The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Bookinhotels.comCompany failed to honour its promise to refund the room fees after the booking was cancelled


I made a booking with which requires cancellations to be made 3 days before the 1st day of stay.
I then sent an email one week before the due date to change my booking as I was delayed by one day. I got a reply saying that a refund will be credited to my credit card account. When I arrived at the hotel I was told the same thing and I paid for the room again.
It is now more than weeks and the company still has not paid up. I sent 5 emails and received responses to all of them and the response is always the same:
"Our accounting department will be sending you the refund"


  • Jo
    jonty Apr 16, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have been waiting for a refund the first e-mail said it would take 3 weeks now been waiting 5 weeks the last e-mail said it could take up to 2 months for a refund,
    funny thing the payment to them went out of my account the day after booking.
    i work in accounts and transfer all over the world in minutes i smell arat here

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  • Rm
    rmccole Apr 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked 4 nights at a hotel in santiago Chile in July 2008. The booking was for March 9-16 2009.
    Beginning of the year my mother-in-law took ill and I had to cancel the booking (January 4, 2009.
    After numerous e-mails I was promised the accounting department would credit my credit card.
    It's now April 19th 2009 and I am still waiting.
    Somethings NOT right here. I smell a ripe-off . I think my $428 USD is lost.
    Anyone else having problems with

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  • Ad
    adler56 Apr 28, 2009

    WARNING! is a company that lies and betrays - it takes your money and you'll never get it back when making a cancelation on time! NEVER EVER make a booking with them!!

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  • Ki
    kim Apr 28, 2009

    i have been waiting nearly 3 months for my refund, i have 7 children and cannot afford to lose this money, has anyone had a refund from this company?

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  • Ar
    Ariadna Jun 06, 2009

    I booked a room (16.05.2009) in Florence, at Grand Baglioni
    Hotel, through I recived instant confirmation
    and the voucher for the room. The money have been instant
    withdrawn from my credit card. After two days (18.05.2009) I
    recived two mails. The first one was from
    serkan.[protected], who says that they are not able to
    confirm my booking for Grand Baglioni Hotel as the agreement
    beween their supplier and the hotel has ended.
    The second mail, from [protected], announced me
    the cancellation of my reservation and say: "Please note that
    refunds are made in the form of a credit to your card account.
    (...) Once the refunded amount leaves our company account, it may
    take up to two months time for the proceeds to appear back in
    your account."
    So I wrote to Mr Serkan Canim asking him to explain to me how it
    is possible to take two months to get my money back, but I never
    received an answer.Later, I saw on the internet that a lot of
    people were deceived in the same way. Many of them have never
    received any money back.

    Take a look here

    I think that all those who have been deceived should unite and
    file complaints against to no longer be deceived
    other peoples and no longer obtain money by
    deception and fraud.

    Complaints can be made to

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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 29, 2009

    Dear Client;

    Let us first apologise for the inconvenience we have caused and I assure you that we have taken your comment very seriously and corrective actions have already been initiated.
    I have invesigated and found your account in our system and the refund problem occured because of a period of a technical failure in our system.
    Finally your refund has been made, please check your account.
    We hope to welcome you again very soon

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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 30, 2009

    Dear Olivia;
    Greetings from
    We are so sorry for the inconvenience ; because of the technical failure in our system, we couldn't reach your reservation details, hereat we haven't been made your refund yet. Could you please clarify your booking Id starting with BKH so that we can set your refund promptly.
    We hope you will come back to us again.
    Best Regards

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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 30, 2009

    Dear Jonty;

    Thank you for letting us know about your issue.
    We understand you and from now on, we would like to do our best for your satisfaction.
    In order to sort out your exact issue, please send us your booking details so that we reach your reservation history and make your refund.

    We want you to know that we are terribly sorry for the displeasure.
    Thanks and kind regards.

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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 30, 2009

    Dear Rmccole;

    We are extremely sorry for your dissapointment. We have investigated your reservation history as per information you mentioned above, but we couldn't find anything. Please clarify and send us all booking history, so that we will compensate our false service for you.Due to the our technical problems we had trouble reaching and making your refund in a timely manner.
    Thank you for your kind understanding in advance.


