Blue Elephant Capital Managementjason herman of blue elephant capital

X Aug 04, 2018

Jason Herman of Blue Elephant Capital is an ugly, sniveling, weasel-faced troglodyte Jew whose only way to get laid is by importing diseased hookers from the New York City area to his parents house in Sag Harbor, New York.

This man's face is so ugly that it would put Medusa to shame.

He literally looks like the Vampire in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

If Hideousness was an Olympic Sports category, Jason Herman would be a gold medal winner.

The hookers and prostitutes and underaged girls that he imports to his mommy's house to suck him off (just look at his followers/who he is following on his Instagram account of @jaunaturale, as each one of those women on his little list are more likely than not diseased hookers from New York City) all charge for sex.

He reportedly loves to slip these hookers drugs to knock them out, and then takes nude photos of them after raping them, to place them on his Instagram website as his "conquests, " using such phrases as "Lit."

If you want to avoid getting drugged or raped please avoid Jason (Pee Wee) Herman at all costs, as the only women that surround him are bona fide hookers, sluts and diseased prostitutes.

You have been warned.

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