Brachs/Farrar Candy Companymapel nut goodiea

G Sep 02, 2018

I like many others have eaten this candy all my life. After buying a small bag at Dollar tree I popped one in my mouth and thought I was going to get a long loved candy enjoyment. Much to my surprise the candy was so hard and because of this I broke my tooth. Ended up having to have the tooth removed and an implant done along with a crown. The only credit I can give Farrar can't co is they did pay for this. They had over the course of several months sent me coupons after coupon. The only place in town that carried the larger bags was Walmart. Their system will not take the coupons. This should be between Walmart and Farrar. Not so. Apparently it is my problem. I do know through numerous calls talking with one of the higher ups in the company they had problems with the very old machines and had to change things. Never did they recall this candy from the shelves I have read other pists from people who also broke a tooth. I thought this game that we're a dandwr to people were recalled. After all these posts maybe that will happen now.

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