Boss Revolutionfraud, and identity theft and scam

J Mar 09, 2018 Review updated:

Out of the blue never having heard of BOSS revolution, I noted on my bank statement that BOSS revolution fraudulently accessed my bank debit card and removed three transactions. One for $403.99, one for $503.99 and a third for $566.00. This was all done fraudulently.
I have now spent more than 2 hours in interrupted phone calls trying to get this money returned, but Boss Revolution is I think a scam company that is involved with fraudulent activity and identity theft and stealing money from private citizens' bank accounts. How the company got my debit card numbers is unknown, but using software like FraudFox will brute force attack a number and can within a few seconds give them the card details. . Give BOSS revolution a wide birth, and don't have anything to do with this company. I have notified the FBI of this fraud. Trying to get this money returned to my account is like getting blood out of a stone.

Boss Revolution


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    Lauraine Andren Jul 12, 2018

    I have never used this service and just found out they took three transactions out of my credit card. I have never heard of them until I found these unauthorized transactions. I now have had to get a new card and the credit card company is investigating these charges . Meanwhile the funds are gone.

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