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Blu CigarettesBad service

The blu company is absolutely ridiculous. They took almost a month to ship the product. Then, it sits in North Carolina for a week before it was even sent over here to nevada. After the frustrating week or so of having to see that my package has never even left North Carolina, it finally makes it here to Las Vegas. Now comes the beautiful part (you ready for this ###ic display of musical boxes malarkey?) for FOUR days my package gets pushed through the sorting facility time and time again without any attempt to deliver my package to our complex, and the funniest part is that they put it in the WRONG zip code. THEN they send the package back to the company in North Carolina. Now comes the shady, dirty and low ball move. We call Blu and tell them that THEY as well as the USPS screwed up and no we're not going to recieve our package. We're absolutely frustrated at this point but we can deal with it as long as Blu is willing to just ship us another one via a more PROPERLY functioning delivery service as well as put our order in front of others so we can get it in a matter of days. They say NO! They say they won't send the package back immediately, in FACT, they tell us that we have to RE-ORDER the product and go through the MONTH and a HALF of waiting all over again because they screwed up along with the USPS. They refused to give us any kind of break regardless of their mistake, sent us back to the BACK OF THE LINE of an endless sheet of orders and tell us we have to re-order AFTER they start accepting orders again. This company may have a good product but their service and the way they handle themselves are absolutely ridiculous, half-assed and completely unproffessional.

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  • Dr
    dreday$ May 02, 2014

    I thought blues were a good brand no there wait is horrible and cartidges hardly ever work right they owe me 4 five packs of cartidges that ill never call for cause i shouldnt have too everytime there bad why so many bad ones company probally going down my guess and cmon 16 buxs at a liquor store and u hope they all work wow im good get a refu d people and move on blue needs too be taught a business lesson they dont take care of the customers and we all put up with it thats why they do it

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  • Ap
    April nj Mar 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Extremely inconsistent product. I hAve tried all of blu cigs. Cartridges and the disposables. And the are the most unreliable product I have ever purchased. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get, Some work some don't and it's too expensive to gamble.

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  • Je
    Jean Peterson Jun 19, 2013

    today June 19, 2013 @ 1:20 p.m. I was smoking a blu cigs and some hot liquid came out and burn my tongue this is the second time this happen. never again.Please stop smoking this product it is no health for you. and I would like to know would is that brown liquid that is coming out of it.

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  • Br
    Brenson Derossett Sep 05, 2012

    My complaint with the Blu cigarette is that the filters you have to buy are $15.00 a pack and to open a pack to find out that only one or two out of four work is very expensive how can a person get reinburst some of their money . This is very expensive when they don't work. Or some filters from the company would be nice there is no address or e-mail to write to even a number to call and complain about the problem. An I buy my Blu cigarettes at a concovientstore/gas station so therefore they cannot give me a refund. This is very annoying and this make me want to smoke a real Marlboro. I pay for four filters I would like for all four of them to work. This is my only complaint I have been smoking Blu for about 6 months now.

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  • Ve
    Verticallogic Nov 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very poor company. Still have not recieved a refund from my 30 day gurantee which was actually only 3 weeks. They falsely advertise 30 day gurantee but you have to have everything shipped back to them before the 30 days is up in order to receive a refund. So far it has been two months and they have lost my information. Still no refund. right now i have made a full report with [redacted].com and am out looking for the companys zip code so i can report them to the better business bureau

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  • La
    lady.elea Jan 12, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received my blucigs as a gift. I had already been smoking e-cigs off and on and loved it. The shipping wasn't terribly long. However, both myself and two other people have all had problems with liquid seepage from the e-cig. None of us are new to smoking e-cigs nor have we had problems with a different brand. It is not a major issue, but kind of gross and messy. What is a big issue is the fact that our battery packs (only about 4 months old) no longer charge. The whole appeal of the blu brand was the nifty charge-on-the-go appeal of their battery packs. We will see how long it takes to resolve this issue and if blu makes good on their 1 year warranty. Overall blu isn't a bad brand as far as price for new folks wanting to try e-cigs, but it isn't perfect.

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  • Tb
    T-bagnu Jan 01, 2011

    Got mine in 5 days and I even ordered two days before christmas. If your having problems getting vapor, take a tweezers and peel the foil off and stirr up the cart.

