Bob Evans Farmsbob evans family size macaroni and cheese


At approximately ten o'clock pm on saturday, april 29, 2017 I purchased the family size of bob evans macaroni and cheese at the hy-vee in perry< iowa as I often do as it is a favorite in our household. much to my dismay when I removed the outer cardboard covering and looked inside the package it had a huge blob of mold smack dab in the center of the package! it also had a very fowl odor. I am a very loyal customer of many of the bob evans products and was quite disappointed. I immediately called nancy who is the shifts store manager and explained that because it was ten o'clock in the evening and I live several miles away that I wouldn't be able to return it until monday afternoon may 1, 2017. I really enjoy all the bob evans products and hope never to experience another incident like this again. I am disabled and live on a very minimal fixed income and appreciate your quick attention to this matter. thank you in advance to your prompt attention to this matter.

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