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One year warranty

We built a house with Bowen and they have given us very bad customer service and construction quality.
The construction finishing was very bad. There were so many defects in the house that they agreed to fix it prior to closing and it has been more then 4 months and nothing has been done. I would not recommend anybody to buy a home from Bowen family homes. The service and quality is ridiculous. it is had to get hold off them and to get anything done is a big challenge. Worst builder I have ever seen.

Poor Construction, Sucky Warranty Company, Poor Customer Service

Anyone on this site who says they didn't have any problems with their Bowen home, consider yourself BLESSED! This was our first Bowen home, have only been in it 13 months, and we ARE STILL WAITING for the water leak in our house to be fixed! I mean really, it shouldn't take this long. But honestly, this was the icing on the cake. It took them forever just to build the house because they couldn't pay their subcontractors. And so the end result was that the house was built, but built poorly. Oh and did I mention that about 5 months after we moved in we got a lien put on our house by a subcontractor that Bowen never paid! And don't even get me started on Warranty Pro . That company is a joke! We've never been so ready to be out of warranty so that we can hire professionals to diagnose and repair any problems. If you have a water leak you will most likely have mold issues. Not according to Warranty Pro. Even though our baseboards are rotting and black in places according to WP there was no evidence of mold. It wasn't until my husband pulled the baseboard off and revealed MOLD on the walls. Even the roofing company who came out to look at the water leak asked if our house had been inspected there were so many construction errors! Our first home was built by Centex and we had no clue how fortunate we were with that house. We did not experience any problems at all with them. This entire process has been a nightmare. DON'T BUY A BOWEN HOME!

Do Not Honor Contract

My wife and I bought a Bowen Family Home and closed on the house on May 15, 2009. They have not honored the contract we had signed. We have tried everything we could to gain their attention, but every single time, it falls on deaf ears. Including going up to the top of the food chain. This is a complaint about our home buying experience with Bowen Family Homes.

Back on May 15, 2009 we closed on both their homes: the sale of their former home and the purchase of the home they reside in now. 30 days prior to that, my clients wrote a contract to purchase a Bowen Family Home in Prosper TX. In the contract, Bowen agreed to add some additional items to the list as part of the sale. During the final walk-through, more items were added. All of these items were supposed to be completed prior to closing. It is 166 days later that by Bowen Family Homes did not honor their part of the contract. During these 166 days, we made numerous attempts to get them to perform on their contract. Phone calls to the builder who was suppose to oversee this list completed always get pushed back. Next week, next week. But next week never came. Phone calls to the higher up that oversee the Texas division of the Bowen Family Homes always get pushed to this "builder". By then, it falls on deaf ears again. A certified letter to the President of Bowen-Texas goes unanswered. We have made several connection with the entire Bowen company - from their corporate office in Georgia to Texas and right down to the builder. Phone calls, certified mails, emails, etc. All lead to No progress. On October 27 2009, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

We closed on the property on Friday (May 15) with the expectation that Bowen will fulfill their responsibilities the following Monday (May 18) as agreed with the Builder. Looks like it's still not May 18 yet on the Bowen's calendar. Here's the painful lession we learned: Do not close on the house until all the repair items promised to be fixed will be taken care of. In hind sight, we feel that should have happened, but in the end, this is where we are at.

We recently added a new addition to our family. Instead of completely enjoying our new home with our children, our days are spent trying to resolve this issue with a company that will not take responsibility to what they agree to. They also know that the value of the repairs are not substantial enough for us to hire a real estate attorney to fight this for them. Bowen Family Homes did not take responsibility to performing to their side of the contract. They were paid and went on the merry way. During the sale, they made it very clear to my clients, that all warranty issues and contract to-dos will be handled professionally. Think twice about doing business with companies that cannot will not take personal accountability with the utmost respect.

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    PRASHANTv Jan 08, 2010

    Its been 4 months in distress.. the First year warranty sucks.. They will just keep buying time and will noT give you first year warranty service ! I AM ANYWAYS TAKING THIS TO THE LAW!

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