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  • This company may or may or may not have a good product who knows if I'll ever know, there customer service employee's are full of sh** and so is the janky shipping company they use, ordered on the 30 of nov it's now the 09th of dec, that's not the problem the problem is my package information through USPS wasn't updated for 6 days it said no information was retrieved, and stream what crap companies site says it's there still, after 3 calls to the nicest customer service until you start asking questions mother flipers they said they got to track down my package well the next day USPS site says they've been electronically notified of it's existence, then wheat ever crap shipping company's site says something about the city in which I'm located, when ever I would ask if she was playing around bullish***** me she said sure is there anything else I can help you with these are all hypothetical questions. I said let's say your product really works what happens if I need new cartigiges will it take a million years to get no comment and I hung up. Liars I don't even care but man why do they got to seem like hustlers.

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  • Vi
    Victor Atkinson Nov 05, 2010

    If you've ordered Blus and never received them, had trouble getting them, had to reorder, etc., etc., please fill out the following form and email to [email protected]:

    Telephone Number:
    Email Address:
    Amount Paid:
    Did you ever receive the product? Check _ yes or _ no.
    Did you get your money back? Check _yes or _no.

    If we get enough people together, maybe we can do something about this.

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  • Sk
    sk8rztk14 Aug 15, 2010

    Well... I just thought you should know how the real world is... You see, the company serves in a F.I.F.O. method (first in first out, for orders), this means that if there are people that ordered before you, just because your mommy thinks you are special doesn't mean you come first. Second, once the package leaves the hand of the company, it is in NO WAY they're responsibility how it gets to your house. That my little friend would be the postal service... Now to the "Half assed, unprofessional" part. You see, weather they messed up the Zip code or you did (the second most likely), to them any attempt from a person saying "You sent the package to the wrong address" Is saying, I'm scamming you, I had you send it somewhere else where I can get it still, and now am trying to get another on for free. This is very common.
    In conclusion, don’t [censor] a company for other people's mistakes. Even though you may feel all high and mighty being able to post your complaints on the internet, it doesn’t make you look any less stupid for trying to back-talk a company for making a good product that got stuck in shipping then refusing what looked like a scam.

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  • Ub
    ubuibme Aug 02, 2010

    YEP...they suk. Gonna have to find a product I can buy locally, cause I can't deal with this crap. Waited, waited, waited...called...said, what order !!!

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  • Rs
    rstman Jun 17, 2010

    I ordered my starter kit on 6/10/10 and recieved it on 6/15/10. I honestly did not expect to see it for a couple more weeks considering their 4 to 6 week shipping dissclosure. I was pleasently suprised to see it in the mail box... Until I opened the package and found that the extra carton of flavor cartridges where not in the package, even though the invoice said they where shipped with the starter kit. One email to their support and a response back within 6 hours. They gave me their 800 number and a quick call to a live tech support rep, with no "press 1 for this and press 2 for that", and they where shipping me my carton and appoligized at least 4 times for the misstake. No questions asked sent me the missing carton. I have had bad customer service from other online companys before, and I have no complaints about blu's.

    Now as for their product... It is a very good choice for a LITE smoker. If you plan on using it very much you should plan on ordering extra batteries. The kit comes with 2 batteries, but they have a VERY short usage time. I find my self constantly switching the batteries out. When one goes dead I have to put it on the charger and let it charge as I am using the other, some times the first is not even all the way recharged before the second goes dead. And allways remember to charge everything over nite. I believe that an extra battery would cure this problem, but I don't quite know where I will keep it since there is no room for it in the PCC, "personal carrying case".

    Overall I am happy with my purchase from start to finish. I believe that most of the complaints listed here are from the companys start when they where smaller and less organized. I also believe that now that they have had time to find where they fall short and they have worked hard to better their company and their procedures. Like most companies they had to have failures to learn, and the sign of a good company is a company that figures out how to fix these kind of problems and changes to meet the demands of it's customers.

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  • J
    _J_ May 31, 2010

    Ok, the plus, great product for the price. Works better than any other ecig Ive used (3 thus far) and the charging pack is awesome.
    Now the bad. Like all ecigs, the atomizers don't last all that long (maybe a month each, far less than the 6-12 months ALL ecig manufacturers try and claim), so when compared to other ecigs, no foul here. The problem is there very random shipping habits. Originally, I got my starter kit 7 days after ordering it. My next order, 4 cartons of carts, got here in 10. Since then, both of my atomizers have died, and after ordering replacements after the first died, over 3 weeks ago now, my atomizers still have yet to even ship, and there telling me it MIGHT ship this week. so now I have a $60 starter kit, and roughly $60 worth of carts left, and it's all completely USELESS until I get those atomizers. Conclusion: If you can possibly spare the money for an ecig with "cartomizers" (atomizers built into each replacement cart.), I highly recommend it, just for the sake that if you have carts, you have good, working atomizers. If you do go blu, make sure to order at least a few months worth of extra atomizers (and maybe a couple extra batteries/cartons of carts), just in case.

