cancel the reservation as it was beyond 30 days, when asked how one can cancel something that did not exist, he got somewhat belligerent and terminated our conversation. Now surprise, surprise on the very next day we get a confirmation email, for a stay in Daytona, and 'wait for it', with a Required Tour of the Property. Detailed reading of original agreement found not one reference to a Tour, and at no time in any conversation was a Tour mentioned, that would have been a deal breaker from the get go. And noted on email confirmation, that has now arrived 14 days before our arrival date, we must cancel 30 days in advance (Impossible) or location may charge credit card for full rate. We have to date filed complaints with FTC, Indiana AG, and Florida AG. Worldwide Travel Center is a pure con, they stall until they think you have no choice but to do as they say. But a contract that cannot be fulfilled is not a legally binding contract, for a 30 Day Cancellation policy to be enforced, confirmation must be given at least 45 days in advance, unless reservation was made less that 30 days from date of stay. Any charges made to credit cards can be treated as fraud, and with copies of original agreement, and email confirmation sent to credit card companies, all charges will be reversed. To all that have dealt with this company, we urge you to file your own complaints with your state AG, the Florida AG, and the FTC. If not, the rip off will continue.

refund of $246.00

Offered airlines ticket and hotel for 2 nights any where in the USA for 2 persons. Required to send $50.oo...

Fraudulent representation of free hotel certificate

I donated my car to charity via Kars-4-Kids and received a free vacation voucher good for 3 days / 2 nights at the destination of my choice (accomodations anyway). Upon phoning the travel agency to book my hotel, they asked for all my personal information including annual income as well as my travelling partners which is not necessary. They also asked for my credit card to secure a $50 deposit. This seemed a bit odd at first but I went along with.

After giving all my information, they asked if I would rather go to Florida as the three destinations they required me to give were probably all booked. I said I was not interested in that, to which they told me to send in my voucher with all the information I just gave as well as a signed statement of the following "I [my name], undersign authorize _______ hotel to charge my credit card [my credit card #] expiration [xx-xx] for the required security deposit."

I was then to mail all of this in as well as a $50 deposit mailed to Worldwide Travel directly.

Luckily for me I realized this was not right and did a bit of investigating to find out other people had been ripped off by this company already. I would just like to share my experience and file a complaint as this company is not legitimate.

  • Ka
    karen Mar 17, 2009

    Isnt this amazing, i also donated my car to Kars 4 Kids, thinking i was doing something good. i have the voucher but i havent even called the number yet, was planning on using it to go to Veagas for my birthday. This is aggrivating to know this company still exist. Put my name on that list for the lawsuit.

    kare wilson allentown pa

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  • Si
    Simone Apr 03, 2009

    The same thing happened to me when I called to book my "Free Trip" and I just didn't feel right about the whole thing. (Thus, the online search which lead me to this review). I have tried calling back to see if I could get another representative on the line but have been unsuccessful at this. I even left my number for someone to call me back 3 weeks ago with no result on that. I truly feel like this IS a scam and told the person that gave me the brochure as such. I feel very uneasy about the fact that I did give my credit info, but I do have fraud protection on that account. However, I will probably just forget this whole trip and cancel that credit card number. Thanks for your review.

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  • Si
    Sissy11 Nov 20, 2012

    Thank you all, I received a 3 day 2 night vacation voucher as a halloween costume contest winner. I was excited at first but my husband said it smelled like a time share and/or scam. Thanks to this website we have confirmed this.

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Worldwide Travel Center Scam

WORLDWIDE TRAVEL Center offers a vacation extravaganza of 3 days 2 nights is a SCAM!!! The rules are that the offer expired in a year from issue of the certificate. They ask for a $50 cashed check deposit per person going and never responds after you send in the check. Each time I call, I get an answering machine and no one calls me back. Also, when I do get a hold of someone from the center they claim to have sent out a package to the wrong address and repeats the mistake each time I get a hold of a rep. for a request to the correct address. I think they are trying to withhold the package until it expires on me. It is unfair and unjust. These people are here to fool you of your money!!!

