Boise City High Schoolbattery installation

N Nov 20, 2017

Yesterday, Sunday Nov. 19th. We went to pick up an order for the BOise City, OK High School when we arrived the order wasn't ready, so I decide to buy a battery while we wait for the merchandise order, since they offer free installation I ask them if they can install the battery and they said yes that it would take like 1:30 hrs becaus they were busy, I said yes it's ok, 2:30 hrs passed and they didn't call me so I decide to go and check on them, they had my car with the hood open and they ask me where the battery were located in the car, I said, You don't know were the battery is located? And he said not on this car, so I told him that is in the middle of the car between the two back seats. And I ask if they knew what are they doing, he said yes don't worry, we will call you when is ready it will take just like 15-30 min. 2 more hours passed and nothing they didn't call me, so I decide to go back my car still with the good open and they said oh no is ready we would take it out and bring your keys. I wait and nothing so I decide to go out and check what was going on, I found them outside with the hood open again so I asked what was going on they said the car had a fuse blow out and the dash isn't working and I ask for a manager to talk to him about the incident, he came out and check the car and said that he is sure is just a fuse, but they can't fixed because ion didn't have the cars book with me, so to come back tomorrow and they will check it, I live 2+ hours far away from them and I had to drive my car without knowing the speed that I was going, late in the dark with two kids and without air conditioner on the drivers side; the back door isn't opening either that the remote control. I think that is more that one fuse. I don't know what they do to my car. But I need it to be fix and given back to me in the same condition I turned in. The Manager told me to look for a mechanic and they will reimburse the money, but he said it has to be a certain money amount. I don't know and I don't care how much money it would cost you to fix my car. You guys can deal with the Chevrolet dealer. I just need my car back how it was. And that is without charging you my time wasted for 5+ hours with two kids and the fast and hours I have to spend taking the car to the dealer. I have to get off of work to take it.

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