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On October 22, 2008 my son took his 1999 Honda Civic to Scott's automotive in Lubbock. After inspecting it, they determined that he had a bad engine and his only option was to replace it. They gave him the B&R auto parts name as a place to call for an engine. He called B&R auto parts and they did have an engine available. My son went ahead and paid $1028.38 with a credit card over the phone. We bought this engine in good faith assuming that it was in working condition. The engine was delivered by B&R to Scott’s on 10/22/08. Upon completion of the installation on 10/27/08, Scott’s determined that the engine was bad. Even though the engine is bad, we had to pay them $850.00 for their labor. I called B&R and spoke with Terry who, after a long heated conversation agreed to send one of his mechanics to the car and take a look at the engine. He called me back on the same day 10/27/08 and after realizing that he did sell us a bad engine he agreed to issue a credit of $1028.38 on our credit card. Unfortunately for us, this does not help us recoup the $850.00 that we paid Scott's for the labor of putting a bad engine. Terry offered to look for another engine and install it for us for $400.00 plus parts. I'm sure that if we agreed to the last option, by the time they are done putting another engine, we would have had to pay probably close to another $800.00. I don't think this is fair. He sold us a bad engine. He is the expert and should have tested that engine before he sold it to us. I suggested that we should split the loss and he can give us half of the $850.00. He didn't think that was fair. He himself told me after the fact that the engine had been sitting at their place for over a year, so if we compare the losses, here is what I come up with. He is out an engine that sat in their place for over a year, and we are out $850, time my son took off school to deal with this situation and we are still back to square one, not having a car. The losses are hardly comparable. I think this is a great injustice and I hope that someone can make this situation right. I'm not asking him for the entire loss. That would not be fair to him either, but I don't see why we have to incur all the loss. I'm asking to be paid $425.00 by B&R auto parts.


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    kevin hooton Nov 20, 2008
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    was this a used engine? if not store owner should help. iv been in automotive for 16 years and never heard of this.

    good luck

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