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  • El
    elementalashe May 21, 2010

    Sounds to me like every time a complaint is issued someone is quick to claim that they had excellent service. Either the service that Blu provides is that scatty, it's one heck of a coincidence, or... Well, any of the comments on this board from Blu cigarette employees? I have found their customer service to be absolutely atrocious. I also placed my order more than 2 months ago and have not been able to get an eta estimate from their customer service representative.

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  • Ex
    Ex smoker May 10, 2010

    I've ordered the blucig starter kit and got it in a few days. Very fast shipping. My only complaint about this product is that the cartridges don't last 100 puffs or 7 cigarettes as they claim. I've only got 20 to 25 puffs from each cartridge. Only the first 10 to 15 puffs were good ones. The rest tasted like crap. Gave a burnt metal taste. Also, I did receive a bad spare battery and atomizer. To ship this back will almost cost the same of purchasing new ones.

    A few friends of mine have the e cig that uses liquid. Good thing about this is that the cartridges are refillable. 2 to 3 drops of liquid will last a whole day - equivalent to almost a pack of cigarettes. Liquid is very cheap - 30 ml bottle for under $10.00.

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  • Jo
    JoeJohnson69 Apr 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just ordered a BLU kit from and I received mine in 5 days. Happy to say that ship out of Charlotte and I live in Jacksonville, so could have drove up there and picked it up myself, but 5 days is all it took. I have purchased 6 of these for friends and family and not one time did it take longer then a week to get the kits.

    Really, I don't know why you blame the company for a late package when it was obviously clear that it was the postal service that held the package up.

    I agree, Amazon and other places do have problems with shipping on occasion, and am sure BLU also has snags on occasion. I ordered something from Amazon not realizing the snow storm was going to wreak havoc on the Eastern Seaboard this winter and it took an extra 3 weeks for the delivery to make it. Did I blame Amazon? Did I blame the USPS? Did I blame the weather? Door number three - the weather.

    The product is GREAT! And I have no complaints. It works, I love it and this is a very very happy customer, so those who read these reviews, I hope that you read them thoroughly ...good ones make an informed decision.

    BLU is the only place I have found that gives you soooo much for free. 25 cartridges, free shipping, two batteries, two atomizers, the infamous BLU carry along charge kit, USB's, wall chargers.

    I love my BLU!

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  • Tf
    TfallsTrio Apr 21, 2010

    man, no complaints cept battery consistnacy, but its still the best i have found and iv tried a couple e-cig offers.
    FIRST: OUSTANDING cart life, , , MAN these things hold the goods. for a buck a cart im sold. <for a pack+ a day> I make a cart last all day. puffin 4-8 times an hour at HOME.
    SECOND: took a 6 hour DRIVE yesterday for shopping. As we all know, driving is one thing, but "shopping" on top of it, one MUST smoke more than normal. it is smokers law i believe. ANYway i used the Blu alllll day with the portable charger.
    wife says she tastes the "flavor", i do not. but they all <cept the menthol> taste GREAT. good throat, good carry of vapor. WALmart smoking while shopping was a blast! lots'a looks no comments.
    i have tried to quit the monster many times in my 30 years or so of smoking, and NEVER looked forward to it. DUDE, , , , , , , I CLEANED AND STORED ALL MY ASHTRAYS !!!

    THIS? only after 2 days of the Blu stick?? hm

    THIRD and lastly:
    dont CARE whats said about shipping, NO ONE has to tell ME about "slipping thru cracks" and endin up and the stinky end, , , , , , , but im tellin ya'all, , personal patients or bad luck & scientists be damned, this IS a cessation device. IT DOES work as such.
    its a pleasure to use, gratifying, and most IMPORTANTLY, I am excited about quiting becuase its a real, tangable thing now.

    so, , , there ya go

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  • Jo
    JoeJohnson69 Mar 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BuBu Spidecky my order shipped in 2 weeks (I purchased 3 kits and extra cartridges), and they shipped out of Charlotte NC. My package had Charlotte NC on it, and no where in the world did it state it was coming out of another country. In fact, BLUCIGS will only sell within the US, and no where else.