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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 30, 2009

    Dear Adler56,

    Let me first introduce you shortly is a forward-looking company involved in providing on-line accommodation services. It was first established in 2000 with many leading hotels.Our company is one of the distinguished on-line reservation companies. We are committed to get the market leadership.So, we are aware of our responsibilities for our guests, so we if we are wrong, we try to compensate our false.
    Let me assure you that this is not the impression that the majority of our guests carry back with them. Although your comment about has made us upset, we can feel your dissapointment.
    If you send us your reservation details we'll sort out your issue immediately.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your kind understanding

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  • Bookinhotels Staff Jun 30, 2009

    Dear Kim,

    Greetings from
    Please accept our apologise that you didn't get the refund yet. Because of the technical failure of our system those days, we could hardly reach the booking details for all guests.
    The most important thing for us, to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. So please send your reservation details that we'll make your refund promptly.
    We are horribly sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thanks and Best Regards

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  • Ma
    Maria_200912 Jul 07, 2009 is very bad and liar

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  • Li
    LindaD Jul 09, 2009

    We have just returned from a holiday in Nice and booked the hotel through (booked in June travelled July)
    Everything was great. It was a fantastic hotel ****
    They were cheaper by miles than any other booking agency we printed off our booking voucher and presented it as normal at reception
    All had been booked / paid by the company as arranged .
    Thanks very much !!!

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  • Zk
    Z Kah Jul 10, 2009

    I am still waiting for a refund of my approx. 800 EUR from Was too stupid to find the comments of other users that had the same experience as I am now going through. It is virtually impossible to get through to them to get a confirmation for a cancellation, then they say it will take days, then weeks, then months. Even their mail template already contains the necessary text blocks. Unbelievable!

    Will now talk to Mastercard for them to accept this case as a case of fraud. Will recommend them to block any money transfer to this organisation.

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  • Sp
    Spaniard37 Jul 13, 2009

    I booked a room in june and they told me they were charging the ammount of money on my bank account inmediately... i was surprise so it was possible to cancel without penalty even 3 days before arriving. After asking about the charge... they inmediately cancelled my booking without asking but still charged the amount of money on my bank account... i have been asking for a refund for more than 1 month but i still haven't got nothing only emails saying they are refunding the money shortly but... i am still waiting... What can i do?

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  • Ma
    MarinaV Jul 16, 2009

    I've made a booking via website on June 15, 2009, after 2 days I've cancelled my booking by Email and asked to returm my money back. Today is July 16, still no money and I cannot reach them also by phone. What to do?

    Toronto, Canada

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  • Jo
    JoJo_04 Jul 21, 2009

    I work away from home, so I used for all hotel bookings but when I checked in a London hotel 9pm on 20.07.2009, I found out that my booking was cancelled on the same day 4pm. I tried to contact the company via the phone but I couldn’t get through. I have been reading the above Complaints and am getting worried with this company.
    I paid all my bookings by Visa card and I will try to get money back from the visa card company instead.

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  • Sa
    sacha_i Jul 24, 2009

    Got the same problem as many people here. I booked a room to travel TOMORROW with my 1.5years old baby in Munich. Just received an email saying that my reservation has been canceled, while I did not ask anything!
    Now, I have my train tickets, I am going to travel and I don't have any room yet, everything is fully booked or amazingly expensive, I booked my rooms 2 months in advance precisely to avoid this kind of situation.
    Bookinhotels is unreliable, don't ever give any money to them, such companies have to go bankrupt...

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  • Sp
    Spaniard37 Jul 25, 2009

    I have been complaining for nearly two months because I booked a room and immediately after charging the amount of money on my bank account you cancelled the reservation. I need that money and I Want it back... (313.10€) you always say I will get the money in a couple of days on my bank account but days go by and I still haven't seen a single euro on my bank account.

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  • Ca
    carlyle Aug 03, 2009

    I booked a one night stay at the Malmaison hotel in Edinburgh via I prepaid and the money was taken from my credit card. When I arrived at the hotel after driving 200 miles, I was informed that a fax had been received by the hotel the previous day from JAC Travel cancelling my booking. I had no knowledge of this but I shown the fax by the hotel which said that had gone into liquidation and could not honour the booking.
    What was worse, the hotel had already sold my room and was now fully booked so I had nowhere to stay. The receptionist was most helpful and eventually found me another room in another ( not so convenient and very expensive hotel) I have worked out that I am over £170 out of pocket but am pursueing a claim via my credit card company.
    My advice would be---don't take the risk of booking with this company and lodge your complaint with T.V's Watchdog

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  • Kl
    klod Aug 03, 2009


    I agree with the general feeling that CANNOT BE TRUSTED. AVOID!!! AVOID!!!
    Apparently service may (and only "may") give satisfaction, at the condition that everything goes as planned.
    BUT, if you need to change or worst cancel your reservation, you must be prepared to loose your mind AND your money!!!

