Blue Star Conciergerental arrears

J Sep 12, 2018

Dear sir/mdm,

I was on a car rental with Blue Star Concierge (Exclusive Rental Partner under Grab) few months ago.
I have arrears with them due to my health conditions since Feb 2018, but I am still paying as much as I can till 22 July 2018, and always in contact and update the person in charge.
On 23 July 2018, as usual I go to the car park and can't locate the car, only later when I call the rental company, they told me been towed back.
My contract ends in 4 Aug 2018, which is 13 days later, end up my deposit of $1500 being forfeited.
The next day 24 July 2018, the person in charge contacted me and said he also don't know the company going to tow back.
To me, is the company didn't honour what Bern arrange between their employees and clients.
So end up being deposit of $1500 being forfeited and plus towing fee, I need to settle a total amount of $2070.
Again the person in charge told me no further interest and amount is fixed.
During that period my health conditions worsened, I decided to go for full check up and found out my stomach and intestines got problems with ulcers caused by H. Pylori, parasites.
So I am on medication till end of August 2018, which I inform the person in charge of Blue Star Concierge I am not fit to work due to my health issue, it causes me nausea and vomiting, extreme abdominal pain. Earliest is middle or end of September I will start the repayment after my medication and start driving again, he told me he will inform the company and said no problem, ask me to rest well.
Then last night at 9:30pm, someone name Johnny, a debt collector said wanted to come over to my house to collect full amount of $3211.61 for Blue Star Concierge.
Firstly, the amount should be $2070.
Second, no one from Blue Star Concierge call me to inform.
Third, no letter of demand or notice sent to me.
I am extremely disappointed with the action of Blue Star Concierge, never tomorrow what is being arranged by their employees, no notices to inform on the excess amount of $1200+, no letter of demand or reminder sent, no one call to check... before they proceed to such debt collector who never send a letter but straight away wanted to come over to my house and I felt it strongly as a house harassment.
To me all these are not proper procedures and nothing promised is honoured.

I really need help on this, shall I begin with a police report and then to seek MP for help on legal action?
Or Grab company can offer some help or assistance?


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