    When they are on backorder they do tell you when you order that there will be a delay. I have spoke with customer service, and found that when you have a problem whether it is blucigs or the mortgage doesn't matter who, that a little bit of patience goes a long way with anyone. I've never spoken to anyone with a bad attitude at blucigs...maybe attitude is something that is coming from your end. Try a bit of patience.

    Those folks trying to drag on the blu cigarette like a real cigarette should note...IT'S NOT A REAL CIGARETTE! If you drag slowly the atomizer has a chance to give you that nicotine burn you seek, and the vapor smoke you seek to dispel after puffing. The problem is your trying to treat it like a real cigarette. It's not! It's an alternative, that I find refreshing, different, odorless, ashless, tarless, and very flavorful. I love full flavor and java...but 5 flavors to choose and a lot cheaper then other brands, I'm a happy camper and can't understand the lack of patience that brings out bad reviews on a great product.

    I purchased mine from and will continue to smoke blu cigarettes as 30 years on stinking tobacco is enough...I only wish they'd come out with this product years ago!

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  • Sm
    smoker101 Mar 01, 2010

    I received my blucigs 2 weeks later, and that's even with all the snow storms. It clearly states on the website that there is a delay for white e-cigs, so I ordered the black ones. No complaints at all, and everytime I contact customer service through the online chat, they're pretty helpful. They may not respond that quick, but that's probably because they're connected to other people at the same time.

    All in all, great product, and fast shipping.

    P.S. It was probably slow to ship because of all the orders coming in. It most likely slowed down now, or they increased their output. Either way, it's fast shipping now.

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  • Bu
    BuBu Spidecky Feb 24, 2010

    EromTrofmoc has No Idea. The problem is not USPS or anyone else. It's the Out-In-Left-Field responses and extremely poor customer service that are the problem. I have NEVER EVER had such a poor experience with a company in my life. 18 days after I placed my order it was finally marked shipped, but now after 23 days the USPS still say's the product has not been received for shipping. And even though 5 days ago they sent me a charge receipt, the charge has not shown up on my credit card...9 Days ago I ordered the identical starter kit from VolcanoCigs and I've been dragin on them for two days now!
    ...My advice would be to wait for the product to arrive, call your credit card company and complain. They will reverse the charge. Then you DELAY, DELAY, DELAY returning their product. If enough people do that, it'll Shut them Down!
    By the way, every complaint leads to them chewing up the 30 day money back guarantee! Notice that it beging the day you make your order!!!

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  • Bu
    BuBu Spidecky Feb 24, 2010

    Did anyone notice that the 30 day money back guarantee is from the date you place your order! All the complaints only lead to the fact they Blu is chewing up your Money back time. Since you put it on your credit card, call your credit card company and make a complaint, you'll get your money back. Then DELAY on sending their product back. If everyone does that, it'll Shut Them Down.
    The person that says we have no idea about shipping, yaddy yaddy ya, has no idea themselves how it really works. I have NEVER EVER had a such a sour experience with a company in my life. And the out-in-left-field answers I got from customer service, only lead me to believe that they are just a bunch of idiots. The web page say's they are in North Carolina. So, why are they shipping a product from some other country?

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  • Bl
    blucigsmoker Feb 12, 2010

    I ordered my Blucigs about 10 days ago and got them in 3 days. They did say they were out of black stock on the website and had white, but I called them just to make sure and it ended up that they just ran out of white and just received a stock of black. That to me, was just a coincidence. I love these things and really would recommend them. I tried a company called Smoke51 and could not get a person on the phone to help. That company(parent company Smoke Anywhere) was horrible. I called blucigs phone number and actually got a person. I was able to chat as well.

    Regardless of what company anyone would like to order E-Cigs from, I say Blucig is the best because it is rated the highest according to where I found Blucig rated the highest in almost all categories. This in combination with the price led me to purchase them.

    No problems with taking drags on the smokes once I figured out the best way to do it. You have to do it just a little different than a traditional cigarrette. Inhale a bit lighter and longer and it should work fine from there even after the 1st couple drags.