  • Li
    LIER Jul 12, 2009


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We received a call last fall from Worldwide Travel Center asking us to vacation in Branson, MO. The cost was $69.00 for the package so I bought it with the agreement to receive 3 days and two nights as another "free vacation", along with golf for two and a $30.00 voucher for a restaurant. We did the condo tour as the agreement stated we had to do. We did use the golf and the restaurant voucher but when we got ready to leave the restaurant I had left a tip on the table but when my husband went to pay they made him pay an $8.00 tip so I went back and retrieved my $5.00 I had left on the table. And we received the brochure for the "Free" (not so free) trip. Well, then today I called to make reservations for our "free 3 days and 2 nights". Well, I got a woman of whom I could not understand her broken "English". But I was able to tell her we wanted to travel on August 22, 23 and leave on the 24th. And my destination I wanted was the Dells in Wisconsin which is one of the many sites they list on their brochure. And that my second choice was Lake of the Ozarks, MO and then Branson as a last resort. Well, she told me that my dates were not available but that if I went on the 21, 22 and left on the 23rd there was availability. So I stupidly gave her my credit card number (which I was smart enough not to give her my credit card with a larger balance on it. I have gone to my bank and requested a card with a very low limit on it for internet purchases and that is the one I gave her... thank God.) Anyway, then later in the day I get a call from them saying that those dates were not available either and I needed to take my 3rd choice of Branson. I refused. I told her I had just been to Branson and did not want to go back now. I wanted the Dells. So they preceded to tell me I had to change our dates again if I wanted the Dells. I told her I could not change the dates again because my husband is a supervisor at his job and he had requested the new dates earlier and that he could not go back now and want to change it again. They insisted that we would have to change to our 3rd choice again. I refused again. Then I got very uneasy about the whole thing and told her to just forget it... of which they really want you to do. She then said they could put me in a hotel but that I would have to send an authorization for the hotel to charge my credit card and I said no way. Then she said for me to send a check to them and and authorization and I said no. Then I told her I did not want any part of their vacation offer if they could not honor my request. I finally told her to just forget the whole thing and that they had better not charge my credit card or I would have an attorney and the Attorney General in several states involved in this. She finally said they deleted my credit card information and it would not be charged. I called my credit card company and told them about this whole mess. They advised me to put a freeze on my credit card or to switch cards all together. I hope this helps anyone out there that is considering this company. They are fraudulent. And it is much more trouble than it is worth. Just go to or somewhere and go that route. I got a hotel in downtown St Louis for $45.00 a night by using Hotwire... and it was the Hyatt Regency on the Riverfront. THAT is more like it and without any headaches... please take my advice and stay away from this company.

  • Je
    Jesse Warner Sep 11, 2009

    We were going to go to Las Vegas on one of their mailers, we got it as a promotion from an auto dealer. We tenativly booked a weekend and 2 or 3 days later said we wanted to reschedule for a different date. My wife wanted to talk to me about which date we would want to go, so she said could they call her back the next day. They claim to have called about rescheduling but never left a message. I called today to cancel and they had went ahead an proccessed the confirmationan and charged me 50 dollars. With over 30 days still to go on our original date they processed it without confirmation. The last recorded conversation that we had with the company was that we were not going on that weekend and needed to reschedule and they still processed the order.

    They have no record of me agreeing to their terms and conditions but they are still holding me to them. They require a LETTER to be sent and after they receive the letter it will take 7-10 business days. all the complaints I have seen have taken 5-7 weeks and still no word.

    So in short, once they have your card they will process a "hold" even when there hasnt been a confirmation. Nor will customer service actually service a customer. Not a company with any customer service. Just a company that is going to arbitrarily hold on to sticking to snail mail. Ive gotten better customer service from Time Warner and D-Link and that is saying a lot!

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  • Eh
    E. Helm Oct 06, 2009

    I got a Worldwide Travel Certificate as a gift and decided to used it for my birthday. I had plan to go to Lake Geneva, WI in September. I sent in the form with my check. A few weeks later, I got a call from a service rep informing me that my request could not be fullfill. So I wrote a letter on July 7, 2009 to request a refund. I got a call around July 17th, saying that my refund was being processed and I would have my money back in 6 weeks. I called on Sept 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, left my name and number, no one has returned my call. On Sept 11th, I filed a complaint with the BBB.
    As of today's date, Oct 6th, no one has called me, nor do I have my refund. I have an appointment to see my lawyer this week.

    E. Helm

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Fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of contract

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