Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces2014 ford focus

In May of 2014 I purchased a new Ford Focus. This car is my main transportation and is the worse car I have ever purchased. On 11/16/2015 I took my car in because my transmission was acting up. The car was accelerating and stopping. The car barely had 12, 364 miles on it. Again I brought this car back on 9/23/2016 I brought the car once again due to transmission problems. The car barely had 19, 626 miles on it. Once again the car started acting up with same problem.On 3/15/2019 brought the car back. It had 36, 475 miles on it.Once again it was not repaired. It has a little over 40, ooo miles. I have another appt scheduled once again for the same problem.My child has autism and I rely heavily on this car for his therapy appts and his Dr appts. This car is bad. I do not trust it. Last time I brought this car in my son and I were almost in a car accident due to accelerating and stopping. I have paid loyally on this car. I kept my agreement with you. The very least you can do is give me my money back or get me into a new safe vehicle

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