Boecosplay.comshoes I ordered but got glasses instead

T Jul 27, 2019

I paid for my shoes which I have on my bank statement also email I sent them a lot of emails asking were my shoes was they sent me a messgae 4 weeks later saying my shoes are coming a few days later I recived gucci gg0447s 001 polarised
Glasses I am not happy about this and ive sent a email to them telling them either send my shows or I want my money back im still waiting for a responce I willl upload a image of the shoes ive paid for ive waited over a month and need to know whats going on the gucci glasses im not aware if they are genuine as ive phoned gucci and gave them the no on the glasses and they said they are geniune but im not 100% the point is I dont want the glasses I want my shoes

shoes I ordered but got glasses instead

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