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I pre-ordered a book on I also ordered a second book. Since the first book was in stock I was charged for both books and the first one was shipped right away.

The second books was released for the first time two months later. I waited two weeks. I called customer service and talked to a representative, she told me that she could see where I paid for the books and that one was shipped. She said she would get back with me by email. I heard nothing back. I tried to call, the representatives see my account online, they hang up on me immediately without a word.

I made a Better Business Bureau complaint, they emailed me that something went wrong with the order and I was never charged for the book. I have a credit card statement that says otherwise. They will not respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint, they will send me the book, they will not give me my money back, and now won’t answer my emails or talk to me on the phone.


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    Ellen K Lewin Feb 25, 2011

    On the 14th of November 2010 I ordered 2 books on line. " The Wimpy Kid : The Ugly Truth and Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. The order number is 29329255. The amount I charged to my Visa was $17.26. I have called 9 (NINE) time to find out about my REFUND, each time I have been told that the refund has be posted to my account IT HAS NOT!!!

    Would someone PLEASE just send me a Check (If you know what that is) and let's get this over with?????

    The last time I called was February 21, I talked to Amber, this was in the evening before 8 PM. She was very pleasant and helpful and concerned about my problem. She with a Manager Jackie said that they would make sure this would be posted to my account in 3-10 business days, the 10th business day will be, 7th (supposedly). I want to know what to do IF I do not get my refund by then?? I'm not sure, what this number is that they gave me, but I'm going to use it as a reference number #317875. The number on the order is 29329355.

    I have always enjoyed the convenience of on line shopping with Border's, BUT this is the last time I do this and I'm not so sure I'll shop at the Border's stores either. The one big problem I did have with the online was that I could not understand anyone, and I'm sure there are other AMERICANS that have had the same problem. 1. you are taking away jobs from Americans and 2. Even though they are polite and all they do not speak understandable ENGLISH. If I wanted to deal with foreign employees, I would move to their country, LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE and be done with it.

    Now all I ask for is PLEASE get my REFUND posted to my account by or before the 7th of March.

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