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Bond Street Collections - Bond street blue

I went to get a cigarette out this morning and nearly all my cigarettes have wholes in them and I can't smoke them, I'm honestly confused on how this even happens in a packet, I spent $46 on a pack of cigarettes that are half ruined and not smokable, and it's not the only problem I've had with bondstreet, I can list a few so when you respond I'll tell you the rest of what's wrong

Bond Street Collections - Scam, Fraud

Received a letter in the mail stating I owed $178 plus $245.14 for an account I had with Bell Canada in 2005 and settled in 2007. Called Heather Grant and asked my information be removed from their database and she said no, will leave a note for the client and asked me for proof of payment.

I called Bell Canada and they have no information on me anymore and seemed to think the company was a scam. Starting researching online and it sounds like a total scam company to me. If anyone is down for a class action lawsuit, count me in.

Sounds pretty simple, your debt got sold by mistake, you just need to locate proof the account was properly closed, it happens all the time.

Bond Street Collections - Bell Canada - bill from 1999

Received a letter in the mail (addressed to my maiden name..) for a supposed Bell Canada Bill dated 1999 in the sum of over $1000 and threatening that if I do not pay it (giving me 3 options to pay..immediate, over 6 months and over a year) that they would 'force legal action' and that it would damage my credit report.
I am very upset! I emailed the contact person and she proceeded to give me the last 3 digits of my SIN to 'confirm' my details...which stuns me even more that they have that...and then proceeded to demand payment. I have recognized her name from other postings here regarding them...which alarms me even more.. She asked for my credit card info to process payment immediately.

How is this possible? I have been married for over 8 years...lived in various homes/got a mortgage, vehicles, credit and never once has this even been an issue on my credit report.

I am very upset - this has consumed me now for days.

My Husband has stated that I should not correspond with them anymore. Any info is appreciated. [protected]@YAHOO.CA

Ask the company for a registered letter with proof that you owe them anything...then swear at them a little on the phone to make yourself feel better. Then ask them again for a registered letter with proof that you owe them anything...then swear some more at them.


Contact Bell Canada.
If this is a legitimate mistake, Bell is the only one who can fix it, and reverse the claim against you.
If Bell does not know what you are talking about, Bond Street is committing fraud - you need to follow up with the police.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bond Street Collections - Credit History Inquiry?

During the course of my regular monitoring of my credit history, I noticed a 'soft' credit inquiry by BSC into my personal credit on Equifax (credit bureau). I have never heard of these people...

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