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Resolved Do not trust Borchers Auto Service

I am 45 minutes away from this place and was "lucky" enough to have to deal with them only because Allstate Motor Club sent them to my home because my car would not start.

Though the car problem could not be fixed at the time of the service call, the employee was very courteous, invited me into the truck to sign the extensive paperwork--it was cold outside--and when completed I reached into my coat pocket to give him a cash tip. At that point, unbeknownst to me, my wallet containing 5 or 6 credit cards fell out into the truck

I later called Borchers and they immediately said the wallet had been located. I asked them to please drop it off the next time they were servicing a vehicle in my area (again, they are 40-45 minutes away). Though they wanted me to drive down there to pick it up at first, I explained I not only did not have a working vehicle but was otherwise swamped with my business commitments. They agreed to drop it off.

Over the next 6 days I kept in close contact with them about the times I would be home to accept delivery and those days I would not be available. 3X in the past week I was told on that particular day they would drop it off. No shows each time. I had told them 2X that I would NOT be home on Friday. I got back that evening and a voice mail from them said they had been nearby--on the day (Friday) I told them I would NOT be available.

Today, Sunday, I made another polite phone call simply to ask why on the day I was not there they (belatedly/supposedly) tried to deliver my wallet. I also was ready to say tomorrow (Monday) would be fine all day for the long-promised return of my property.

Instead the owner--aptly-named Dick-- said "no you'll have to drive down here to pick it up". I obviously and loudly protested citing his co-owner's repeated promises to me. I told him I would report my wallet and the credit cards stolen. I suggested he simply mail it back to me (insured, certified mail) and the aptly-named Dick said "we're not going to do that" (no further explanation).

As if this were not enough, Borchers called the police first, the police called me and only when I insisted on speaking with a very understanding Lieutenant did the police say they would try to reason with them and resolve this (the first officer had told me if I file a police report they would consider it a false report; I then demanded to speak with his Lieutenant who, as stated, was very fair).

I thank G-d I did not let them service my car at their distant location after the road service diagnosed the problem. And to anybody else who must deal with them proceed at your own risk. Based on my experience with them they cannot be trusted.

And if you have already been burned by them, do as I intend to do: contact the Better Business Bureau and any motor club with whom they have contracted to perform service(s) and let All State or AAA know who they are sending out to "help" stranded motorists.

They did not insist that a 40 minute drive by them was "too far" when they made the Service call (for which they got nicely compensated by All State I'm sure).Now they are saying I can "more easily" get out there than they can "return" to my vicinity (or simply mail it back).

Caveat emptor with Borchers Towing of Blenheim, New Jersey.

  • Bu
    Buster Feb 07, 2009

    If I lost my wallet I would go get it on the spot - 45 minutes away or not. I own a repair shop in Laurel MD and have seen people like this before, too lazy to get his own wallet and oddly enough both the shop and the police were unreasonable. What was he thinking when he said he would report the wallet as stolen? A google search brought up a huge warning about this shop. He has tarnished the reputation of the shop and was ready to file false criminal charges! Idiots like this should be banned from the internet and possibly neutered.

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  • Ma
    Mary Beth Nelson Mar 27, 2009

    I agree, what a whinner, I am sure he had a hard time finding a ride to the shop since I am sure he has no friends...who could stand him? Lazy Lazy Lazy

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  • Nf
    nfr5476535tf Nov 05, 2009

    What an a$$! You first leave your wallet in a stranger's car, ask them to go out of their way to return it, get pissed that they could not work around your schedule, and then threaten to call the cops on them for stealing your wallet. Are you kidding me. You should be thanking them that they held on to your stuff for you instead of tossing it in the carbage or actually stealling all your stuff. What a tool!

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  • De
    denitta Dec 27, 2010

    I would have found someone to take me there or sent them a pre-paid mailer via email to ensure they can get it back to me. This is obviously the complainer's problem...YOU let your wallet fall out of YOUR is it the company's responsibility? These guys tow people and work on cars for a living, they are not your chaffer. I would imagine that the "extensive paperwork" you had to complete was what Allstate requires, since MY road service company has sent Borcher's to me twice and I have only had to sign one paper and give them something to ID the vin of my vehicle. Both men who helped me were extremely courteous and quick to get me home. Neither even tried to get me to have them service my vehicle, which I will do (for a different vehicle) since I believe they will do a good job.
    The OP is a knob... truthfully. How can you expect a service company that's located 45 minutes away from you to make a side trip at your convenience to drop off shite YOU left? Obviously you have issues with entitlement.

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  • Ra
    Raiyuun Jul 07, 2011

    just because you are stupid enough to leave your wallet in someone elses car, doesn't mean you should trash talk them! that's a lot of gas to go and spend to fix YOUR mistake!

    My sister used these people and they are angels! you know why? for FREE they did a complete look over her car and managed to spot that her tire's tread was splitting, saving her life!

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