    I made a reservation in April, the money was immediately debited in full from my VISA Card. I cancelled a few days later (wrong hotel), and received a confirmation of my cancellation on April 30th, 2009. As of today, I am still waiting for my money...

    First, the telephone service is hard to reach, the line is always very poor, and it/they has/have simply hung-up on me without warning on 2 distinct occasions. Then, they give you the answers that you want to hear ("I contacted xxxx, the money will be on your account within 3 days"), but nothing happens. I was given the above answer twice already (with the exact same wording, like read from a book!), the first one on July 1st or 2nd : more than 30 days ago!!

    Do not use this website. They show good prices, but THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. They have been sitting on my 247 € for more than 3 months now... this is too risky. AVOID! AVOID!

    claude, France-

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  • Ph
    Philip Dale Aug 03, 2009

    Trip planned to Dublin for the U2 concert - arrival Dublin 23rd of July - our confirmed hotel vouchers from Bookinhotels were factice, totally fraudulent : the Isaacs Hotel in Dublin does not have any agreement with Bookinhotels to sell rooms over the internet...the fantastic staff and management did all their best to accomodate us under extremely streesful circumstances. Thanks to Isaacs Hotel our weekend was saved..however we had to repay a room at a higher rate and transfer to another hotel at an even higher rate the next day. The customer service numbers for Bookinhotels are a sick joke - impossible to reach them, or when someone did answer they just hung up again..and the US number sends you to the hopeless uk connection !!! This is an Istanbul scam operation and should be shut down by the Turkish authorities. I have initiated a complaint for fraud with the Irish Internet police and hopefully this bogus bookings company will be shut down. Of course I have emailed bookinhotels...first they say the reimbursement was made but may take 4 days to arrive in my account...then when nothing arrived they said the accounts dept was closed that day but they would email further information shortly...and I am still waiting...they have sytematically ignored my requests for the name of a manager and a number to call him/her. Bookinhotels is apparently a totally factice organisation profiteering from a well designed but totally false site and booking network. Don't get scammed - call or email the hotel you want directly and ask which sites they work with. And spread the word about Bookinhotels...if you need to reach me regarding any further details, email me at [protected]

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  • Ma
    Mary` Aug 04, 2009

    I appear to be in the same boat as a lot of other people then. I booked a hotel room with on 30th June and gthen had to cancel the following day. After 5 weeks and 6 emails assuring me that my refund will be made in anything ranging from 3 days to 2 months I am still waiting. I have made a chargeback request on my debit card and will have to wait and see if I will ever see my £165 again. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

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  • Tr
    traveller555 Aug 07, 2009

    DO NOT EVER deal with bookinhotels!

    I made a reservation through them in May for a 2-night stay abroad in August. The evening before the departure I received an emails from bookinhotels stating that my booking had been cancelled! Here's a more interesting detail from email: 'your payment will be returned in a few weeks (working days)' WT[censored]

    I tried phoning them, but their customer support DOES NOT EXIST. After half a minute it switches to a Turkish line (how much did I get charged for it???), and does not ever reply.

    I have serious doubts about me seeing any of my money, so I logged a complaint with my credit card company. I don't know if that'll work.

    If this bookinghotels were a real company, they would have offered me an alternative booking. But since they are NOT, I had to do a last-minute booking just before leaving the house.

    This looks like some sort of a pyramid. And please DO NOT trust whatever their customer service say.

    August 2009

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  • Nr
    NR60 Aug 09, 2009

    2 rooms in Bruges booked online and paid with VISA. On arrival hotel showed us an email from Bookin Hotels had cancelled the hotel booking. They have kept our money and did not inform us that they had cancelled our booking. We are pursuing a clain through VISA to get our money back, and looking at the numbers of people doing the same my guess is that VISA will take some action. Bookin Hotels seems to be still trading and taking customers' money, although not passing any of it to the hotels. There seems to be a agent called Transhotel that is linked to the scam. Transhotel is a "services provider" to travel agencies. In our case it was Transhotel that cancelled our booking on behalf of Bookin Hotels.