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  • Ch
    Chester_Johnson Feb 10, 2010

    None of you actually understand how business works. This company had no way of seeing in to the future, and stocking for the demand. A company can't afford to buy 5 million products just to sit around and hope they sell them all. Shouldn't it be a good thing that the product you want is in such high demand that you have to wait a little while? They told me 3 weeks for my black starter kit, and I said "ok" and by not freaking out and understanding the high demand I got mine in half the quoted time frame. So try being understanding and not demanding, and good things might happen to you people.

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  • Yp
    ypg2399 Feb 04, 2010

    Ya well when I ordered my 2 starter kits they said they were out of the black starter kits, so I ordered the white. and now called them to see why my order is STILL pending and now say they are out of white, and the rude customer service guy said..."it could be shipped anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks from today, we have no idea". So if your wanting to order a blucig, remember they play games and have no idea when you will get your order. very discouraging...

    still waiting!

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  • Ro
    romario Feb 03, 2010

    I bought mine 2 weeks ago and had it within 4 days, i heard they were backed up at first, due to the demand, they seem to be shipping very fast now, i even got a coupon from that blog,, hope this helps...

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  • Ro
    r o b e r t :) Jan 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received my product within the 3 week time period i was originally quoted. Also i have no problems getting a drag out of my Blu, maybe yours is defective they do have a return policy and 1 year warranty. Thank you Blu for helping me quit traditional cigs. I was at a pack a day for 10 years since receiving my Blu i havent had a single smoke.

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  • Br
    Brandice Jan 20, 2010

    I had no problems with shipping, infact it took 5 days to get to Minnesota and one of those days was a holiday! On the other hand I agree wiht the having issues with getting a puff off of it... Works a couple of puffs, then you can't get anything. Couple hours later the same thing. According to the charger it is charged, so I really don't get why it isn't working right.
    Also, I thought there should have been better directions with the starter pack.

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  • Ei
    Eiredame Jan 13, 2010

    My issue was in the functioning of the blu cigarette itself. I found that the charger rarely worked and when it did, it would allow me a couple puffs and that would be that. I have wasted so many cartridges trying to get this item to work! I was sent different atomizers, and finally, on their own, sent a new battery case.
    The light never knows if it is blue, or red or both!
    To pull on this thing is ridiculous! You have to suck a lung out to get a puff of smoke after the first 2!
    It is a great idea but I think I got it when it was too new, and contained too many flaws. I was truly hoping it would work...not only did I want the alternative lifestyle, but also re-seller opportunities, as Sales is what I do best!
    If I can find an electronic cigarette that truly works...then and only then will I sell this product. I have to believe in what I sell, unlike the many masses that sell just to gain a buck!
    Happy customers are repeat customers, and the networking from there is endless. The Blu product that I received was not up to snuff...literally!
    If there are any companies out there that feel they have a product that can provide a product that will work continually, without the hub bub of calling customer service every couple days, then waiting for something that may or may not work...please contact me.
    I would be more than willing to give it a go and endorse your product.
    [email protected]

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  • Ca
    catski1 Jan 10, 2010

    I tried this product and was not that happy with it. I was able to purchase them at a convention so the majority of the complaints here are not applicable to my situation. Seems like a lot of the other Blu followers do like the product and to be honest with anyone else. You really wont know until you try it yourself. Relying on some stranger through the web to make all your decisions isn't particularly smart. I didn't like or prefer the product, the tastes, the charging system, and the cost was not as cheap as they had proclaimed. But in mentioning this I also have to say many others believe and like their products and found it worth waiting a month or more for.

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  • Ju
    JustEv Dec 07, 2009

    I received my order within 8 days. No compliants here.

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  • St
    steelmilltavern Dec 02, 2009

    Wow... I feel lucky. I rcvd my starter kit within a week. I love them.

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  • Ma
    Mayuchan Dec 01, 2009

    also... you can't blame E-cigs for it sitting in North Carolina? Once they give it to the post office, it's out of their hands. As for the zip code, it is electronically entered when you place your order. Isn't it possible you mistyped the zip code? Despite this, USPS should have seen the city and state and shoudl have been able to figure it out during the sorting process. A friend sent me a package with the wrong zip code written on it, yet I still got it.

    can't blame everything on the company once it leaves their office.

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  • Ma
    Mayuchan Dec 01, 2009

    Wow, I ordered mine 2 weeks ago. The website said it would take 4 to 6 weeks before it is even shipped if you order the starter pack... I got my starter pack yesterday. I also had questions about the starter pack, and got an email back from customer service same day.

    like someone said, it's supply and demand.