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  • Fu
    funkymonkey Aug 10, 2009

    I've also recently had a very very bad experience with this company. I had booked a hotel for a weekend away in July to Dublin to attend the U2 concerts (the booking was made in March) and 3 weeks before the trip I recieved an email saying my reservation was cancelled which I did not request. I was furious because I knew that I would not be able to get a booking in the city centre as 240, 000 people were expected to arrive in Dublin that weekend. I contacted the hotel and they told me that the cancellation was actually made in May and the room was now not available. I spoke with several members of staff at Bookin Hotels without any success as they are completely useless. I spoke with the manager ( Dilek Yeni who was just as bad) several times who could not provide me with an explanation as to why my booking was cancelled. I did manage to get a refund but I was caused a great deal of unneccessary stress and inconvience. Also I managed to get a booking at the original hotel as they put me on a cancellation list and they were cheaper than what I had paid Bookin Hotels. DO NOT use this company or else the chances are they will ruin your trip.

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  • Ba
    bayworth Aug 11, 2009

    I booked a hotel room for my wife and her friend in london back in June of 2009. It was for August the 8th 2009. All was confirmed and money was debited from my credit card. When she turned up there was no hotel room. The London Hesperia (the hotel in question) told us that cancelled the room. They ended up being full so could not help further. In fact they were downright unhelpful considering we were stuck in London. The conscierge was the only helpful person in the hotlel. He deserves an award.
    So the story unfolds. We imediately phoned the UK help line number and eventually were directed through to a turkish helpdesk. They were unhelpful and blamed it on a financial crisis. We would be refunded. Well that doesnt help when you are stood in a lobby in london. I think pigs will fly when I get a refund having read similar stories. Needless to say I have since tried phoning them several times even on the US number and everytime its directed back to Turkey and a answerphone with no message. I have sent emails and recieved no replies. All I can say is that you should not book anything with this website. Its a ripoff. I have reported the site to my credit card and I have also made an official complaint on the Internet Crimes webpage run by the FBI. I tried to report them to ICANN but they dont want to know anything. The website is still running and I think its criminal that its allowed to stay up.
    Finally a little bit more of the story. Miki Travel have a part to play in this saga. They lease the system to the hotel bookers. Their software links the bookers to the hotels and allows the bookers to make and break bookings. They notified the hotel in question that problems were being experienced with cancellations from I have a copy of a letter that they sent. Unfortunately they did not make any effort to contact the clients i.e. me, the ones paying their salaries. They claim they couldnt and could only see the mass cancellations being made. In my opinion they are partly to blame as they continued to let bookinhotels utilise the tools whilst they sat back and watched. So thanks for nothing Miki Travel.
    So in summary i suspect this company is now in its death through and will continue to rip clients off. Just vote with your feet and go someone else.

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  • Kl
    klod Aug 13, 2009

    Same conclusion here : DO NOT USE, despite of their appealing rates!!
    They can cancel on you at the last minute, and won't refund you if you cancel.

    Here is the account of my experience : crappy service, mischiefs and lies !
    - March 24 : I book a reservation, and I am charged 100% of the amount right away (241 €)
    - April 27th : I get a call from their service requesting that I pay an additional 45 € (about 15% of the initial amount) if I want to keep my reservation!!! This was already unbelievable and unseen (by me at least) practice!
    - April 30th : I have to cancel my reservation. I receive a cancellation message stating : " All credit card refunds are processed in a timely manner (Note : that makes me laugh now). Typically, this process takes several weeks (business days) for the instruction to leave our company account. The refunds process depends on your billing cycle with the cooperated credit card company. Once the refunded amount leaves our company account, it may take up to two months time for the proceeds to appear back in your account.". I was in AWE!!! Where else on Earth can be seen such business practices ?
    - Early July : multiple calls to the hotline in the UK (where very often one gets hang up on!!!). At some point one of the unnamed clerk tells me he processed my request and I should be credited within 3 days. Obviously did NOT happen!
    - Late July or early August : same thing, another clerk gives me the same talk (I gather this is openly some sort of technique to mislead the clients!!!).
    - August 3rd : I ask to be sent an email stating that I will be refunded shortly : I received the following message : " This is to inform you that the total amount of 286, 64 EUR has been refunded to the credit card provided at the time of booking and this will appear on your bank statement in 7 days."
    - August 13th : now 10 days have passed, and I am still waiting for my refund. I just sent an email to the "customerservice" email address to which we are not supposed to reply, and filed another complaint on their website (like THAT will help!) and also sent a message to dilek(dot)yeni(at)bookinhotels(dot)com, an address I found on another forum. This person is supposed to be some sort of manager there...

    I have yet to see what my bank and credit card service can do. I am also considering legal action (not that I now anything about law, or know that something can be done against them). Any advice is welcome... (thanks)

    Bottomline : BEWARE and STAY AWAY from !!!


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  • Pe
    Per-Erik Lindström Aug 20, 2009

    I had booked a hotel room in Reykjavik for two nights 15-17.8 already in the beginning of June. I paid for it by Visa. When arriving there last Saturday the hotel told us that the room had been cancelled. I got a copy of a fax and the cancellation had been done by Miki Travels based in England.

    Fortunately the hotel wasn't fully booked, so we got a room for about 50 % more than I already had paid to bookinhotels. So the final price was 250% of what bookinhotels originally offered me.

    Does anybody have good suggestions or experience how to get money back?

    Erik from Finland

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  • Sp
    spaniard70 Aug 22, 2009

    I have booked a reservation for Hotel Pennsylvania (NY) and i have payed the total amount: 590 eur. has cancelled my reservation 4 days before.
    They told me
    "will inform our account office about this case so we will do your refund in four working days"
    but i still waiting my money.
    someone knows can i do against

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  • Sy
    Sybil Anderson Sep 13, 2009

    I booked a stay at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Orlando Florida. The charge was on my credit card with a confirmation number. After a seventeen hour drive with our small grandkids to Florida, we reach the hotel and to our surprise they had not been paid and we had to pay for the stay again. Our charge card has now been charged twice, by the hotel and BookinHotels who has stole our money.


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  • Ni
    NIKOLAOS BROUTAS Sep 14, 2009


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  • Mi
    Missfortune Sep 18, 2009

    Hi everyone,

    Add my name to the list of people who were cheated by these criminals who supposedly sell hotel space. It is damn shame that this goes on! And on. And on. And on.

    I booked a London hotel, end of July, and, exactly same story, same system, three days before the departure they cancelled the reservation. We had to find another hotel.

    Then a promise of money back but after that, nothing.

    When I mailed what's going on, another NOREPLY mail came saying that the money was wired and should appear soon. I checked everyday, nothing.

    Now I understand why and I am really anrgy that this can go on!!
    I do not understand how you Bookin Staff people can face yourselves, making your living by betraying the trust of fellow human beings??!!! It really is being my ethics to understand this cheating mentality.

    Yes, let us raise our voices in complaint and give me my f... 170 euro's back!!!

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  • Va
    vataf Sep 29, 2009

    I've booked the family accomodation at RODEWAY INN / ORLANDO, and paid in advance using my VISA credit card and two days before of the scheduled date I received an e-mail cancelling the reservation because of financial difficulties and they will reimburse the money as soon as possible. Till today I did not get any money back. a lot of times I sent an e-mail to the company, but nobody answered.

    Guys it is a FRAUD, let involve international policy, credit card companies, hotels, etc... This ###ing ### have to be punished.

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  • Be
    Berkut Oct 01, 2009

    I had the same problems when I booked my hotel using They cancelled my reservation one day before my arrival without any notification and I had to pay double price at hotel to stay in. Do not use this website, never!!!

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  • F1
    f1re Oct 02, 2009

    beware of Hotel Collect as well,, it is also a scam site owned by the same book in hotels owner

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  • Ca
    Carmen_dbk Oct 10, 2009

    Bookinhotels is such a fraud! They should be shut down! They also took my money (367 euro) and then canceled the reservation, it is outrageous!
    I charged suit at Visa so I hope I'll get my money back, but be careful, you have to contact your credit card company before one month from the cancellation passes because after that it's almost impossible to do anything!

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  • Be
    Beix Oct 17, 2009

    I booked in june 09 a hotel in dominican republic for a week for my family, they took the money, cancelled the booking two weeks before and did not refund the money.
    It is impossible to get someone alive on the phone.

    Is there an agency that deal with travel agents ?

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  • Jo
    john and Paula Oct 21, 2009

    We also got ripped off by Bookinhotels not paying for our booking. Arrived in Barcelona at 8pm to find booking had been cancelled bacause of non payment and we had nowhere to sleep. The manager felt sorry for us and found an unrenovated room (thank God) otherwise we would be sleeping on the street. Not good. We are going to Visa to try for recompense but not sure how we will go. I have sent numerous emails with no result and the phone calls are undecipherable.

    Dont book with them.

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  • Ca
    CarolPolly Oct 24, 2009

    I booked with Bookinhotels in March for a hotel in Miami in September. The booking was fine until I got to the hotel and was told that the rooms had been cancelled two days before we arrived!! Apparrently they had sent me an email two days before but unfortunately as we were on holiday we didn´t receive the notification. This was a month ago and we still haven´t received the refund. If I don´t have a full refund soon I will report the incident to the police so they take whatever measures need to be taken.

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