    People have to read the actual statement. it says that it COULD take 4 to 6 weeks BEFORE IT IS SHIPPED depending on what you purchase and what they have in stock. then remember shipping can take another 2 weeks or so... especially if you add holidays in there.

    I have no complaints personally.

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  • Mu
    muycaliente Nov 25, 2009

    I got mine after 5 weeks of waiting. The site said it would take 4-6 weeks. It is not a dissapointment like some companies like No. 7. They are great quality and sometimes it's better to wait for something good. My husband likes it so much we ordered another one so we both can have them. I have to say this is one of the smartest decisions that I have made, and if you could read the website, how did you not know you were going to have to wait? This sounds like a USER ERROR rather than the companies fault.

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  • De
    Dea Lightful Nov 24, 2009

    I received my blu's close to the 8 week mark...but, I love them, and they are totally worth the wait. I have been smoking for almost 15 years, and the blu cig is everything that I have never knew I always wanted. I was very skeptical about the flavors. I thought that I would be ordering regular flavored cartridges asap, but I truly enjoy all of the flavors. I also received two atomizers and two batteries!! My husband is able to smoke with me! I have some problem getting consistent is kind of hit and miss for me. But, I was never a deep inhaler, so that may be my issue. My husband doesn't seem to have any problem. As far as I am concerned, any minor issues like shipping delays and vapor inconsistencies are minimal when compared to my health. As a mother, I am finally able to enjoy a cigarette without feeling guilty. I don't have to freeze my butt off to smoke either! I can smoke in the break room at work etc etc. Hands down...worth it! I have not tried any other brand of e-cig, but my research prior to purchase all led me to believe that blu takes first place. I hope that all smokers make this decision to e-smoke! God bless!

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  • M0
    M'alee Nov 18, 2009

    I am on my 6th week of waiting and the dead line is thursday. My order status on there side still says pending. I messaged the company or there customer service affiliates, and they told me that it would be another few weeks because they only had a small shipment come in. Dude.. Seriously.. I totaly understand about supply and demand.. But if your going to say 4-6 weeks my package better be here no later than the 6 week mark. Thats just bad management of the product. If supply's were running that low they need to change there shipping dates. Had i had known it would take this long and still not have the product i payed for.. I would have went some where else.
    I'm still excited to get it when i do.. but i am starting to get pissed. 4 more weeks?! this is crazy!

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  • Bl
    BluSoldier Nov 13, 2009

    I have now been waiting 8 weeks, was told when I made the order it would be 1 to 2 weeks. They say 4 to 6 weeks but that does not seem to hold true, I would not have issue if they stated the more realistic delay of 8 to 10 weeks. I can not speak to the shipping of accessories. Customer service can give absolutely no information as they do not seem to be informed by the company (yes, customer service is outsourced). These growing pains have been consistent for almost 9 months now. It seems that they get orders back on track for a week or two and then go back to the 4 to 6 week schedule. I understand the supply and demand system but let's give a little bit of customer service. A product does not make a company! A company will fail with the best product in the world if they can not supply the product and do not provide a level of customer service. There are better e-cigs out there, you will pay more though. I think these are a good "starter set" if the company can get to a point that they can meet the demand and provide a satisfactory level of customer service. You should never tell a customer something you can not deliver, tell the customer it will be there in 8 to 10 weeks and deliver in 4 to 6 and you have a happy customer. Tell them 4 to 6 and deliver in 8 to 10 and you have an unhappy customer.

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  • Jo
    jon12356 Oct 06, 2009

    when they say 4 to six weeks do they meant 4 to six weeks i mean is it possible to get it earlier

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  • Ja
    Jack The Ripper Sep 17, 2009

    Some people don't seem to understand how supply and demand works. Blu has a superior offering out there, so of course demand will be high. Sure there are cheaper kits, but how many of them give you five flavors to "smoke'? I'll gladly pay a little more and wait a little longer for something unique. doesn't offer the same thing. You only get one flavor and one strength. Blu gives far more information about what you are getting and offers you much more for your money.

    Most of the problems I see here are with shipping companies. Not all of that is Blu's fault. Let's see a review of the product and not in how long it took to get the product to you.

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  • Ma
    Margarett Sep 15, 2009

    Electronic Cigarette company has had some growing pains and I can understand that. They still offer the best e cig around.
    if you want the same cartridges for less, check out They offer the same with fast shipping and for less!

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